A Mirror Shattered #60-61 - "History Lessons"

-={On}=- [Bridge, Deck One, USS Pegasus-F]

Falor sat back in his chair waiting for the famous blue lights to appear and drop off that medical officer he had requested for his arm. It were only cuts and bruises but his medical supplies were running out, not to mention him not having fixed himself ever since he created the Mirabelle program.

Andrew materialized on what was left of the Pegasus-F. While qualified as a light medical officer, he knew his real plan: to get into Falor's head and see what he was up to. "Ah, Mister Falor, I would presume. I'm Andrew Kennedy, from the USS Pegasus, and I'm here to fix up your arm." He said casually.

"Mister Kayim actually, Ensign" Falor corrected Andrew "Don't your Bajorans put their family name in front of their given one?" he inquired of the rather young looking medical officer who just materialized on his bridge.

"Mister Kayim actually, Ensign" Falor corrected Andrew "Don't your Bajorans put their family name in front of their given one?" he inquired of the rather young looking medical officer who just materialized on his bridge.

"Sorry about that, Mister Kayim. Never had to deal with Bajorans before, nor did I study other races beyond biology. My mistake. Anyway, let's see that arm, while you explain what's gone on around here."

Falor rolled up his sleeve a bit "What is there to tell... near the end they came in swarms rather then in convoys, like the weeks before" a small shake from his head as he thought back to those days "...after the battle for Deep Space Nine Captain Sisko went into the Celestial Temple on a fool's errand to stop more then 50000 Jem'Hadar fighters with only the Defiant... needless to say he was obliterated by the forces before they spilled all over the alpha quadrant. The war took no longer then two weeks" another shake from his head, he looked slightly at Andrew trying to read his reaction.

"Ah, I see. In our dimension, Captain Sisko was successful in that endeavour. So what's happening now? I understand we're retreating to the Badlands." He continued working on the arm as he watched Falor's face. It might look suspicious, but it was the easiest way to gauge a person.

"After the offence of the Jem'Hadar started it didn't take long for the Cardassians to mingle in the fight. Since they were allies and all" Falor sighed a bit, harsh time it had been for his people "they took over Bajor, Betazed, and Trill in no time..." he shook his head slightly "...all Starfleet personell that survived the first wave was to retreat to Earth to protect the evacuations that were going on. Vulcan was also evacuated as well as Andoria and several other planets. They all headed to the Badlands, the stronghold of the Marquis. They never were a bad people and they wouldn't let kinsmen die" he looked up slightly "You see the badlands are dangerous with plasma storms and ever changing currents, sensors and shielding doesn't work... making us strong and them weak" he looked back at the medical offcer "we have been fighting a geruilla war ever since the last transport reached the bad lands"

"Rough man. So what happened here? We got the distress call, apparently through the rift, and we see the ship seperated but still destroyed, and just you remaining."

"It would be a standard transport mission, Vulcan needed supplies and food" Falor shook his head in defeat a bit "you see not everybody was willing to step on the transports... so they are now slaves under the Dominion... Starfleet sometimes sends them supplies..." a sigh left his mouth "...but the Jem'Hadar caught us and opened fire, fortunately for us they mostly travel in groups of three... the Prometheus can just about handle that... but not this time. I needed to call for help although I thought nobody would answer that call"

"And the person who answered the call is supposed to be dead here. So, obviously, you're shocked, apprehensive, and cautious. We could have been a really good Jem'Hadar ploy to get you to come aboard our ship, which I guess is why you got us to send me over." Again, Andrew watched his reaction to this comment.

Falor shook his head slowly "I reckognized the name of the ship, not that of your Commander..." he would think a bit "...but in these days that isn't that weird... anyway I had you send here because my entire crew is dead Ensign, not that I don't trust you... Jem'Hadar don't do ploys... they just shoot you out of the sky" he looked Andrew deep into his eyes "You're not a medical Officer are you?"

Andrew raised an eyebrow. "I AM wearing a medical field uniform. But let's say you're correct. How would you know I'm not full medical, that I could be in science or counseling?"

"You're holding the Dermal regenerator upside down because you are paying more attention to my body language, tone and eyes then to my wounds..." Falor smirked a bit "...so tell me counsellor, what's your mission?"

Andrew glanced down. <Ah dammit. Knew I should have paid more attention in the Academy...> "Alright, you caught me. Yes, I'm the counselor aboard the Pegasus. My mission was, and still is, to help heal you, but also to find out your motives, back history of this dimension, and so forth. It was going slightly well, until I screwed the covert part up." He smiled ashamedly.

A chuckle from the Bajoran "There is hope for you people yet..." he said leaning back in his chair "...suspicious and secrative..." he nodded in approval "...so what else do you want to know from our rich history?"

"Ehm... Just what did we do to get so many Pegasi named after our ship was destroyed here, and our name given to the most sophisticated ship there is? I know of the destruction of our ship, but still..."

"The Pegasus NCC 49885 and its crew was sacrificed to save over a million people headed for the badlands. They held off Five Jem'Hadar fighters in a mere Centaur class vessel long enough for the transports to get into the badlands" Falor explained as, it sounded more like a legend then something that actually happened but his eyes told Andrew that it was the truth "they did die in their attempt though... but they gave those bastards a run for their money"

"Good to hear, good to hear. Exactly the way I would rather die in space. Giving hell and going down in a blaze of glory, rather than dying defenceless. But then, how could you get from Earth to the Badlands relatively unharmed?"

"Lot's of sacrifice..." Falor looked down a bit "...too much some say..." he smirked a bit at Falor "...we couldn't have done it without the Pegasus and Enterprise"

"Enterprise gave their life too? Which one would this be? We had quite a few in our dimension, figured it would be kinda the same here." He smiled, thinking back to the land they may never be able to return to. He shunted that thought out of his mind, focussing on Falor.

"The USS Enterprise, NCC 1701-D..." Falor said as if it was very obvious "...Galaxy class, flagship of the fleet... best crew the Federation had ever seen" he smirked a bit "I never said they gave their lives... that didn't happen untill about 17 months later... the only offensive the Dominion ever held against us in the badlands..."

"Damn, if they attacked then, they could be building up a mass army, while sending out small groups to whittle down supplies for the Federation. It's what I would do. Swarm, outnumbering, then destroying. Retreat if things somehow go dire, retry later." He looked somewhat worried. Even if it wasn't his universe, Federation was still Federation.

Falor shook his head "that was eight years ago Ensign, don't worry... if you're not Federation then you won't even make it to our first outpost in the Badlands... you see plasma storms are no longer the only thing you have to worry about in the badlands" he gave a wink to the young counselor.

"What's there now?" He looked intrigued. Weaponry was awesome, though he could never make it into any weaponry-based crews. He always managed to piss off superiors by questioning everything. The only place it worked was Counseling.

"Self replicating mines... like the ones that protected the wormhole shortly when the war started..." Falor nodded a bit. His console beeped "...We're getting close to the badlands, Ensign, so if you'll excuse me" he turned away from the ensign and tapped his console =/\= Pegasus-F to USS Pegasus, we're nearing the entrance co-ordinates of the badlands, if you want to survive I advice you to stay close, Kayim out =/\= he stood up from the Captain's chair and sat down in the helm position "you better hold on to your seat Ensign, we're going for a night out in vegas"

"Huzzah?" He responded sarcastically, before sitting in a vacant Ops seat. "Feels so weird, sitting on the Bridge of a ship..."

"You'll get used to it..." Falor smirked a bit before dropping out of warp and starting an entrance route into the badlands.

Kayim Falor (NPC) Commanding Officer USS Pegasus - F (played by Caelen LaBrie)

Ensign Andrew Kennedy Chief Counselor USS Pegasus (The REAL one!) "Finally, I'm on the bridge. Why am I not doing anything?"