A Mirror Shattered #40,41,42&43 - "Mirror on the Wall"

-={On}=- [Main Bridge, Deck One, USS Pegasus]

Hannah cracked her knuckles. Finally, a chance to actually show off her capabilities. "T'Rell, you with me here, buddy?" She said, concentrating on her console.

T'Rell heard the sound of knuckles cracking behind him. He looked around at Hannah, "I'm with you" he said. T'Rell concentrated himself on the console as well, as he made evasive manoeuvres. He steered the ship in that way, it could have a clear shot.

"Rightyo." Hannah said, her tongue slightly sticking out. "Let's play ball." She turned to the XO. "Permission to engage, Ma'am?"

"Permission granted." Kristiana spat venom as she growled quietly, watching the viewscreen. That Jem'Hadar ship was busy murdering a Prometheus class - one of the most modern vessels in all of Starfleet. "But remember we don't have Impulse drive - only thrusters." She narrowed her eyes as she watched. "Disable that Jem'Hadar gunboat - let's see if we can get some ANSWERS here." Petrova's voice was calm, but dark and grim.

"Aye, Ma'am." Hannah said, grinning. "Gimme a fast hard approach, T'Rell - let's try and draw some fire."

Then they heard Ryylar's voice over comms. =/\= Rrrryylarrrrr to Brrrrridge. Rrrrrressssspond pleasssse. =/\=

Petrova cursed and hit her comm badge. =/\= Petrova to Ryylar - please leave the comm circuit free for emergencies ! We have a situation up here. Petrova out ! =/\=

T'Rell came about and approached the ship with full manoeuvring thrusters, giving the ship quite a boost. T'Rell steered the ship a few angles down for a direct approach, giving Hannah enough time to fire away. He checked the readings on the screen while flying the Pegasus, he knew when it would be time to change heading or evade the enemy ship.

Hannah grinned fiercely as she assimilated the targeting information being piped up to her from CSC. Her fingers blurred, and a barrage of phaser beams leapt from the Pegasus, hitting key areas of the enemy fighter. <Bingo!> Hannah grinned. <Well, that was simpler than I expected...> She was shaken from her reverie by a sudden flare on her terminal. "She's powering up weapons! She must've had backups! Evasive, T'Rell!"

"Agreed" T'Rell said and thought to himself. He made a pretty standard manoeuvre, as the enemies tend to hit the engines or nacelles often, this evasive manoeuvre was to protect those. T'Rell steered and the Pegasus was hit on the bottom side, it rocked a bit, but the evasive manoeuvre worked. "I'm coming about for another run, it would be logical to take out the weapons.." the Vulcan said.

<No, *really*?> Hannah thought, <And I was going to aim at their waste processing facility.> As T'Rell turned, the Jem'Hadar ship fired again, shaking the ship, and sending Hannah flying. She felt a sickening crunch in her arm as she smacked into the wall. <Yep, that's broken.> she thought, light-headedly. She pulled herself together, and tried to ignore the pain in her now-useless arm as a nearby ensign helped her up. With her good hand, she switched the tactical console to a configuration easier to use one-handed, and laid down a pattern of fire, designed to finish off the Jem'Hadar fighter. The lights flickered off on the enemy ship, as massive power outages spread throughout the craft. <Take that!>

T'Rell slowed the ship down, and went to steer the vessel next to the Jem'Hadar ship, but he still remained at a safe distance circling around it. Like a hunter circling it's prey. This way, if the enemy ship's power was to be restored, he could take evasive manoeuvres again. "Are you alright Lieutenant?" T'Rell asked.

<Not in the slightest!> "Just fine, hon." Hannah said, smiling sweetly. "Orders, Ma'am?" she said, addressing the XO.

"Contact that Saucer section, organise damage control parties and medical teams, prepare med-evac shuttles and get that crew some medical attention." Petrova rose to her feet, still eyes narrowed. "Prepare a boarding party for that Jem'Hadar vessel. I want to know what the Bleeding Hell is going on here." She still sounded outwardly calm, but it didn't take a genius to realise that her blood was boiling in rage - and then it happened.

T'Rell heard Kristiana starting her sentence, but at the same time, the saucer section of the Prometheus class fired three quantum torpedoes. The three torpedoes rushed towards their goal, the Jem'Hadar ship that was lying dead in the water. The torpedoes hit one by one, starting a chain reaction of explosions, thereby destroying the Jem'Hadar vessel. Debris was scattered all over the small section of space, nothing that resembled a Jem'Hadar ship.

"They were defenceless!" Hannah started angrily. "The ship was dead in the water...they just murdered them!"

"You are correct. There was no immediate reason for this attack." T'Rell agreed with Hannah and he looked at her, she was angry. The expression on her face clearly described how she felt. "I'm manoeuvring towards the Prometheus class" T'Rell said. T'Rell steered the Pegasus with the manoeuvring thrusters and came to a stop on some distance from the Prometheus class.

".. Order that saucer to stand down ! Damnit !" Petrova cursed in Russian, Cardassian, Klingon and some federation standard thrown in, for good measure. Enough to make a dockworker blush. "Hail them ! I want to speak with whoever's in charge, Right Away !"

The communications officer hailed the unidentified Prometheus class "They are responding ma'am, audio only" she said before opening the audio channel.

=/\= Please identify yourself =/\= was the only thing they heard as the first message, no formal hello's or anything else, he wanted to know who they were and he wanted to know Right there and then before he would power down weapons.

Kristiana cursed. Where the HELL did they get the audacity to start making demands, at a moment like this ?! =/\= This is the Federation Starship USS Pegasus, NCC 49885, ordering you to identify and stand down weapons immediately ! I want to know what is going on here ! =/ \= she just about yelled back, fists balled, livid with rage. That Prometheus simply .. destroyed a disabled ship, a non-combatant, killing it's crew in cold blood. That was a court martial offence.

A moment of silence =/\=Impossible...=/\= was the first thing she got in response, another moment of silence as the other Captain tried to do something, then the image on the viewscreen flickered and a Bajoran male appeared, he was wearing a teal Starfleet uniform, or at least what remained of it. =/\= there much better... now please tell me who you really are... =/\= he asked again trying to figure out who was on the other side of his viewer. A Full bridge crew, a centaur class... and they claimed to be the Pegasus.

=/\= I am Lieutenant Commander Kristiana Petrova, Executive Officer of the Federation Starship USS Pegasus. =/\= Her eyes were narrowed as she looked at the other officer, with his torn, bloodied and stained uniform, no rank pips, his bridge in disarray, just him visible .. The Pegasus bridge - by contrast - was in almost impeccable condition, except for minor damages like Caelen's console that had exploded. Kristiana's bridge crew was complete, with brand new looking, complete, undamaged and clean uniforms. Most of all, though, Petrova noticed that this other officer's uniform was teal - what was left of it. This placed him in medical, counselling or science .. =/\= By destroying a disabled, non-combatant vessel you have committed an act of War. Now, identify and stand down or we will open fire, to disable you, board you and take over. Am I Understood ?! =/\= Still mostly calm, though her anger was showing slightly, by now.

A small arch of his eyebrows =/\= WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA =/\= his laugh bouldered across the empty bridge and through the com-line to the bridge of the Pegasus =/\= An Act of War? We have been committing nothing But acts of War for the past ten years, Commander =/\= he walked back to his chair, black and scorched by many battles, and sat down =/\= they killed my crew and I kill them... It's as easy as that, at least we only lose eight while they lose about fifty on every ship =/\= he shook his head and decided to play with her, he could never beat the Pegasus =/\= I am Kayim Falor, Commander of the USS Pegasus, NCC 49885-F ... or what is left of her =/\= he powered down weapons, =/\= So you see why you can't be the Centaur Class Pegasus? it was Destroyed in 2375, sacrificing their lives to save the last Federation transports to the badlands... =/\=

Kristiana was flabbergasted. She just stared at the other officer, and barely even noticed her console bleeping, to notify her that they had impulse capability again .. =/\= .. The .. Dominion War has been over for eight years, mister Kayim. =/\= Kristiana spoke hesitantly. =/\= .. We need to talk. Prepare to drop shields so we can beam you over. Do you require medical assistance for .. any crew you might have left ? =/\=

Falor shook his head slightly =/\= The only crewmember that's left cannot leave this vessel... =/\= he said before shooting a startled look at his console =/\= ... Look, I really like to stay and chat but there are three Jem'Hadar fighters headed our way and I don't want to be here when they arrive =/\= he spoke to Kristiana before starting to lay in a course.

Kristiana furrowed brows. She had a dilemma to solve, as her own console warned her that Falor was right, and three Jem'Hadar ships were on their way. She quickly punched in a few commands on her console and frowned at the reading .. This couldn't be - the anomaly was simply ... not there. She turned her attention to the viewscreen again. =/\= .. Very well, Mister Kayim. Transmit your course, we'll follow you. =/\= then to her bridge crew .. "Helm, prepare to match Mister Kayim's speed and heading. Tactical, stand down red alert, but keep a sharp eye on your sensors."

Falor nodded =/\= when we get to the badlands you better contact me again... if you want to survive... =/\= and then cut the transmission before sending the co-ordinates for the Badlands entry point.

-={Off}=- a JP by:

Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer USS Pegasus (The REAL one) "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the most confused of them all"

Lt. Hannah O'Driscoll Chief Tactical Officer USS Pegasus


Ensign T'Rell Chief Flight Control Officer USS Pegasus "This is... Illogical... and Fascinating"

Also starring: Kayim Falor (NPC) Commanding Officer USS Pegasus-F (Played by Caelen LaBrie)