A Mirror Shattered #44 - "At what price?"



Melina watched the actions going on as she scanned subspace, there was certainly a shift in the stars. Bringing up the libary computer she looked up as the Commander said the Dominion war was over. She blinked softly and raised an eyebrow as she looked down at the results.

"Commander that.. anomaly we passed through it seems it was a dimensional rift. Many ships have encoutered them I'm working on a possible way home. However I should warn you I estimate a thirty nine point nine percent chance of this ships destruction before we get any chance of seeking a way home. Scanning shows a large area of subspace distrubance within the badlands. Obviously the Dominion War never ended here, I can surmise that what is left of the Federation we know is still fighting it. I cannot find any of the usual subspace chatter or even a Federation time beacon. I suggest we treat Mister Falor very much suspect, this ship isn't damaged like his own. We must try to keep contact as little as possible." advised Melina.

Melina knew that Kristiana might not like what she had to say but it needed to be said.

"If we are faced by what I think we are, we must look to ourselves. Mister Falor and what's left of this version of the Federation will be seeking ships. We cannot allow this ship to be boared by anyone not of this crew. It is after all our only hope to return home. I sugest we locate wherevere we entered this..mirrior image of our universe as soon as we can" finished Melina.

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Ensign Melina Bradbury Acting Cheif Science Officer USS Pegasus NCC 49885