A Mirror Shattered #61-62 - "Embarrassing Aftermath"


[Sickbay, Deck 6, USS Pegasus]

It was a busy day again in Sickbay. Russell had several different cases to worry about. The was Commander LaBrie recovering from an encounter with an exploding panel, Lieutenant O'Driscoll with her broken arm fixed but high on sedative and now there were several Engineering crew members reporting in with radiation poisoning. All of the biobeds were occupied, but not all of the Engineering crew had reported in yet. Russell approached Lt. Hannah O'Driscoll to see if she'd be fit to free up a bio bed. "Hello Lieutenant, how are you doing?" he asked in a friendly but a bit rushed way.

"Hello." Hannah said, smiling sweetly. "I'm just fine. I was talking to the Commander." She said, somewhat proudly.

"I see. I hope it wasn't anything bad about me." he asked jokingly.

"Oh no." Hannah said. "I like you - you're rugged."

Russell laughed at that remark. "Me... rugged..." he wondered out loud. "That's a first." he said smiling.

Hannah smiled happily. "Did I tell you about the handprint on my butt? It's very bright."

"You did just now." Russell said raising his eyebrow still amused. "I can't even begin to wonder how that got there, but that's none of my business." he smiled.

"It was a mean prank." Hannah said, frowning. "Sules did it. I'll get her back, though. I'm going to reprogram her shower to make her hair green." She giggled, then looked serious. "Don't tell her, though."

"I won't. I love a good joke, as long as no one gets hurt." Russell said. He got his medical tricorder from his belt and started scanning Hannah's injured arm. The fracture was healed fully. "I see nurse Hansen did a good job fixing your broken arm. But I think she got the dosage of sedative a bit wrong." he said, referring to her very jolly mood.

"I don't mind. I feel happy."

"That's my goal, happy patients." Russell said smiling. "But I rather have them normal happy instead of artificial happiness." he added, reaching for his med kit to get a hypo to end her state of high.

"Ok, doc - you're the doc." Hannah said, collapsing into a fit of giggles at her own hilarity.

Russell put a small dose of anti-intoxicant in the hypospray and injected it at her neck. "That'll make you feel bett.. well... normal." he said with a grin.

Hannah's frowned, and then blinked as the drugs wore off. She looked around, somewhat confused. <What happened?> "I don't remember the last twenty minutes - I take it somebody drugged me up?"

"You've been under the influence of a slight sedative overdose." Russell smiled. "Kinda like half drunk. Nothing serious." he tried to reassure her.

"Oh no..." Hannah said. She had always been somewhat susceptible to sedatives. "Tell me now, and I mean this in all seriousness - did I try to kiss anyone?"

"Not to my knowledge." Russell grinned. "But I've been quite busy with the Engineers, so I can't be certain." he added teasingly. "You did mention something about a handprint." he somewhat whispered to her with his right hand against the left side of his mouth, as if he was telling her a secret.

Hannah's hands went to her face. "Oh no..." Her face was now flaming red. "How many people did I tell?"

"You told me." Russell said. "And maybe the Commander while you were chatting, I don't know. Anyone in sickbay with above average hearing may have understood what you were saying." he added, probably adding to her discomfort. "You also mentioned something about a prank, so one could think you were telling a joke." he said, trying to put her a bit more at ease.

"I told the commander. Great. Well, at least I didn't try to proposition anyone like last time." Hannah said, recalling the last time she had been heavily dosed. She shook her head. "Sorry, I'm taking up a biobed. I presume you'll need it."

"It Is rather crowded at the moment." Russell said making a gesture with his arm towards the Engineering crew being treated for radiation poisoning by his medical staff. "Most of them can still stand upright, but you seem well enough to leave the bio bed so I have a spare one just in case."

"Sure." Hannah said, standing. "Do you need any assistance - I'm probably not fit to operate a tac console any time soon." She indicated her arm in its sling.

"Do you have any medical training, Lieutenant?" Russell asked her.

"I was TacSec on the Polaris." Hannah said, "Advanced Medical Training was a prerequisite."

"Advanced medical training even." Russell said. "I see how that would be useful. I hope you're not after my job." he smirked.

"Not that advanced, Doc." Hannah grinned. "Just enough to treat battle wounds and use a medkit when there wasn't a medic around."

"Of course." Russell grinned. "It's a good thing to have some basic medical skills. I can't be everywhere every second." he added. "Anyway, thanks for your offer, it seems we can manage it so far. Most of the engineering crew can get around with just a dose of hyronalin to combat the radiation poisoning."

"Sure." Hannah said. "Well, if there's anything I can do to help..."

"Injecting hypos with one hand shouldn't be much of a problem, but with the possible contamination... I think it's best for you to take some rest." Russell said on his typical 'doctor tone'. "The sooner you can return to duty. I always have the ever friendly EMH to back me up." he added with a smile.

"Sure." Hannah said. "How long will I need to keep this baby in the sling?"

"Not too long, it's just a reminder not to use your arm anytime soon." Russell explained. "Give it a few days before you fully use your arm again like you used to."

Hannah nodded. "Thank you again, Doc, and if you could, y'know, avoid mentioning whatever it was I might have said, I'd really appreciate it."

"Doctor patient confidentiality." Russell smiled. "No-one will hear anything from me." he reassured her.

Hannah smiled. "Thanks Doc - you're a peach."

Russell laughed. "I'm going from 'rugged' to 'peach' in one day." he smirked softly.


Lieutenant Hannah O'Driscoll Chief Tactical Officer USS Pegasus "Blue handprint? What blue handprint?"

Lt. (jg) Dr. Russell D. Floyd Chief Medical Officer USS Pegasus "I'm a rugged peach..."