A mirror shattered #63 - 64 "Patching up the Slayer"



Ryylar and Kristiana came stumbling in, followed by two sturdy NPC crewman, carrying the unconscious Sulan inside. The two crewman quickly put the vulcan officer - bleeding green from a sound in her side - on a biobed. Ryylar supported Kristiana, who clutched her neck, the entire front of her uniform stained red with blood, streaming down from a wound on aforementioned neck. She had trouble standing, and stumbled on a bit, trying to concentrate. "Doctorrrrr !" Ryylar called out. "Medical emerrrrrrgenccccy !" he added.

Russell turned around thinking <Another one?> and sighed a bit. He saw the crewmen restraining the unconscious Vulcan security officer to an available biobed. Without a clue what might have happened he asked "Is that really necessary?" turning towards Ryylar and Petrova, realizing she had a bloody wound on her neck. He walked up to her and together with Ryylar he directed her to a biobed to sit on. "Let me see that wound." he asked, followed by "What happened?"

"Bloody .. vulcan .. bit me .. " Kristiana muttered, wincing, half shoving Ryylar away as the worried feline helped her to sit down on the biobed. "I can manage, damnit ! - Ooh .. Maybe .. not .. " wincing, she stumbled and half collapsed on the biobed. Ryylar helpfully explained. "Lieutenant Sssssssulan bit Krrrrrisssssstiana in the neck !"

"I see! The bite marks are clearly visible." said Russell with a frown on his face. "Why would she do such a thing?" he asked while applied a disinfectant wad to the wound to clean it and tried to stop the bleeding.

"She's .. bloody insane .. that .. " Kristiana coughed up some blood " .. filthy .. greenblooded .. " Ryylar hushed her with a concerned look. "Lieutenant Ssssulan sssssnapped and thrrrrreatened me .. I called Krrrrrrisssstiana, and when Krrrrisssssstiana trrrrrrrried to ssssssstun Sssssssulan, Ssssssulan attacked herrrrrr." The bite wound was nasty, but not very dangerous. The bloodloss caused Kristiana to feel a bit weak, and gave her some trouble concentrating, but no vital parts were damaged - she could still breathe relatively freely.

With the wound now cleaned Russell got a autosuture to close the wound. Sulan had taken a verocious bite in her neck clearly in an attempt to kill her. The beam from the autosuture was doing it's healing work and the gap in Petrova's neck was narrowing. "You lost a lot of blood." he said mentioning the large blood stains on her uniform. "No wonder you're feeling a bit dizzy. I'll get you something for that."

"Doc .. I need to be .. on the bridge." Kristiana spoke weakly. Ryylar tried to hush her "Krrrissss, you need rrrrrresssst .. " But Kristiana gave him a Look "Ryylar, who's in .. command of the .. ship, now ? Evans is .. That's why .. I need .. to be there .." She narrowed eyes a bit and coughed some. ".. Or we're all dead." she added. She was dead-serious. Turned back to the doctor. ".. Understand, doc ? .. I need to .. go back .. as soon as you can patch me up."

"I'll see what I can do." Russell said on a serious tone. "But I have to agree with Ryylar, you need rest. You're in no condition to run the ship." He got a dermal regenerator to patch up any other superficial cuts and bruises she got from the fight with Sulan. Her neck also had markings of a strangulation attempt. They were fading when he applied the regenerator. "Extreme blood loss can't be fixed with a single hypo, you know." he said trying to convince her to 'take it slow'.

She narrowed her eyes at him. ".. Caelen is out. Black is out. I'm out." She felt a bit better under his care. "One of those three needs to run the ship. Preferably me or Caelen. We're in a bloody hostile situation, Doc. Evans Is Not Capable of running this ship, under these circumstances !" She was dead serious. "Just ... do what you can. Please."

Russell had no choice to agree with her. There should be a qualified officer running the ship, especially in a hostile environment. "I can get you a hypospray to reduce the dizzyness. You should be able to function normally." he said while he was searching through the small bottles in his med kit. "Ah, there it is." he mumbled picking up the bottle he was searching for an put a dose in a hypospray. He put the hypo at her neck and injected a stimulant just to patch her up. "The weak feeling should be gone for a while." he said but added "But when this runs out you Will know."

Kristiana gave a nod, and tilted her head back a bit so Russell could more easily use the hypo. Apparently, he felt that his roommate in control of a starship FULL of phasers and quantum torpedoes was not exactly the best of situations, either. "Thanks, doc .. " Then she turned to Ryylar. "I'll be fine, hon .. You have a job to do as morale officer." She wouldn't take no for an answer from the feline as she sent him on his business, to try and help keep morale on a workable level.

"This stimulant works for a few hours. By then Commander LaBrie will be able to return to duty. His wounds are healed but he'll still feel where that piece of panel had been." Russell said to let Kristiana know that her back-up would be up and running when her 'patch up procedure' would possibly cause her to collapse on the spot. A days rest would be needed to compensate for the loss of blood she had suffered.

"What should I do with our Chief of Security?" he asked Kristiana while pointing at the 'rabid' Vulcan.

".. Post armed guards, keep her sedated and restrained. She attacked a ranking officer, with intent to kill .. But something tells me that there's something more going on than we realise." Kristiana considered. "Run every scan you can think of, on her .. Compare transporter logs, try to find anything that might cause her to snap, the way she did." as she cast a venomous glare at the vulcan officer, a nurse working on the injury that Ryylar's claws had given her.

"I'll get to that as soon as the emergency with the engineering crew is over. Those are my crew's priority right now." Russell explained. "I'll keep her restrained for sure. Strange, I thought Vulcans had strong control over their emotions. She seemed to have lost it." he said with a slight sympathetic tone in his voice. "I'll get to the bottom of this." he said turning towards Kristiana.

A tired nod. "Thanks, doc .. You'd better tell LaBrie about this as well. Sulan's quarters are a mess, everything destroyed. I think she went on a wrecking spree, before Ryylar found her, there." She winced a bit as she rolled her shoulders some. Extensive bruising signified that she'd been in quite a brutal fight. But they'd find that Kristiana gave as good as she received, judging by the bruising on Sulan's form.

"I'll inform him on the situation." Russell said. "In the meantime I'll see to it that most of Engineering can get back to work." He put a hand on her shoulder and asked "You'll be alright?"

<She'll be alright.> he thought to himself with a faint smile on his face watching her leave his sickbay. <It's a fine mess we got ourselves into again...> he thought and turned around to check up on the Engineering crew.


Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer USS Pegasus (The Real one) "Me Boss. You Not."


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