A Mirror Shattered #78, #79 "How the mighty have fallen."

[ON:] [USS Pegasus, Sickbay Deck]

Ryylar finished escorting Black to the bridge and made his way back to the medical deck, trotting down the corridor so he wasn't away from his post for too long.

Sulan saw Ryylar enter, and watched him, silently glad for the diversion from the sickbay celing lights. He looked at her and sighed, feeling that it was now or never, and walked over to her.

"Sssssssulan, do you know who I am?" He asked her, standing a few feet away.

"Of course, Mr. Ryylar." She said starring up at him. "What is the current situation? Is the ship safe?"

"Forrrrrr the moment... I'm glad you'rrrrrrre back amongssssst the ssssssane." He said with a nod, walking towards her as he reached down and put a hand on hers which was bound at the wrist.

She tried to pull her hand away, but the bindings stopped her after a few centimeters. "Why are you doing that, Mr. Ryylar?"

"Doing what?" He asked, looking a bit confused.

"Touching me, of course. Is this some manner of mating ritual among Catians? If so, now is not the time." She said seriously.

He blinked and chuckled.

"I didn't think Vulcansssssss had a sssssssensssssse of humorrrrrr. I wassssss trrrrrrying to comforrrrrrrt you." He said as he moved his hand away from hers.

"Comfort, is something an emotional mind needs. A status report of my maggots will suffice for me."

"I don't know how the rrrrrressssst of yourrrrrrr deparrrrrrtment isssss doing Lieutenant, but I'm jusssst fine now that you'rrrrrrre not trrrrrrrrying to bite Commanderrrrrr Petrrrrrova'sssss thrrrrrrroat out." He said with a nod.

"Yes, it is agreeable to be normal once more. Though I am curious as to why I wasn't killed by your or Petrova. Judging from the claw marks I received, it would have been a simple mater to peierce my heart. Yet you did not. Why?" "Becausssssse I did not want to kill you. You werrrrrrrrre not yourrrrrrrrsssssself, and therrrrrrrreforrrrrrrre not rrrrrrressssssponsssssible forrrrrr yourrrrrr actionssssss." He said with a nod.

"And if I had killed your mate, would you still hold such sentiment?"she saked studying his reaction.

"I would have to assssss a Ssssssstarrrrrrfleet officccccccerrrrrrrr." He said with a nod.

"A logical decision to be sure. And, would you have felt pleasure at taking revenge?" She asked seriously.

"Would I? Yessssss if you had killed Krrrrrrissssstiana. But I do not need to worrrrrrry asssss you didn't and you arrrrrre both alive." He said to her with a slight smile. Sulan remains silent at the comment. She changes the subject slightly. "How is it that you arrived in my quarters in the first place?"

"Krrrrrrisssssstiana orrrrrderrrrrred me to go and rrrrreporrrrrrt to you assssss an acting ssssssecurrrrrrity guarrrrrrd." He said with a nod.

"I see... and what was I doing when you arrived?"

"Nearrrrrrly foaming at the mouth. You had torrrrrrn aparrrrrrrt yourrrrrr quarrrrrrterrrrrssss, you assssssked me if I enjoyed killing, told me you would prrrrrrrotect the ssssship frrrrrrom all enemiessssss, and kept calling me 'ensssssign'." He said with a confused look at the last bit.

"I see... I apologise for my actions, and hope they did not cause you undue stress." She said with hesitation. "Please inform me, if there is anything I can do to remedy the situation."

"I don't hold anything againsssssst you. But Krrrrrrrissssstiana on the otherrrrrrr hand isssssn't sssssso forrrrrrgiving." He said with a nod, reaching down to pat her hand once more. She pulled her hand away, only to be stopped by the restraints again. "So it would seem. Do you have any idea as to how I should approach her?"

"I don't know, but I would ssssssuggesssssst having Caelan arrrrrrround when you do it." He said with a helpful nod, moving his hand back away as she cringed from his touch.

"Perhaps. Though Commander LaBrie has been anything but receptive to my presence here. I doubt his company will aide my cause much." She looks away from him, glancing at the security entering the sickbay. Her security. They looked at her with pitty. She nearly sighed as she though of all the work that was wasted. She'd have to make them fear and respect her again.

"Then sssssssomeone elsssssse then." He said before looking up to see the guards come to take her to the brig.

"I'll vissssssit you." He said quietly, turning and stepping back, allowing them to take her to the brig. She nods. "That would me most agreeable." She made to effort to struggle as they unstrapped her. She sttod up, stretching alittle as the surrounded her in the standard square formation "Would you consider speaking in my behalf?" She said over her shoulder as she was escorted to the brig.

He watched with a mixture of sadness and relief as she was escorted to sickbay. He shook his head and walked back to his strategic vantage point then turned to reply. "Yessssss I would..." He said with a nod.

"You have my thanks, Warrant Officer." She said as the doors closed.

The guards walked in a stoic silence. The four of them walked as a unit, each one getting no closer to her than three meters to her at any time, to stay out of striking distance. <yes,> she thought, <Just as I taught them to do.> One of the crewmen began to speak: "Sir I just want to say-" but, she cut him off before he could finish. "Silence maggot. You know your duty just as well as I do, and I expect you to carry it out, no matter who your taking into custody." said Sulan in total seriousness. "Now, take me to the brig as you were ordered to."


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