A Mirror Shattered #65&66 - "Taming the Beast"


[Sickbay, deck 6, U.S.S. Pegasus]

Sulan came to awareness slowly, without opening her eyes. She heard the sound of people around her. People in pain. She heard urgency the sounds of people's voices as they want about their business. She lay flat on her back, and she felt the feel of a blanket covering her. Her body ached, and she could feel several slash wounds covering her left side, as well as various bruises and contusions covering the rest of her body. The but biggest concern was the phaser burn she felt in the middle of her shoulder blades. She smelled a medicinal scent in the air... Sickbay. She was in sick bay. But why? What had occurred? Had the Jem'Hadar come aboard? If so, why what the phaser wound on her back not lethal? Jem'Hadar weapons had no stun settings. She opened her eyes slowly, squinting at the bright ceiling lights till her eyes adjusted to them. She turned her head glancing at several injured crewmen on the biobeds. "Excuse me, nurse, but have we been boarded by Jem'Hadar?" The nurse ignored her, moving to another patient. She started to move, but found that her hands and feet were restrained by straps concealed under the blanket. "What...? What is the meaning of this? " She said, to anyone who would seem to want to listen.

Russell heard that his restrained Vulcan patient had awakend. He already healed the biting wound Kristiana had on her neck so she could go back to her duties on the bridge. With the sudden aggressive nature of the Vulcan security officer he was glad they took the precaution to tie her down. Kristiana had ordered him to keep Sulan under very tight security and under no means let her out of her restraints. From the story Russell heard from Kristiana and Ryylar he had no intention to do so. He walked over to her to explain the situation. "You acted very strange and violent And you assaulted the XO. Therefore you are kept in restraints for the time being." he said with a stern look on his face. He had no idea what to think of this Vulcan.

"I cannot believe that. I have no memory of such events. Now, release my from these restraints. I have to return to my post." She pulled against the restraints, testing them. "The last thing I remember is leaving the bridge, after the Jem Hadar vessel was destroyed."

"Obviously something else happened along the way." Russell said on a cool tone. "I can't release you from your restraints. I'm under strict orders to keep you right where you are now. It seems you are a danger to yourself as well as others on this ship." Russell added awaiting her reaction. He could tell she would not like his answer.

"I am hardly a danger if I have the presence of mind to converse with you, Doctor. Though I must admit, it feels as though I've been in combat... Can you... tell me what has transpired?"

"I can only tell you what I heard. Supposedly you approached Mr. Ryylar in such a strange manner he called for Commander Petrova. When she came to your door you apparently attacked her, trying to strangle her and you bit her." Russell explained to Sulan. As calm as she appeared now, he could hardly imagine she was the complete opposite just half an hour ago. He continued "Your attack on Commander Petrova forced Ryylar to defend her so he used some of his Caitian force to neutralize the threat you posed. After a stun blast from a phaser you were knocked unconscious and brought here. For our safety as well as your own you have been restrained."

She remained silent a moment. "If it weren't for the injuries I've sustained, I would believe this one of O'Driscoll's practical jokes. Did I... kill anyone?"

"You certainly tried." Russell said with a sneer. "But luckily no- one was Seriously injured. I can assure you this is No prank." he added. With the peace of mind she now posed and apparent lack of memory of the events, she was either a very good actor or had absolutely no idea what had occurred. "Are you sure you have absolutely no recollection of what happened?" Russell asked her to make sure. "Any idea what could cause you to act like that?"

Quite, Doctor." She said quietly, wondering if he planned to take revenge on her. "It wouldn't be in your best interests to harm me, you know."

"Harm you?" Russell asked. "I have no intention to harm you. I'm a doctor, I want to help you." He wondered what gave her the impression he wanted to hurt her in any way.

"Yet, I cannot help but detect hostility towards me. So, you understand why I would think that, correct?" She studied his face face carefully. "You asked earlier, if I had any idea as to the cause of my condition. A former employer warmed me of the possibility of something like this happening. And recently, I'd been controlling my emotions with difficulty."

"I apologize if I seem hostile. I'm not used to the fact that one of the crew goes berserk and attacks another member." Russell said. "What could your former employer have to do with you losing control of your emotions?" he asked.

"I am uncertain as to how to answer that. While I was with them they were quite persuasive in their tactics. I believed I could control myself, if I managed to be free of them. Apparently, I was wrong."

"I'm unfamiliar with those kind of tactics, but it seems they have to do with mind control of some sort." Russell thought out loud not sure what to make of Sulan's situation. "How would it be possible for you to act normal now, not remembering anything?"

"I do not know. I was of the belief that you would have some insight as to the physical mechanics of my affliction. If not it's cause, perhaps it's cure?" She looked around the sickbay, wishing for a friendly face. She tested her restraints once more, feeling the anger slowly returning. "Won't you release me, Doctor?" She said oddly quiet.

"I'm sorry, I can't do that." Russell said on a decisive tone. He had no intent of letting her go without permission from a senior officer. And that permission would only come if he could confirm it was safe to let her out of the restraints. As for now he was far from sure of that. "First I'll treat your wounds and bruises. Then I'll scan for any possible anomaly that may cause you to act... illogical." he said in a stern but friendly manner. "An see if there's anything I can do about it."

"Ah yes, I feel much better now knowing that a human will be treating me. Would you want a primate treating you?" She said darkly, anger plain on her face. "If you don't let me go, I will go very badly for you, doctor..." She said hotly.

"No need to anger yourself, Lieutenant." Russell replied sure of the restraints holding back any sudden movements from the Vulcan woman. "I'm only trying to help. If you don't want any, fine with me. It's certainly not in your advantage as you will still be tied to the bio bed." he answered trying to reason with her.

"I"m going to stab you each organ of your body in alphabetical order!" She strains hard against the restraints, making the bed creak. "Let me out! I oder you!"

"If you don't calm down, I'll have to sedate you!" Russell answered the threat firmly. He didn't like being threatened, but he knew he had the power to make it stop any second with the help of a single hypo. "I have no time for threats! And you're not the only patient I have to take care off."

"Don't worry doctor. I'll give you plenty to do!" she snarled. she strained against her restraints even harder, taxing already strained muscles.

"Alright, that's it!" Russell almost yelled and got a hypo with a strong sedative out of the nearest med kit. He set quite a large dose to knock her out for a few hours. She had been tightly restrained so he had no trouble of finding a spot to inject the hypo and shot it in her upper left arm. It would knock her clean out within an few seconds.

"Wait! Wait...I-I..." But she never managed to finish the sentence before the hypospray robbed her of consciousness. she slumped back onto the biobed lying sedately, her features once again going slack.

"Sorry, too late." Russell said to her but knew she couldn't hear him. He put the hypo back in the med kit and got the medical tricorder from his belt. He started to scan the superficial wounds from the fight with Kristiana and Ryylar and would heal that first. That would be the (so called) easy part. Finding out what caused her erratic behavior would have to wait for that.

The scans showed that the wounds Ryylar's claws caused were not as severe as they could have been. Under the circumstances Ryylar had been rather... careful. Russell got a dermal regenerator to heal the wounds. A nurse had stopped them from bleeding earlier. While waving it softly next to the wounds they slowly started to disappear. He also noticed a stitched cut on her cheek. <That's an old practice. Last time I saw that was in med school.> he thought to himself.

Russell put down the dermal regenerator to take out the stitches. The wound had closed sufficiently by the crude but effective method but it would leave a nasty scar on her cheek. After he removed the stitches he applied the dermal regenerator again to heal the cut. <Good as new.> he thought after the regeneration was complete. <Now to find out what's causing this erratic behaviour.> he thought while asking nurse Emerson "Would you get me the neural scanner?" She nodded affirmatively and brought the device. Russell applied the different scanners to Sulan's head and activated the it to scan her brain functions.

"That's odd." Russell stated. "The part of her brain that operates her so called logical sense shows rather irratic behaviour. The lines aren't as constant as I would expect from a highly trained Vulcan mind. That could explain her difficulties containing her emotions." He got his tricorder again and scanned Sulan's head. "Hmm, looks like a mild fever. Temperature is above average." he mumbled to himself. The tricorder beeped something that meant a viral infection but it was not able to identify it.

He injected her with a standard hypo to counteract the unknown virus. It seemed to have little effect on the virus, but he noticed that her brainwaves started to act more constant. He wasn't sure if the hypo could have had that effect, but it couldn't be a coincidence. Russell had to see how long the effect of the hypo would last. He was sure if the logical functions of her brains were acting like they did now, she would be able to control her temper like any Vulcan. Keeping the viral infection or the effects of it under control asked for a continuous control over the dosage. He got a device from a cabinet that looked like a cortical stimulator and applied it to her left temple. It contained a small reservoir to hold an amount of hypospray fluid and could be set to administer small dosages in several time intervals.

After the computer had calculated the time interval Russell applied the setting to the 'auto-hypo', like he called the device. The neural scanner now showed continuous steady waves of her brain function. He decided to wake her up and injected a hypo to counteract the sedative. "Wakey wakey, Lieutenant." he said.

Sulan once again returned to awareness. Her body no longer hurt, and she knew right away something had changed. Her thoughts were different. The emotions were distant. Like a whisper instead of a roar. "I see you've made headway on my illness. Thank you, Doctor." She said it calmly and tonelessly as any Vulcan would.

"From what I make of it, there's some sort of viral infection messing with your brain, so to speak." Russell explained. "I haven't been able to eradicate it, but a standard anti-viral hypo seems to dampen it's effect. I've applied a device to your head that administers a slight amount of that on regular intervals. It should help you to keep in control." Then he asked on a serious tone "Something your former employer left behind?"

"It would seem so." She pauses, looking at him. "I apologize for my words, doctor. I believe you are a fine example of the medical profession."

"Thanks, just doing my job." Russell said smiling. He added "Although I'll have to keep you here for the time being to see if my diagnosis is right. The Commander's orders still stand, but if you can keep your thoughts together I'll put in a good word for you."

"Understood. Now, if you will excuse me, I will meditate. It has been a while since I've managed to do so with decernable results."


A rather hostile JP by:

Lt. (jg) Telek Sulan (acting) Chief of Security U.S.S. Pegasus "Liberation in logic."


Lt. (jg) Dr. Russell D. Floyd Chief Medical Officer USS Pegasus "Feel the Power of the Mighty Hypo"