A Mirror Shattered 48&49 - "Drugged Discussions"

-={On}=- [Main Sickbay, Deck Six, USS Pegasus]

Caelen had gotten one last sedating shot before he was allowed out of the sickbay, still limping on one leg he needed to find his daughter and wife. She stumbled into the lift and leaned against the back wall with a heavy sigh. Another crewman came rushing around the corner and Caelen waited for him to get in, he gave a friendly nod and waved off the salute before it happened. The crewman seemed a bit down, the news had spread quickly from the bridge to the rest of the crew, it was a small ship, everybody knew somebody. If this was the shape of his crew then he needed his Chief morale now more then ever, but going to him to tell him that himself would probably send the wrong message. "Deck One" he ordered the lift, he was going to write an official pardon and have Alyson deliver it to the Warrant.

Alyson was still a bit...incapacitated, completely fascinated by the shining lights, but trying very very hard to stay focused on the task at hand. People had been giving her reports from all over to deliver to the Captain as soon as possible, so she basically had her hands full. She smiled and waved excitedly as she saw the Captain emerge from the turbolift. "Hi!" Oh, goodness, what a mistake.

Caelen arched an eyebrow at the reaction of his Yeoman, the rest of the bridge lept into attention as Evans shouted "Captain on deck!" Caelen waved it off "as you were" he said before making way to his ready room, motioning Cooper to follow him.

Alyson followed Caelen to the ready room, not daring to venture further than a bit past the door as it swished closed behind her. She knew it hadn't been a good idea to get high right before work..."Anything I can do for you?" she asked a bit nervously, keeping her composure as much as possible.

"Several things actually" Caelen sat down and hissed a bit as a shot of pain went through his leg "I see you have reports for me..." he nodded to the PADDs she was holding

"Yeah, from basically every department..." she replied slowly approaching the desk, and wondering if he was going to be alright. She set them on it, in a surprisingly neat pile, despite her condition. Cocaine always did that to her. It made her hyper, a bit obsessive compulsive...

"I just skimmed through them, and..there's one from Engineering, and Medical, and Ops..." she trailed, not wanting to bore him with all the details.

Caelen nodded before sighing a bit "I have a problem Creman..." he started "...there is a Warrant Officer in his quarters and he can't get out..."

"Meaning, I have to let him out?" she asked. She didn't know why Caelen couldn't do it himself, if only that it would look bad. "I can do that."

Caelen picked up a PADD and started writing orders for Ryylar, he then looked up to Alyson "Is there anything you might want to tell me Crewman?" he asked before looking down again and resuming his writing. Something was wrong with this girl but he couldn't quite put his finger on what it was.

Alyson shook her head. "No, I'm good. Maybe a bit stressed out, but I'm fine." And a bit stoned, but you don't need to know that, she thought to herself. She couldn't wait to get out of the office. Besides, it was getting hot in here.

Caelen finished the order on the PADD and handed it to Alyson "Very well Cooper, get this to Ryylar..." he folded his hands "...and try to find some rest... you look horrible..." a moment of silence "...dismissed"

Alyson nodded, took the PADD, and quickly walked out of the office, only to be running when she got out of the turbolift that took her to right deck. After a few moments, she rang the chine at Ryylar's door repeatedly.

He had been pacing the floor for hours, worried sick about what was going on. He was about ready to try and break out by crawling through the ventilation system if he could only reach the access panel and pry it off. When the chime rang he ran over to the door and spoke.

"Come in." He said. He couldn't open the doors as they had been locked from the outside.

"Hi, boss! I got your release forms!" Alyson quipped as soon as she walked in his quarters, and handed the PADD to Ryylar. "Signed and everything!"

"What??" He asked incredulously. Rrrrreleassssssse forrrrrrrms? He couldn't believe it. It had only been a day or so of his house arrest. He was supposed to be here for weeks.

"That's what it says! Now go! Bridge! Now!" She was almost pushing him out the door. And she thought the Captain wanted him on the bridge...

He quickly scanned the PADD and decided it would be best to take it with him. Following his barkeep's suggestion, he jogged out of his quarters towards the nearest turbolift to take it to the bridge.


Commander Caelen LaBrie CO USS Pegasus

Crewman Alyson Cooper Yeoman/Barwench USS Pegasus

Warrant Officer Ryylar Morale Officer USS Pegasus