A Mirror Shattered - #67 - 68 "Desillusions"


<Random non-descript corridor, USS Pegasus>

Kristiana wandered out of sickbay, stretching a bit and rolling her shoulders some. She was sore, tired and weak, slightly dizzy - even with that Hypo that Floyd gave her. The entire front of her uniform was covered in her own blood, as were large parts of her shoulders and neck as well as part of her jaw. Her hair was a mess, and several bruises were visible on her skin. She limped slightly. She looked a right mess .. But a mess with a mission. And that mission demanded that she be on the bridge. So that's where she was heading.

Hannah stepped out of the turbolift, on her way to the bridge. She'd recieved her phaser at the armoury, and was heading back to where she could be the most use. She stopped dead however when she saw the XO. "Uh...ma'am...you're..."

Kristiana stopped and shot Hannah a LOOK. ".. I'm _what_ .. Lieutenant ?" saying that last word with a bit of venom. She wasn't in any sort of good mood, that much was certain, and there were people who'd say that they'd rather face a horde of rabid klingons, than Petrova in a bad mood.

<Covered in blood? Looking like you're about to collapse?> "Nothing, ma'am."

".. A walking advert for a horror movie ?" Kristiana spoke, her voice grim. "Yes. Yes I know this." she turned and resumed her way to the nearest turbolift again. "You've looked better, yourself, Lieutenant. How's the arm ?"

"Still unuseable, but it should be out of the sling in a couple of days. What happened, ma'am? Did the Jem'Hadar..."

"Sulan?" Hannah said, confused. "But I thought..."

".. Yes, Sulan." Kris sighed softly, closing her eyes, rubbing her temples a bit. "Look, I don't know What the hell happened to her, Lieutenant. But I do believe that Something affected her. Altered her. And I told our CMO to try and find out What." Then opening her eyes again and turning to O'Driscoll, her expression dark. ".. But the fact remains, that she attacked a superior officer, with intent to kill. This, I do not forgive, or forget."

"But, if there were extenuating circumstances - I can't imagine that she would do something like that. Are you sure it was her?"

".. Are you questioning my judgement and ability to recognise my own bloody crew, Lieutenant ?" Kristiana Really didn't like what Hannah just implied. Her eyes narrowed as she shot her tactical officer a Look. "It's pretty hard to misjudge a face when you're inside her quarters, and she's biting your neck, with intent to rip out your windpipe."

"No, I'm sorry Ma'am, it's just that...we've already encountered Jem'Hadar - a changeling isn't beyond the realms of possibility. I just find it hard to imagine Sules acting that way..."

".. It was Sulan, Lieutenant. Take that fro me." Kristiana sighed, as the turbolift finally reached the bridge. She stepped out, catching a few glances from various officers, who quickly looked away again at the look she gave them. "She'd started acting strangely even before we ever encountered those Jem'Hadar."

"Oh...I mean, she was fine with me...we..." Hannah was lost - Sulan had bizarrely become her closest friend on the ship, and now she'd turned into some kind of monster? What the hell was going on?

".. Then you were lucky, Lieutenant." She moved to her XO's chair, and sat down. "I believe you have a dutystation to man, Lieutenant. Give me a tactical report, please."

"Yes Ma'am." Hannah said, taking over her station from the ensign manning it. She reverted it to one-handed control. "We took a few hits to the weapons systems, but we still have torpedoes and all but one of our phaser arrays are operational."

Kristiana gave a nod. "Thank you, Lieutenant." as she leaned back and watched the viewscreen. She had the feeling that they were very close to the badlands now .. Very close to Answers.


Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer USS Pegasus "Back into the fray"


Lieutenant Hannah O'Driscoll Chief Tactical USS Pegasus "I thought I knew her..."