A Mirror Shattered #53 - 54 "Decisive Action"


<Ryylar's quarters - or just outside them>

Kristiana headed straight for her next stop. Ryylar's quarter. She told him off, earlier, because she had seventeenTHOUSAND things on her mind and didn't need a morale officer wanting play-by-plays of the battle, and now she wanted to make up for that. She frowned as she didn't see the guard stationed outside his door anymore, and rang his doorchime .. No response.

"Computer, locate Warrant Officer Ryylar ?" She called out. The computer replied in it's monotonous voice "Warrant Officer Ryylar is in Turbolift Three."

Petrova muttered and tapped her comm badge. =/\= Petrova to Ryylar. Did you tunnel out ? =/\=

Ryylar was in the turbolift up to the bridge where he figured he would either report to Commander LaBrie or Kristiana.

=/\= No Commanderrrrrrr, I wassssss rrrrrreleassssssed on Commanderrrrrr LaBrrrrrrie'ssss orrrrrderrrrrsssss I'm on my way to the brrrrrridge to sssssse how I can help.=/\= He responded professionally over the comm channel. He had recently gotten his comm badge back now that he was an active officer.

=/\= LaBrie set you free ? =/\= <This is a surprise .. > =/\= Come back down and meet me here ? I'm in front of your quarters. =/\= She asked him.

She smiled as she saw him, a quiet, subdued smile. She had a lot on her mind. She moved towards him to give him a hug and a deep kiss as she saw him again, and just leaned against him for a moment, seeking some strength. "Hey .. Glad that you're out. I suppose that Caelen figured that the crew needs a morale officer." Then looking into his eyesand sighing softly. ".. Can't say I blame him .. Come, walk with me .. I'll tell you what's going on."

"All rrrrrrright. I didn't mean to get in the way earrrrrrlierrrrr. I wasssss jussst calling to sssssssee how I could help." He said with a nod to her as they walked away from his quarters.

"I know. But you understand why I had to tell you down." She apologised. Well, not really, but she sounded apologetic. "We were in the middle of a combat situation against a Jem'Hadar Gunboat." explaining what happened, in part.

"I know. I jussssst thought that it wassssss usssssselesssss to have an able bodied officcccerrrrr sssssstuck in hisssss quarrrrterrrrrssss if therrrrre wasssss a fight orrrrr help needed ssssssomewherrrre." He said with a nod, reaffirming that he only wanted to help.

She gave a nod, reaching to take his hand in hers .. Heading towards the lounge. "I know, hon .. I know. Well, there wasn't much you could have done during the battle, but I think you'll have your work cut out for you keeping the crew happy. You see, we've found ourselves in some kind of mirror universe .. Where the Dominion War is still raging, and going poorly for the federation."

"Oh... well then we should help." He said with a nod.

"I agree. However .. The Peggy isn't nearly as powerful as a Sovereign or Galaxy - in fact, we're just a small destroyer, nothing more - even a dinky-toy like a Defiant is much more powerful than us." She frowned, turning into the lounge, and flopped down on a chair. "Can you get me a drink ? Something good .. Anyways, yes, we're gonna help out .. But the moment we find a way back, we're gonna go back to our own reality. We don't belong here."

"We should help though. Even if it'sssss jusssssst with a technology exchange." He said, walking away to going to the replicators to get her a Denebian surprise as he brought it back over to her when it materialized.

"Oh we will help .. I just hope that they don't expect us to remain here forever. I for one wanna go back home when we get the chance." She sighed, gave him a slight nod as he brought her the drink, and took a sip. "Though part of me just wants to stay here and fight and kick some Dominion butt."

"Me too..." He admitted and patted her hand, giving it a supportive squeeze.

".. We .. found a Federation ship. Well, part of one, atleast. The saucer section of a Prometheus class .. The USS Pegasus F." Kristiana spoke in a quiet voice. "Our Pegasus .. Well, our mirror .. Was destroyed eight years ago. But apparently we did something so impressive that they started naming other ships after us. Six in eight years."

He blinked and swallowed hard. "I ssssssee sssssso you and I arrrrre dead in thisssss univerrrrrrsssssse." He said with a bit of a grimace.

".. I didn't serve on the Pegasus until several months ago, Ryylar. I don't know if we're dead, over here. Things are too different to be certain, but .. Yes, the chance is there." She sighed. ".. But there's also a chance that we're all alive, though .. " She didn't sound entirely certain of that.

"Well... eitherrrrrr way. We can't turrrrrrn ourrrrr backsssss on the Federrrrrration. Even if it isssssn't ourrrrrsssss." He said with a firm nod.

She gave a nod and a soft smile "I know .. Caelen told me that as well - ordered it, even - but I wouldn't have done any less, regardless." She saw that Ryylar had sat down by now as well and crawled onto his lap, leaning against him. Drawing strength and support from him.

He nodded and smiled, putting his arms around her as she moved into his lap. He held her close and did his best to comfort her.

She remained silent for a while, as she just sat there, leaning on him, letting him hold her. She drank the rest of her drink in the meantime .. And just .. Charged Up. It did her good, it did her a Lot of good. A station where she could just let the world be the world, and charge up, when drained. She didn't have that, before. But now she started to wonder how she ever survived without a Ryylar to cuddle with. "Thanks, hon .. " She eventually spoke, smiling softly at him, giving him a tender, loving kiss. "I love you ..

He kissed her in return and smiled, caressing her back.

"I love you too." He said with a smile as he kissed her cheek.

".. I should head back to the bridge." She rose from his lap, stretching a bit and rolling her shoulders some. "I want you to work with the department heads and try to keep our crew losing heart. The things that are happening now .. can break anybody's spirit."

He smiled and nodded.

"Aye... I'll alssssso check in with Lieutenant Sssssulan now that I'm frrrrrree and begin my sssssssecurrrrrrity trrrrrraining. What betterrrrr time to learrrrrn than a rrrrrreal emerrrrrrgency?" He said with a smile as he stood and put his hands on her hips.

"Uhm .. Hm. Hang on a second." And she tapped her comm badge. =/\= Petrova to LaBrie. =/\=

=/\= LaBrie here, what seems to be the Problem Commander? =/\= Caelen reacted

=/\= About that report I sent you concerning Lieutenant Sulan. Are we going to keep her in active duty, with the current situation in mind, or are you still gonna go ahead with my recommendations and put her on non-active ? =/\= Kristiana asked her CO.

Rrylar blinked in surprise a bit at this. He hadn't heard anything about Lieutenant Sulan other than that Kristiana didn't like her very much.

=/\= Frankly I have no idea, Commander... =/\= Caelen thought a bit back to the report, after the alert sounded and him being in sickbay he hadn't given it much thought =/\=... what do you suggest? =/\=

=/\= My current recommendation, Sir ? .. Keep her in active duty, but keep a close eye on her. She and I might have had our little problems, but we Need a capable security chief now, and she definately qualifies as capable. =/\= Petrova replied in earnest.

=/\= There you have your answer Commander...=/\= Caelen rubbed his eyes a bit wondering if this was the right thing to do =/\= ...is there anything else I can do for you? =/\=

=/\= Yes, Sir. Sit back and heal up. I'll keep your ship and crew in one piece. =/\= She replied, turning her attention back to Ryylar, before muttering softly, and adding: =/\= .. And I suggest you arm yourself, Sir. I'll tell all department heads and anyone who had combat training to arm themselves as well. Better safe than sorry. Petrova out. =/\=

Caelen stood up and limped slowly to the weapons locker in his ready room. He opened it and took out a phaser attaching it to his hip. "Better safe then sorry indeed..." he repeated Kristiana a bit.

Petrova turned her attention back to Ryylar, after ending her talk with Caelen. "Heard that ? I want you to grab a phaser. Before heading over to see Sulan. I'll head to the bridge and take care of things from there." She straightened herself and 'took charge' again. "Any questions, Warrant Officer ?"

"Aye ma'am, just one. Once I get the phaser, where would you like me stationed?" He asked her, standing at attention, going into 'business' mode.

".. Ask Sulan. You report to her, now. But if she doesn't have a position for you to hold, I'd like you at Sickbay. That's where you can do the most good." Kristiana replied. ".. Both as guard and as morale officer." She'd smile softly, having full confidence in his abilities.

He snapped to a proper salute.

"Aye aye ma'am." He said with a nod and turned, exiting the lounge to go to a weapons locker in security where he would get a phaser and then attempt to contact Sulan.

She sighed a bit as she watched him go .. She didn't enjoy 'going professional' on him, but in situations like this, she felt, it was the best thing to do. She turned and headed to the nearest turbolift, to go straight to the bridge.

Once there, she activated the ship's PA, and spoke - her voice ringing out through all decks, all quarters. "Now hear this. The ship has found itself in an alternate reality. We are currently attempting to find a way back home. In the meantime, Commander LaBrie suffered injury. I am taking command of this vessel, until Commander LaBrie's injuries are healed up enough to assume command again."

"All department heads, co-ordinate with your assistants. Every department head, assistant department head and personell trained in the use of fire-arms are to arm themselves with Phaser Pistols. Security, station guard details at every major department, armed with compression rifles. Ensign Kennedy, please report to the Captain's Ready-room. That is all. Petrova Out."



Sulan: Organise guard details, arm them, post them at critical departments. Department heads: arm your people. Ensign Kennedy: Report to the ready-room (Poke me on MSN for a JP) Lieutenant Black: You'll be Acting XO when you're out of sickbay, until Caelen is ready for duty again.

Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Acting Commander USS Pegasus "I'm a Take Charge kind of gal"


Warrant Officer Ryylar Morale Officer Acting Security Officer USS Pegasus

With guest appearance by:

Commander Caelen LaBrie Sickbay patient USS Pegasus