A Mirror Shattered #82 - 85 "Paradise?"


[Main Bridge, Deck 1, USS Pegasus]

=/\= Pegasus-F to USS Pegasus, we're nearing the entrance co-ordinates of the badlands, if you want to survive I advice you to stay close, Kayim out =/\=

When Petrova walked onto the bridge, Evans was just startled. He tried not to stare at Petrova, and he managed quite well for a while, but it was getting harder and harder, not to give in to his curiosity

=/\= Pegasus to Pegasus F. Roger that. =/\= Kristiana replied - not giving Falor much of a chance to comment on her state either, as she turned her attention to T'Rell. "Drop us out of warp, Mister T'Rell. Stay close to the Peggy F. Mister Evans, maintain shields."

"Roger ma'am... Shields stable at 73%..."

T'Rell heard the order, looked around at Kristiana, "Affirmative" and then turned back to his console. He pressed in some commands and the stars on the view screen indicated they dropped out of warp. "We have dropped out of warp Ma'am" T'Rell said.

"Very good." she commented to both, then closing her eyes for a moment, and holding on to the armrests of her XO's chair. A soft sigh, when the bridge stopped reeling for a moment, as she quietly mused to herself. <Bloody 'ell. It's wearing off already. I just hope that Caelen can take over soon, or Black is up to handle it.>

Falor contacted the nearest Federation outpost in the badlands and contacted it "Federation this is Kayim Falor, Commanding Officer of the USS Pegasus-F requesting entrance... and I've got visitors" he stated through the commline.

A friendly female voice reacted "Falor, this is the Federation, welcome home" he was send a course he would have to follow to the inch "you have a thirty second window, Federation out" she added.

Falor sighed a bit as he implemented the exact course through the three lines of Federation mines, contacting the Mirror-Pegasus right before engaging =/\= Falor to Pegasus, I have send you the co-ordinates of the opening... I advice you not to stray from that course more then an inch... =/\= he said over an audio only channel.

=/\= Understood, Mister Kayim. =/\= Petrova's increasingly tired-sounding voice replied. She knew that T'Rell had heard that same warning from the Bajoran, and she figured that she needn't repeat it for the Vulcan. At least One Vulcan onboard that DID know what they were doing.

Evans finally turned around, reacting to the tired voice behind him: "Ma'am, you sound very tired, and you really don't look so good... Are you sure you don't want to leave it to Lieutenant Black and me?" Then his nimble mind remembered his relationship with his XO, and all he could do was hope and pray to every Deity in the multiverse, that she wouldn't take it the wrong way...

T'Rell received the co-ordinates and course on the screen of his console. He made sure that the Pegasus flew the course as precise as possible, making as few errors as human, or Vulcan possible. "Course laid in ma'am, are we clear to engage?" The Vulcan asked, as he waited for the command to take the ship into the Badlands.

"Yes .. Yes, by all means, engage, Mister T'Rell." Then closing her eyes ".. When we're clear of the minefield, Mister Evans .. " Kristiana replied quietly, rubbing her temples a bit. She knew he was right, but she felt she couldn't leave the ship in his and Lieutenant Black's hands just yet.

"Okay..." Evans mumbled very softly, seriously doubting his XO's decision

The Vulcan got the command and engaged into the Badlands, since sensors were useless, he couldn't tell if a bumpy ride was coming or not. She opened her eyes again, watching the viewscreen, then tapped her commbadge. =/\= Petrova to LaBrie. =/\=

Caelen stood up from his chair and walked to the bridge "Yes Commander?" he asked when he stepped on to the bridge with a slight limp, he thought it was useless to talk over the comm when he was two steps away.

".. We've reached the Badlands, Sir." She explained, still just watching the viewscreen. She looked like a horror movie reject, and sounded like one as well, as she spoke. " .. We've dropped out of warp, and are .. have .. are .. following Mister Kayim in." Reaching up to rub her temples a bit, again, quietly wishing the dizzy and the headache to leave, in Russian.

Caelen limped closer to Kristiana "Commander you look terrible..." he said bluntly "...I am ordering you to sickbay..." he said professionally "...I'm sure I can handle a trip through the badlands on my own"

<Told you so> Evans sang inside his head.

If LOOKS could kill, LaBrie would be dead now, as Kristiana glared one at him that would intimidate even Sulan. She rose to her feet "I'm perfectly fi - whoa .. " reeling, her dizziness and headache hitting her with a vengeance, she had to hold on to her armrests to keep from collapsing right then and there. ".... Yes Sir. On my way, Sir." she added in quiet defeat, before starting the tortuous way towards the turbolift.

"So where is the course headed Ensign?" Caelen asked walking closer to T'Rell and Evans, wondering where they were headed exactly, as he had heard that Falor would get them coordinates for a course to follow.

"I am unable to give a detailed answer sir, we are following a course we received from Falor, and he advised not to alter course in any way." T'Rell said after he turned around to face his captain. "However, I can give an estimate when we will arrive at the coordinates designated by Falor. At current speed it will take about 30 minutes." He then turned back to his console.

"If those mines are anything like those that protected the wormhole, we can withstand the blast of one or two of those puppies, ... but if even one of them touches us, we'll be running from it's lil' cousins, trying to finish of what's left..." Evans added to T'Rell's information.

Caelen nodded "Very well..." he said before turning around and limping back to his chair and sitting down. "...can I have a damage report Lieutenant Evans" he then asked, trying to find something to get his mind off the plasma fires and this entire Mirror Universe situation.

"Ah, yes... Ehm, where were we?... Shield are stable at 73%, I don't seem to be able to get anything more out of 'em. Structurally, the ship is fine, except for a small rupture on deck one. Forcefields are holding, and DC-teams report it'll be easy to fix. However, anything that uses or produce energy seems to have suffered damage in some way or other. That last fight with that remaining Jem Haddar vessel didn't do us a lot more damage. Engineering needs a lot of repairs, however. it is running in a jury-rigged mode. I had to break a few safety margins in my calculations to make that happen, and repairs should begin as soon as possible." He shortly looked at Lieutenant black, as he said that. "Yeah, that's about it, I think..."

Caelen nodded a bit sitting back in his chair sighing, "Ensign, what do Vulcans think about other dimensions?" he asked knowing that they were somewhat skeptical about time travel.

"Illogical... yet plausible" T'Rell answered shortly. "I never gave it much thought, read about it only." he continued.

"I always was curious about what my counterpart would look like..." Evans added.

Caelen nodded "There is a big chance we're dead in this universe, Lieutenant... there were 6 vessels named Pegasus... and they were all destroyed, including the Centaur class counterpart"

"Yeah, but that Pegasus was destroyed 6 years ago... There's no telling where our mirror selves could be..." Evans answered to that...

Caelen nodded slightly at this as well "well Universes always look alike so knowing that there were six Pegasi that is six times we could've been on that vessel... I should not be counting on your survival Lieutenant... but I'm sure you would've been stunning and very arrogant"

"Heh, thanks a lot, sir"... Evans smirked at the partial compliment and insult his CO just gave him.

"Lieutenant Evans is indeed correct. A Vulcan in a mirror universe, one who cannot suppress it's emotions, is..." T'Rell paused for a moment to think of a word, appropriate for the occasion. "Dangerous" he finished.

Evans just looked at T'Rell and shuddered at the thought...

The rest of the trip towards the designated co-ordinates were silent and steady. Caelen sat looking at the viewscreen until a planet appeared on the screen, it was protected by orbital gun emplacements and some vessels, they were afraid of a Dominion attack and history had taught them they had all the reason to be. At that moment Falor contacted the Pegasus again over a audio channel =/\= We have arrived, welcome to paradise... =/\= he said a bit sarcastically, although this was the only thing that was somewhat resembling paradise.


(OOC: we have arrived at the planet but nobody will leave the vessel until further notice... the further notice will be sometime tomorrow)

Cmdr. Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer USS Pegasus

Lt. Cmdr. Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer USS Pegasus

Lt. Jg. Ronald Evans Chief Ops Officer USS Pegasus "So I'm an ugly shy guy, huh?"

Ensign T’Rell Chief Flight Control Officer USS Pegasus “Mirror universe, Illogical yet Plausible”

Also Starring:

Kayim Falor Commanding Officer USS Pegasus-F (NPC by Caelen LaBrie)