A Mirror Shattered #55&56 - "Repairing the Commander"

((OOC: this post takes place right after "Clouded situation". We need to get the CO back on his feet ))


[Sickbay, deck 6, USS Pegasus]

Russell stood next to his CO who was lying on the biobed. The exploded console had shot a big piece of metal through the upper left leg of Caelen. Scans showed that no vital arteries were damaged, so the wound didn't bleed that much. The upper left arm and chest was severely burned by jet flames and melted plastics from the console. Several shards of the console pierced his arm.

"First we need to cool the burns." Russell said. "Would you get me some Dermaline gel?" he asked medical officer Palmer next to him. Palmer nodded and walked over to the nearest cabinet where the gel was stored. "How are you holding up, sir?" Russell asked Caelen while reaching for his medkit.

"Just peachy Doc" Caelen reacted a bit sarcastically. He lay there in pain trying to keep some shouts in from the stings as Russell tried to pull several shards of the console out of his arm.

"I'll try to go easy on you." Russell replied with a sympathizing look on his face. He pulled out another big shard of console out of the CO's upper arm rather quickly and put it in a dish on a nearby trolley with the other pieces that had come out. A small drop of blood ran out of the cut in the arm. Russell applied a disinfecting wad to stop the bleeding.

Caelen grated his teeth to not think of his arm "It's ok Doc, just get it over with..." he hissed through his teeth as Russell just resumed pulling out more and more debris "... anything important damaged?" he asked trying to get his mind off the pain.

"Nothing I can't fix." Russell said smiling. "The cuts and bruises on your arm and chest wil heal fully. With dermal regeneration that will be as good as new. That piece of metal missed the aorta in your leg by two centimeters." he said pointing at the piece of debris sticking out of Caelen's leg. "But getting that out will be another matter."

Caelen nodded slowly "Well that's a relief..." he sighed a bit "...have you seen Jennifer or Alexandra?" he then asked, being worried about the two girls he loved most.

"I haven't seen them recently, no." Russell answered. "I'm sure they're safe in your quarters. That is, if Jennifer isn't on bridge duty." he said.

A shake from the Commander "no she isn't..." it relieved Caelen that they hadn't been in sickbay, that meant that they were not hurt... yet at least. A sigh "...how long will I need to recover?"

"It will take a while before you're fully healed. Especially your leg will cause some inconvenience for the next few days." Russell said with a serious look on his face while pulling out the last piece of console debris out of Caelen's arm. "That's the last one." he said holding it up before putting it down with the rest of them. "As a doctor I would advise you to take a weeks rest, but under the circumstances..." Russell thought for a moment.

"Under the circumstances I am up and running within the hour..." Caelen almost ordered the Doctor.

"That will not help the healing process." Russell warned his CO. "The hole in your leg needs some time. At least a day." he sounded like he was haggling to make a good deal.

"We're in the Twenty-fourth century, Doc... can't you speed it up a bit?" Caelen didn't know what was going on outside sickbay, on the bridge, with Kris, with Alex and his wife. And the Jem'Hadar vessel. The alarms stopped blazing, apparently the threat had been dealt with.

"I do what I can." Russell said. "I understand you're needed on the bridge, but it seems Commander Petrova can manage." he added referring to the end of red alert.

Palmer stood next to Caelen with a jar of Dermaline gel in her hands. Russell acknowledged her unasked question. "Yes, begin treating the burns with the gel." She carefully applied the gel to Caelen's arm and chest.

The gel stung but at the same time had kind of a numbing effect on the burns, Caelen tried to relax on the bio bed but it was almost impossible with Ensign Palmer treating his burn wound with the Dermaline gel. "And this is supposed to help me?" he asked a bit sarcastically.

Palmer looked a bit startled. "I'm sorry, sir. Am I hurting you?" She stopped applying the gel and looked back at Russell.

"Don't worry, Palmer." Russell reassured her. Then he looked at Caelen "Dermaline gel stings. Nothing you can do about it. Guaranteed to make you feel better, sir." he said. He reached for a hypo with a sedative and said "Now to do something about that thing in your leg."

"That would be most pleasant... I think I'm still getting readings from that panel" Caelen joked a bit trying to ignore the pain in his leg and on the burn wounds.

"Save your work before I disconnect it." Russell smirked. "Would you like to see how I pull out that panel or do you want to be fully sedated?" he said holding up the hypospray.

A Heavy sigh from Caelen, he never really liked combat medic class and seeing blood spilling out of his own leg "Fully sedate me..." he then said with determination, he didn't need to see this, perhaps some other time.

"See you in a few hours then." Russell said and put the hypo against Caelen's neck. With it's trademark hissing sound the dose of Melorazine was injected to knock him out for several hours.

"Now for that big piece of junk." Russell said while walking over the nearest viewscreen to inspect the scans from Caelen's leg. He saw that it would be difficult to remove it without making matters worse. The debris was barbed and would damage the muscle tissue even more if it was pulled straight out carelessly.

Russell walked back to Caelen and decided to very carefully pull out the piece of metal. Caelen was knocked out for a few hours anyway so he had the time. He cautiously wrenched and pulled the metal piece.

Just after he pulled out the metal debris the wound started bleeding severely. The metal piece had been holding it back. He quickly got an autosuture to close the gash in Caelen's leg. With that done he would let Caelen sleep off his sedative. When he would regain consciousness, he probably wanted to go straight back to work. There was little Russell could do about that.


A "CO fixing" post by:

Cmdr. Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer USS Pegasus


Lt. Jg Dr. Russell D. Floyd Chief Medical Officer USS Pegasus

Also starring:

Ensign Palmer Medical Officer USS Pegasus (NPC played by Russell)