"Renegade Deception" - #12-#15 - "He's an idiot, but he's Our idiot"


[USS Pegasus, Bridge, 2 hours in flight]

Ronald Evans was staring at his station. The last action he took, was actually activating it, and logging on. He was bored. No, wait. Let me rephrase that... He was BOOOOOORED! He could have just pull up a game of solitaire, but as he was sitting in such a way that both his CO and XO could look at it right over his shoulder, he thought that would not make a very good impression. Especially, because he was aware that he might have screwed up with the captain, insulting his ship and all, and was pretty sure he totally blew it in the first 30 seconds, he met 'number one'... He decided to do something useful instead, and pulled up the efficiency charts of the station that was using the most power at the moment... Engineering

He took a quick glance at the power readings, did some efficiency calculations, and saw that they were not bad for a Centaur class, not bad at all. Of course, this just took him one and a half minute, so the boredom came back again...

He decided to pull some more figures into the equations. EPS streams... His speciality... "Hmm, that's odd..." he said softly, but clearly audible across the bridge. <Why is there more plasma going into the warp core than coming out? Oh, of course, it's well within sensor tolerances, must be a glitch...>

"... What's odd?" A female voice came from behind him - much closer than he'd think possible. Was she standing right behind him, watching his every action over his shoulder? Yup. Sure was. "Don't tell me you've blown up another junction... "

"GAH! Eh... Nothing, Ma'am... My bad..." Ronald said, mentally clasping his heart

"You've got that right... " she would quietly murmur before looking closer at the console readings. Unfortunately, it was all Hebrew to her. She had evolved to XO from security officer - all she knew about engine plasma flows was that the plasma ideally should remain within the conduits and the warp core. Preferably. ".. What's wrong, Ensign ?" Eyes slightly narrowed.

Ronald let go a little *glp* before continuing. He had seen those eyes before, and they were quickly followed by a major hiney-chewing and a note on his record... "Ehm, if I read this correctly, there is a tiny amount of plasma leaking into the reactor, but it is far less than the accuracy of the sensors allow, so it's probably just a tolerance error, ma'am. I could do some more measurements to be sure, but I think it's nothing..." Ronald was amazed he got that out of his mouth so fluently, with the sword of Petrova dangling above his head

She looked at him for another moment - which probably lasted a good bit longer than what Ronald was comfortable with, as she judged him, judged his experience, his knowledge, and finding that he'd probably know a lot more about this than she. ".. Run another check please, ensign. If you say it's probably not serious, then I will trust your judgment." she would say, in a remarkably gentle voice before adding, with venom "Just make sure that this doesn't turn into something serious, or I'll have to become angry again." another nod, as she'd turn and head back to her own console and the - much more comfortable - XO chair.

"Yes ma'am..." Ronald squeaked, rather facing a Klingon, sicking a rabid targ on him, than getting into a friendly discussion with that woman again... He started to trace the plasma flows, and found the next sensor in line. He started to crunch the numbers again.

"Hmm, looks like this one's a bit high too..." was all that Ronald managed to say, when suddenly the lights went out and his console died too. "What the hell?!"

Kristiana facepalmed with a groan, then glanced over at Ronald. Remaining otherwise silent.

Caelen was reading through the PADDs, all the proper clearance was there, all they had to hope was that the Romulans would recognize and abide by the rules of the agreement. He had just put the PADD back on his desk and wanted to pick up another PADD when the lights flickered, failed and were immediately followed by Emergency lighting. The stars outside his window slowly came to a halt, they dropped out of warp and the flickering of the lights notified of a power failure. Something happened in the warp core. He quickly stood up from his chair and walked towards the bridge, the doors opened and Caelen his face spelled Bad Mood all over it "Who jettisoned the Warp Core?" he asked semi seriously.

Caelen tapped his combadge =/\= Bridge to engineering, please respond =/\= he said slowly walking to Evans his position, where the Emergency power also booted up his console again.

Lt. Black had been sitting at her post, watching her console, still listening to the engines. "I know it's off. I'm sure of it. Oh well... once we've stopped, I'll get that diagnostic done, and then I'll... Darn it, I'm sure I've heard something like this before. Maybe it's the... oh crap..." She straightened up and reached for her console, which flickered and went black as the engine hum suddenly died down. Main lighting flickered off, and emergency lighting came on. She had just enough time to try the dead console again when the Captain's message came through. She tapped her own combadge. =/\= Engineering here. I think we just had a power failure. =/\=

"Oh really, ya think?" Ronald said softly

Caelen softly pushed Evans on his shoulder notifying him that he should shut up. =/\= What happened? =/\= he said both through the com and to Evans, hoping that either of the two would have an answer for him.

=/\= I don't know for sure, Captain. But I was thinking right before it happened that the engine sound reminded me of one time when the plasma flow was off a little. How off, I don't know. It had to have been within tolerances, I checked! =/\= Kitty was frustrated and worried. Here she was, first time out as Chief, and look what happened. She was so certain it wasn't her fault! ...she hoped.

Caelen then looked at Evans, "any theories?" he asked as Ronald was the one specialized in the plasma stuff.

Evans groaned and put his head in his hands. "This must be a bad dream..."he mumbled, before straightening himself again, and finally addressing the captain: "Yes sir, five minutes ago, I noticed there seemed to be a tiny higher amount of plasma going into the core than out... The amount was less than the nominal tolerances of the sensors, so I thought it was just a glitch. I was busy with the values from the second sensor in line to make sure when this bucket of bolts rattled to a stop..." It was out of his mouth before he had a chance to stop himself...

Caelen shook his head at the final statement "Well Evans... this proves once more you shouldn't think... you should do your job, get down to engineering and fix this" he returned the favour to Evans, =/\= Lieutenenant, help is underway, get the Pegi back on her feet, we have an appointment to make, LaBrie out =/\= he diverted the message to Engineering.

=/\= Aye aye, sir! =/\= Lt. Black responded, and then turned her attention to the systems that had come up on emergency power. "Well, that part worked like it was supposed to," she said quietly and with satisfaction. "Smooth switchover, and nothing exploded." She settled down with the engine logs as the engineering technicians ran diagnostics. She was looking for the problem sensor.

"I'm on my way sir," Evans said. He stood up, and went to main engineering.

" .. That was a bit harsh, wasn't it, cap ?" Kristiana would turn to Caelen after Ronald left .. " 'This proves again that you shouldn't think' ? Yes he's an idiot, but he's Our idiot." She didn't seem to care that just about the entire bridge crew minus Evans could hear her.

Caelen shook his head but didn't react to Kristiana, it's not as if she was free of blame when it came to calling names and what not, "perhaps that's the push he needs" he said on his way back to his ready room "Bridge is yours Lieutenant" he said as the doors behind him closed. "The core already bodging up... it's practically still in bubble wrap" Caelen silently spoke to himself as he sat back behind his desk and sighed, all he could do is hope this wouldn't become a weekly event.


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