A Mirror Shattered #78, #79 "How the mighty have fallen."


<Port Turbolift>

Melina sighed as the turbolift carried her away from the bridge, she stretched and thought a little as she tried to figutre out what was the best field naturalation for the weapons that had been constructed so far. She hoped with another few hours they would have a working energy dampening weapon. She walked along the corridor and found herself out side Ryylar's quaters. She pressed the chime.

Having worked a full day's security shift and been relieved of duty by another security officer, Ryylar had gone back to his quarters and laid on the bed, relaxing. It was a lot to take in for his first day. His girlfriend nearly murdered. His new superior officer Sulan being in the brig for that attempted murder. He sighed and hoped that Security wasn't going to be always so rigorous.

When he heard the chime and sat up on his elbows and looked at the door, still laying in his bed.

"Come in." Ryylar said.

"Nope. You'rrrrrrrre herrrrrre. Can I get you anything to eat orrrrrr drrrrrrink?" He asked her, walking over to a replicator as he stood up from the bed and yawned, stretching in only the way a Caitian could.

"Hmm you think I could have some quiche ?" she asked softly as she sat down on the bed. She watched Ryylar and smiled.

"Ssssurrrrrrre." He said, inputting the order and waiting as the tray of quiche appeared. He brought it over and handed the plate to her, sitting on the bed as well.

"Sssssssso what can I do forrrrrrrr you?" he asked with a tired look.

Melina took the offered plate and thought a little "So why security Ryylar?" she asked softly. She had wondered about it scince she'd been to see him in sickbay. She ate a little of the quiche and murred softly "You know K'Talan is coming up. Or have you forgot the special days on Cait?" she asked.

"Why not ssssssecurrrrrrity? I don't have a mind forrrrrrrr much elsssssssse. I rrrrrrrememberrrrrrr K'Talan...." Ryylar said softly.

"I just thought it was a strange choice for you that's all. I mean with your scores and such you would do better in science" Melina replied. She sighed softly and pursed her lips a little.

"Me in sssssssccccienccccce? Ha... I'd blow up a lab within ten ssssssssecondssssss." He said with a smile.

"You think we're being led into a trap by this Pegasus F?" she asked.

"I honesssstly don't know. I rrrrrrrreally don't know what to think about it. I think we should be carrrrrrreful but I think we need to help them too." He said with a slow nod.

"I'm not sure we should be so friendly just yet, alright the Domininon War has gone badly for them. I think we should look to ourselves thought first, perhaps we should just exchange the weapon technology we got from the Dominion and Breen in exchange for the Cure for the Founders. Or we could give them the virus it's self" replied. Melina.

"I don't know... I'm jusssssst a warrrrrrrrrant officccccerrrrrr." He said with a shrug as he crossed his legs on the bed.

Melina smiled "I'm not going to report anything you say you know" she said as she snuggled against him gently.

He blushed and put a supportive arm around her.

"I know... I jussssst don't know what to think. I mean we should help thessssse people. But we do need to look out forrrrrr ourrrrrrsssssselvessssss." He said with a nod.

Melina nodded "I know what you mean....perhaps if we just give them the weapons technology we can find our way home" she said. Melina shivered and sighed "I guess we're lucky it's not the Mirror Universe..."

"Yeah I wouldn't like to ssssee an evil versssssion of me." He said with a shiver as he hugged her.

"How did you and Kristina get togher?" asked Melina.

"Well, when she and I met on the ssssssstarrrrrrbasssssse, I cheerrrrrrred herrrrrr up and took carrrrrre of herrrrrrrrr now and again. I made her sssssssmile. Afterrrrrrr a while of me jusssssst making herrrrrrr sssssssmile, she deccccccided to make me ssssssmile and we've been togetherrrrrr everrrrrr sssssincccccce sssssshe told me ssssssshe wanted a rrrrrrrelationssssship." He said with a nod.

Melina smiled "I wish I could find someone, you have a very intreasting speech pattern Ryylar"

"What'sssssss wrrrrrrrrong with it?" He asked her, blinking as he looked to her.

"Nothing I think it's cute" replied Melina.

"Thanksssss." He said with a smile as he hugged her.

Melina murred softly "Well I have heard something like it before, but that was in the permifrost areas near the poles, you know the white Caitians"

He nodded and listened to her, relaxing as he sat there.

Melina snuggled closer to Ryylar and murred softly "This is nice" she commented lightly.

"Yeah well that'sssss what frrrrrrriendssssss arrrrre forrrrrr rrrrrrright?" He asked with a gentle smile.

Melina smiled and yawned "Yeah...they are" she said and then fell asleep.

He smiled and gently put his arms around her, laying her back down in his bed and tucking her in gently. He padded over to the couch and cureled up and soon he to had fallen asleep.

A JP Between

Lt Melina Bradbury Cheif Science Officer USS Pegasus


Warrent Officer Ryylar Morale Officer Acting Security Officer USS Pegasus