A Mirror Shattered #39 - Climbing the walls

ON: <<Just after Red Alert was sounded, Ryylar's Quarters, USS Pegasus>>

Ryylar shot up out of his nap and ran to the door, running full force into the door. The security measures were in place both from general quarters being sounded and from his own house arrest. Those doors weren't opening unless Kris or Caelan said so.

"What the hell is happening?" He asked as he growled and pounded his fist on the door, turning and running over to his communications console. He growled as it was restricted for only official communications. He grumbled and started tapping his access codes in and stopped.

'How would this look to Kristiana?' He thought, wondering if he would look afraid or like he was trying to escape.

'On second thought you moron how would it look to Caelan?' He asked and a grimace took him over as he thought of how bad it could look that he was trying to get out of his quarters.

It wasn't that he was being kept in his quarters that bothered him, it was that he felt the need to be useful and wanted to help.

He hadn't gotten his comm badge back yet since he had been transferred back from the brig to his quarters here and he sighed, grumbling more as he tried to access the communications pallete in the computer's system.

=/\= Rrrryylarrrrr to Brrrrridge. What'sssss going on? =/\= He asked.

No response.

=/\= Rrrryylarrrrr to Brrrrridge. Rrrrrressssspond pleasssse. =/\= He said, making his second request. The alert klaxons blared throughout the ship to let everyone know about red alert status. The red flashing light in his quarters let him know that this was an emergency.

The moments seemed like days and months as they crept by while he waited for a response. Kristiana, the love of his life was on the bridge. She was up there and the ship was now at red alert and he was powerlessly constrained and kept from helping her. He was kept from being right there at her side.

He slammed his fist into the desk and dug his claws into the desk material leaving angry gouges in the desktop. He growled as he couldn't help her. Futility was perhaps the one thing he hated feeling most, and he was drowning in a sea of it right now.


Warrant Officer Ryylar Morale Officer USS Pegasus "Drowning in a sea of futility..."