A Mirror Shattered #46&47 - "Seven Years of Bad Luck"

-={On}=- [Bridge, Deck 1, USS Pegasus]

Kristiana frowned, as Ensign Bradbury just spoke up without any regard for protocol. Yet, she had a good point. Things Kristiana needed to watch out for. She pondered a half a moment, before turning to Melina.

[Sickbay, Deck 6, USS Pegasus]

Kristiana muttered. She had a lot on her mind. The whole event with the distress call, the anomaly, the battle. Then that guy Falor (Who does he think he IS, anyways ?) and Melina's almost insubordination. Ah well, she chalked that last one up to inexperience, and would have a little talk with the Ensign about it when she had the time. For now, though, she felt that Caelen also deserved to know what was going on. So it was with that mission that she wandered into Sickbay, looking for him.

Caelen lay on the bed, just regaining consciousness after the surgery on his leg and immediately getting a hypo against the pain. He would need some revalidation but he would be up and about before the week ends. The doors hissed open again, Caelen groaned a bit, the entire time he had been there more and more crewmen came in, severely wounded or juts bruised. Half the Engineering team was radiated, and all because he wanted to be a hero. He looked up slightly to see if he could find out who was brought in now. He saw his XO, seemingly unharmed, "Commander..." his voice was still a bit sleepy but it was audible.

"Commander .. " She replied, frowning a bit in worry, as she headed over, stretching a bit, rolling her shoulders some. ".. You look terrible .. Worse than normally." She joked with a slight smirk, trying to lighten the mood a bit. "How are you feeling ?"

"As if a console exploded on top of me" Caelen returned the joke "How did you do? I assume we're still in one piece 'cause this sure isn't heaven..." he smirked a bit, the burning debris of his console had damaged his left side, through his uniform but the Doctor did a great job fixing the damage it had done.

"Uh .. " Kristiana glanced around. "If this is heaven, I don't want to see Hell. But, to be honest .. We have a beauty of a situation on our hands, Commander." And she'd start briefing him, in chronological order, of what had transpired after entering the anomaly, from the moment that Caelen's console blew up, to the point where Kristiana left the bridge in Evans' capable hands, so Petrova could report to Caelen.

A heavy sigh came from Caelen as he heard his XO explain everything "So we're following him to the Badlands now?" he asked just to get the facts straight, the medicine wasn't only dulling the pain.

"That's right, Sir." Petrova replied. "It seemed like the only logical course of action. Federation Guidelines don't exactly take this kind of situation into consideration, the anomaly was gone, and with three Jem'Hadar Gunboats approaching, we had to get out of there. Mister Kayim strikes me as a bit of a nut, but he's the only one here who isn't trying to blow us up."

Caelen nodded slightly "You did the right thing Commander..." he sighed again "...so with the anomaly gone is there any chance of getting back?" he hoped for a positive answer but also knew that it was a long shot.

"Not that I know, Commander." She'd sigh softly. "Though I'll be the first to admit that I don't know much about this kind of thing, to begin with. And usually, if there's a door one way, there'll be a door back the other way as well. It's just a matter of Finding it. But .. Ensign Bradbury raised a valid point. If we truly Are in a mirror universe, and the federation is in as poor a state as I believe, then chances are they'll try to draft us - nicely at first - by force if we decline."

Caelen shook his head "Force will not be necessary..." he closed his eyes for a moment trying to think it through again "...we will help this Federation for as long as we need to find a way home..." he then looked at Kristiana to make sure that she understood that he was serious and it had nothing to do with the medicine "...that's an order"

"Of course it is, Sir." She seemed entirely willing, ready and able to follow up on it - as if she had expected that order, and was actually hoping for it. "We're Federation Officers, after all."

"We swore to protect the Federation and that is what we'll do..." Caelen added to Kristiana her comment, he relaxed on the bed again "...do we know what changed in this timeline? Do we know how the Dominion has beaten us?"

"Not really, Sir. But from the state of things, I'd say we're in bad shape." She would explain. "Mister Kayim mentioned that their Centaur Class Pegasus was destroyed eight years ago, enabling the 'last federation transports to the badlands' .. If the Federation has been driven back to the badlands, I'd say we are Not exactly doing very well. And seeing how His Pegasus was labeled 'F' that means that in eight years, they've lost six Pegasi."

"Chances are our mirror selves were all on a Pegasus at some point..." Caelen sighed "...well if that's the case then we don't have to worry about running into ourselves" he shook his head slightly "pity I wonder if I even made it to Lieutenant in this place" he smirked slightly "Pegasus-F aye... I wonder what letter the Enterprise is at..."

"Well, they could always use double letters if the Enterprise Z has met it's doom." She smirked a bit, then sighed softly and turned a bit sad. ".. It's .. troubling .. Thinking about our mirror selves. I hope the crew will be alright."

Caelen nodded slightly "It is... but at least we are all still here... I just hope we don't trouble to many relatives if we run into them..." he closed his eyes slightly again "...I'll be up and about in a matter of days..." he opened his eyes again "...we got a capable crew... we'll find a way out"

She'd give a nod at that and reach a hand over to rest on Caelen's shoulder for a moment, offering some support, in case he needed it - but perhaps seeking some, herself, as well. "We'll be home soon enough, Sir." Before turning to head out again.


Cmdr Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, who is the most beat up of all?"


Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer "Has Evans broken the bridge yet ?"

USS Pegasus (the original one!)