A Mirror Shattered 48&49 - "Drugged Discussions"

-={On}=- [Sickbay, Deck 6, USS Pegasus]

Hannah slipped into sickbay, clutching her useless right arm to her chest. Her teeth gritted, and she held back a yell of pain as someone bumped into her. Feeling somewhat light-headed, she slumped into a corner next to an occupied biobed, awaiting a nurse to be ready for her.

Caelen his anesthetics had worn completely off by now and he was only under the influence of a mild painkiller. He figured that he was wasting bed space and pushed himself up and sat on the bed with his legs over the edge, rubbing his eyes a bit.

"Oh! Sir!" Hannah said, realising exactly who was on the biobed next to her. She stood up hurriedly, and yelped as her automatic salute response kicked in, causing pain to shoot up her arm.

"As you were lieutenant..." Caelen looked up at the tactical officer "...you might break something..." the pain in his leg had been a little more severe then he first though, but when seeing Hannah her arm being rather displaced he stepped off the biobed, to allow room for Hannah to lay down "Nurse!" he shouted in his authoritarian voice.

A slender nurse came rushing to the Commander and Lieutenant "What can I help you with?" she sounded a bit nervous, probably her first day in the field, the replacement of the girl that got killed by Byranitz on the shakedown cruise.

"My...arm." Hannah said, with some effort, as LaBrie helped her onto the biobed. "Thank you, Sir, but shouldn't you be on here?"

"Doc fixed me... my leg stings a bit but that's all..." Caelen gave a comforting friendly smile "...so I heard you did a great job back on the bridge against that Jem'Hadar" he started some small tal kto get her mind off the arm, the nurse would be setting it and that would hurt like hell.

The nurse picked up a medical tricorder and started scanning the arm "I'll have to put it back into place and then you would have to go into a regenerator..." she explained what she was going to do.

"This is going to hurt a lot, isn't it?" Hannah said, smiling sweetly. At the nurse's nod, she grimaced. "Thought so." She turned to LaBrie. "It wasn't so tough, Sir - they were halfway to blowing up on their own."

LaBrie "Even so, you did the right things on the right moment..." another friendly smile "...and you worked together perfectly with T'Rell" he placed a hand on the shoulder of her intact arm. "And you didn't even sell important tactical info to the enemy" perhaps it was going a bit to far but it was out before he realized it, a broad smile did assure that she knew he was joking.

"Nah, my Dad never worked with the Jem'Hadar" Hannah said, gasping in pain as the nurse manipulated her arm. "He was too slimy for them. How's your leg, Sir?"

"It stings..." Caelen was hiding a real severe pain in his upper leg to comfort Hannah "...nothing serious though"

The nurse gave one final jerk to get the arm into place and immediately grabbed a hypo to ease the pain and pressed it in Hannah's neck.

Hannah yelled in pain, and then relaxed as the painkillers flooded into her system. A dazed, happy look flowed over her face. "Hello." She said dreamily to LaBrie. "How are you today?"

Caelen smiled a bit at the reaction "I think you might've overdosed her just a little bit" he said to the nurse, who instantly checked the dosage in that was in the hypo and started to blush heavily. "It's ok... at least she won't feel any of it"

The nurse worked on the arm very silently, afraid that she might say or do something wrong. A dermal regenerator to fix the tissue, after which they had to lay down O'Driscoll to fix the broken bone.

"I'm Fine lieutenant, how are you?" Caelen then answered O'Driscoll, trying to keep her mind off her arm.

"I'm fine." Hannah said lightly. "You know you...you're...very...nice. I like you." She grinned dopily.

"I try my best Lieutenant" Caelen smiled, at least one of his crew liked him, that was a start.

The nurse placed the dermal regenerator back on the tray "You will need to lay down Lieutenant" she said gently.

"Do I need a gown?" Hannah asked, good-naturedly as she lay down. "I don't want a gown." She turned to the CO and whispered conspiratorially, "Sules played a prank on me, only she didn't know the die stained skin too." She giggled. "Now I've got a luminous blue handprint on my butt." She frowned. "It wouldn't be good for you to see that."

Caelen had no idea what she was talking about but he couldn't help but chuckle "I am sure they can fix your arm without taking your pants off Lieutenant" he joked a bit as Hannah was gently pushed on her back and the bio bed activated the bone regenerator. The arch came up over Hannah and started to hum gently "You'll be playing whatever you play in no time"

"I play electric guitar." Hannah said, grinning. "I think I'm pretty good, but I'd never tell anyone that."

Caelen smirked "You just earned yourself a place in the band Lieutenant" he gave her a should pat before wanting to take his leave "now just rest and give that arm time to heal, from what I've heard I'm gonna need my best tactical officer at her station sooner rather then later"

"Ok." Hannah smiled happily. "Sounds good to me. Byesie-bye."


Cmdr Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer "I've got a very happy Tactical Officer…"


Lt. Hannah O'Driscoll Chief Tactical Officer "I have a blue handprint on my butt."

USS Pegasus