A Mirror Shattered #57, #58, #59 "Departing from sanity"

[ON:] [USS Pegasus, Armory]

After confirming the order given to him by Petrova, the guard in the armory handed Ryylar a hand phaser and belt to strap on. Next stop would be to see Telek Sulan and inform her he was on active security duty posted to Sickbay.

"Computerrrrrr locate Lieutenant Telek Ssssssulan." He said and the computer beeped back a response. "Lieutenant Sulan is in her quarters." Came the reply and Ryylar nodded, making his way to where he knew the Security Officer had to be. After searching for some time and finally finding her quarters, Ryylar rang the chime.

Sulan stood in the semi darkness of her quarters. Only a few light worked now, as she had recently smashed nearly all of them, as well as several of the control panels in the room. Several of the bulkheads bore dents from the wrath of her fists an feet. "Enter." She said in a rasp. Her voice sounding nothing like her own. She sat on her bed, gently stopping the flow of blood from her shredded knuckles, while sweat sheathed her body, under her robes.

Ryylar walked in and saw the destruction, running towards Sulan with concern evident in his eyes.

"Lieutenant arrrrrre you all rrrrrrright?" He asked with obvious care in his voice.

"I am... quite well." She rasped. "What is it, that you require ensign?" There was a slight waiver in her voice, though her facial expression could not be seen, as she sat in the semi darkness except for the occasional strobe flash from a smashed console. Her quite words were interrupted every few seconds by the crackling of the smashed equipment.

"Ensssssign?" He asked as he blinked and looked at her.

"Lieutenant, it'ssssss Rrrrryylarrrrrr. I'm a Warrrrrant Officccccerrrrrr. What'sssss wrrrrrrong? What happened?" He asked her, concerned.

"My apologies... Mr Ryylar. I... mistook you for another. As you can probably see, I'm... quite busy, so... please state you business with haste..." She stands up from her bed and moves to the window, looking out into space. She mumbles something else, but it's unintelligible. He perked an ear to catch what she said, but it was a mumbled garble and even his much keener leonal hearing couldn't decipher it.

"I wasssss sssssent to rrrrrreporrrrrrt to you assssss a ssssssecurrrrrity officcccerrrrr, and do what I could asssss a morrrrrrale officccccerrrrrr." He said, stepping forward and putting a hand on her shoulder. "And assssss a frrrrrrriend." He said, trying to show he did care about her welfare.

She shruged it off quickly "Don't touch me! Don't ever touch me!" She whispered hotly, stepping back from him. She gained control of herself with effort. "A... Security officer, and morale officer? Isn't that... a contradiction in terms?" She continues, not waiting for an answer. "Tell me Ryylar, do you like killing? Do you find it agreeable as I do? Because... if you don't..." she chuckles darkly. "If you don't, you going to find your new job quite... difficult."

"Therrrrrre isssss a time forrrrrr everrrrrrything in the worrrrrrld. A time to be borrrrrn and a time to die. Each thing hasssss a purrrrrrpossssse underrrrrr heaven." He said, quoting Earth wisdom as he furrowed his brow. <And Caelen thought that *I* was the nutcase that needs a psycho evaluation?> He thought to himself privately.

"Heaven?" She laughed openly now. �Neither heaven, nor angels, nor God had anything to do with what I'm planning..." She pauses, falling into a silence that's nearly a minute in length, before continuing as if she'd never paused at all: "No, it would be more apt to say that I will be bringing hell to the enemy of this vessel. Wether they be internal enemies, or external." She nods in the darkness. "For now... the enemy seem to be the Jem 'Hadar. This pleases me, because I've made slaying the Jem 'Hadar into an art form." she laughed quietly like a small girl would. "If you attack the ketricell white tubes at their neck they get the strangest looks on thier faces...." She clears her throat. "Ah... I see now... you wish to be a fellow artist, correct? Yes, where others deal in oils and watercolor, we shall deal in blood and fear...." She sighs wistfully.

Ryylar blinked and was taken aback by what she said.

=/\= Rrrrrrylarrrr to Commanderrrrrrr Petrrrrrrova. =/\= Ryylar said as he tapped his badge and took a step back, resting his hand on the grip of his phaser.

=/\= Petrova here. Go ahead, Warrant Officer. =/\= Her somewhat tired, to-the-point voice sounded moderately agitated. But then, what with current events, who could blame her ...

"Is something the matter, ensign?" She stands, moving closer to him. "perhaps it's just me, but... you seem a little... upset?" She moves toward him like a hunter stalking her prey. "Negative emotions... do not suit you..." There was the sound of a smile in her voice.

=/\= I think you need to come to Lieutenant Ssssssulan'ssssss quarrrrrrterrrrrrsssss ma'am. I think we may have a prrrrroblem. =/\= He said, his eyes wide as he watched Sulan there before him, her hands now covered in blood from her anger and rage. She looked like a demon. He stepped back for each step forward she took and left the comm signal open so Kris could hear what was going on.

"Ssssssulan. I don't want to hurrrrrt you. I think you need to ssssssee a doctorrrrrrr." Ryylar said calmly as he could manage while still backing away slowly and steadily.

=/\= On my way. =/\= Was Petrova's simple reply. She left the bridge in Evans' hands again (against better judgment) and made her way to the turbolift, taking it to the appropriate crew deck, then straight to Sulan's quarters ...

"Ah... such a pity... and I had such high hopes for you, ensign..." Sulan sounds almost near tears now. "All that muscle and sinew... what a bane to the Jem' Hadar you would have made... " She takes another step toward him.

He stopped backing away and stood his ground standing amidst the shards of glass from broken and smashed consoles a well as the bloody carpet and damaged furniture. "Lieutenant.... you need help. Will you come with me peaccccccefully?" He asked her, looking at her and watching her every movement. He was out of the flight mode and was now ready to fight if needs be.

Kristiana drew her phaser, setting it to high stun. She used her override to open the door to Sulan's quarters, and stepped inside. She had half expected something like this .. But not to This extent. She blinked, eyes widened a bit. "Lieutenant !" She called, hoping to get Sulan's attention.

Ryylar heard Kris' voice, but never looked away. He refused to let Sulan attack him because of a distraction like Kristiana calling to Sulan. One hand on his phaser, the other outstretched and ready to begin a fistfight if he had to.

"Peace?" she said as if she'd never heard the word before. "Peace you say? There is no peace, that is why people such as I... exist." The broken control panel flashed again, illuminating Sulan's features. Her hface was contorted in rage and drool leaked ferraly from her snarling lips. "Ah, if it isn't the old woman, come to play as well? I should have known you'd be here... First you take my Jem' Hadar kills... and now... You've come for me..." She laughed again, a high, mad sound, like metal bending.

That was all she needed to see. With the speed and certainty of a highly experienced security officer, she took half a step back, bracing herself for sure footing, raised her phaser, took aim and fired at Sulan, intending to put her out, not wasting any time in doing so.

Sulan realized from the step backward that the woman took, what was coming. She threw herself to the side with an ear splitting shreak, and grabbing at the broken machinery in the room and flung them at Petrova, while following closely behind them. She smashed ton the woman like a freight train, and wrapped her hands around her neck, completely forgetting about Rylar as she began to squeeze. "I WILL PROTECT THIS VESSEL FROM ALL ENEMIES! EVEN YOU."

Kristiana was startled by Sulan's sudden attack and didn't have the time to dodge out of the way - her phaser dropped as Sulan plowed into her, grabbing her throat - the human woman glared venom at the vulcan attacking her, and threw herself backwards, onto the ground, bringing her right knee up, hard as she could, aimed directly at Sulan's gut - followed by her left foot, kicking hard as she could - intending to send the crazed vulcan woman sailing clear over her and into the corridor wall, behind her, but Sulan batted the woman's knee out of the way, and took the kick with a grunt, smiling with ferocious smile.

Ryylar didn't waste a moment. In a primal yell that sounded like a muted tiger's roar, he leapt forward and tackled Sulan from behind. Joining in the fray as he tried to pull her arms away from Kristiana's throat.

Sulan sent a vicious elbow into the face of the caitian, while she struggled to keep a grip on Petrova's throat.

Petrova was starting to struggle for breath. As Sulan released one hand from her throat to be able to elbow Ryylar, she brought both hands up to slam them hard as she could into Sulan's temples, bringing a knee up towards the other woman's groin, starting to get desperate. Sulan growled at the roaring pain in her head. feral now, she made a desperate attempt at Petrova's throat with her teeth.

Ryylar grunted, taking the blow and doing something he vowed not to do, he slammed his paw, claws fully extended into Sulan's exposed flank. He pulled back and kept his claws from striking too deeply. He just wanted to surprise her enough to loosen her grip, not enough to actually kill her.

Kristiana squealed in pain as she found vulcan teeth embedding themselves into her throat, feeling like the victim of a vampire attack. She felt a bit weak, and couldn't do much more than once again slam both hands into the sides of Sulan's head, and trying to jab her fingers into the Vulcan's eyesockets.

Sulan howled at the searing pain her her back, and shook her head, foiling Petrova's attempts at her eyes. Letting go of Petrova, she turned to face Ryylar.

Ryylar sprang off of her and snarled at her, with his claws coated in her green vulcan blood, Kristiana coughed up some of her own blood, wincing, reaching for her throat with one hand, glaring at the vulcan still sitting half on top of her. Her other hand felt around for the phaser that she'd dropped earlier .. Finding it, pushing the muzzle straight into Sulan's bleeding back .. ".. Goodnight." she spat venomously as she pulled the trigger.

Sulan staggered from the blow of the phaser. She nearly managed to rise her feet but she swayed, and fell, hitting the deck with a thud, her facial expressions going from murderous rage, to confusion, to the slack calm of unconsciousness.

Ryylar quickly tapped his comm badge. =/\= Rrrrrryylarrrrr to Sssssickbay! Medical teamsssss to Lieutenant Sssssssulan'ssssss quarrrrrterrrrrrssss on the double! =/\= He yelled into the comm badge. Moments later medical teams arrived and he followed Kris and Sulan both to Sickbay.

Kristiana got to her feet,staggering slightly, still clutching her throat to keep it from bleeding too much. She gave Ryylar a nod as she leaned against the wall a moment, trying to gather her breath, coughing a bit, painfully. She'd go with the medical team to have her neck looked at.

Sulan lay on the deck, her slender form beliying the chaos she'd caused. For now, there was only a dreamless sleep.


A joint post by: Lieutenant Commander Kristiana Petrova U.S.S Pegasus


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