"Renegade Deception" #18&19 - "Rommie Politics"

-={On}=- [Captain's Ready Room, IRW T'Met]

A quick helm response brought them out of warp before they overshot the federation ship by too much. Outside this ship also, the stars would coat to a halt, as she ship slowed then came to rest. The doorchime on the Colonel's ready room announced the ship's XO, Major Bokma.

"Enter." came ths hip's CO's voice, and Bokma stepped inside, saluting. "Colonel Sock. The federation starship has dropped out of warp, and raised shields, Sir."

"What?" the CO said standing up from his chair and walking towards the exit of his ready room onto the bridge, closely followed by his XO. "Why did they drop out of warp?" he asked in general, he just wanted some theories.

The bridge crew of the Warbird T`Met glanced over as their ominous commander, Colonel Sock, stormed onto the bridge, barking out demands. "We don't know, Sir." spoke the Tactical officer. "Maybe they've spotted us. We have the new generation cloaking devices, but they're running a full sensor sweep."

Colonel Sock shook his head "and then what is the reason they raised shields?!" he asked almost aggravated. Perhaps their sensors had seen them, but this cloak is state of the art, no sensors could see them yet, unless off course the Federation had conducted some more research after the last report of their operative.

"It's federation standard procedure to go to yellow alert and raise shields when they feel threatened, Sir." Bokma's eyes narrowed slightly as he joined his superior officer. "I suggest we respond in kind."

Sock nodded, "yes, Kl'nex, go to yellow alert" he said to his Tactical officer. He then sat down in his chair in the center of the bridge, uneasily shifting in position. They couldn't attack the federation, the Generals would have their heads. "Let's just hope they don't spot us" he said as his XO came closer.

"Sir..." the science officer aboard the T'Met spoke up after finishing initial scans "...I'm getting some strange readings from the Federation vessel"

Bokma motioned the Science Officer back down, as he realized something. "Sir .. If they spot us, that would be in our favor. Their puny starship is no match for a Romulan Warbird, and if they do attack, we can disable their ship, capture their computer and perhaps learn more about the deployment of Starfleet around the neutral zone. "Bring such information to high command and you'll get that promotion you've been after, Sir .." Bokma gave a knowing nod, then stepped back and let the Science Officer speak again.

"Their warp signature ended before they coasted to a halt. That and the anomalous readings I'm getting suggests to me that their warpcore went off line when they didn't expect it to." "Either a malfunction or sabotage, Sir."

"Major, I will not tolerate such words!" Sock answered fiercely, an all out war with the Federation would destroy the Romulan Empire, after the coupe from those damned Remans and their human clone there had been nothing but civil war inside the Empire. Tal'Shiar vs the fleet vs rebels, all officially still under one banner but still in civil war. When Sock regained some of his cool he started to think about what the Science officer had said <sabotage?> he thought to himself, <that wouldn't be logical, maybe a trap...> he added in suspicion <...what if they want us to attack... what if they already know we're here>

"I think we should get some distance" Sock finally said getting up from his chair, "Move outside their close sensor ranges and wait for them to start up again and resume their way"

Bokma chuckled softly as he stepped back at the Colonel's outburst. It's all politics, in the end. No, ofcourse they wouldn't survive a war with the federation. But accidents happen. This is a big neutral zone, and that is a small federation ship, he thought to himself. "Helm, take us outside of short range sensors, one quarter impulse." Helm responded "Aye Sir." and moved the ship away.

The Science officer spoke again "We're outside sensor range sir, they haven't spotted us" he said with a relieved voice. Getting a bit more relaxed behind his console.

"Good" the CO said as he stood up from his chair "if they get back warpdrive and resume their course follow them keeping this distance" he ordered to the helm officer, who just nodded in confirmation. "and Major..." he wanted to say something, perhaps put him right, but he figured that it wouldn't help much "...you have the bridge" he finally said walking back to his ready room, he had business to finish.


Colonel Sock (NPC by Caelen) Commanding Officer


Major Bokma (NPC by Kristiana) Executive Officer