A Mirror Shattered #22 "Did I break your concentration?"


[Sulan's quarters, U.S.S. Pegasus]

Sulan sat in the lotus position, meditating, Her hands were pressed palms together against her chest, and she wore her typical ash-grey robes for meditation. She held her eyes open for the moment, looking around her quarters. They were dimly lit, and spartan, as she preferred. Lit candles covered almost every available surface except her bed, nightstand and weapons stand, giving the room a monastery-like feel. Her weapon collection glittered with deadly precision, each weapon sharpened to a razor's edge, ready for instant use.

Her eyes moved to her nightstand, to the picture that sat there. It was an images of her in a cocktail dress, wearing lipstick in the human style, holding up a glass of champagne with a smile on her face. Proof of the bet she'd lost, with comrades long ago. Most of whom were dead now, lost at the battle of Sigma Six.

She closed her eyes, breathing deep. Her mind going to that state of quiet awareness that was the hall mark of vulcan meditation. She imagined a planet's surface. One that was grey and rocky, with a lightening storm overhead. Flashes of blue and white strobed overhead followed by the low-bass boom of thunder. The scent of ozone filled the air. She imagined herself standing in the slate grey rocky plains, looking upward into the stormy skies.

"Beautiful is it not?" Said a familiar sounding callous voice, that sounded on the verge of laughter. She looked away from the sky, to the figure what had spoken. It was herself or rather a part of her mind that felt negative emotions- that stood before her, clothed in black and armed to the teeth. This dark version of her bore no scars, only an arrogant half-smile.

"I know who you are, and you do not represent, nor control who I am." Said Sulan to the dark thing.

"Oh, is that so?" said the darkling mockingly. "Was it not I, who has kept you alive all these years? Throughout the battle of Sigma Six, through countless skirmishes, and missions? Who do you this it was that gave you the strength to do all those horrible things to survive if not I?"

"You are simply my mental representation of the negative emotions I am trying to suppress." Said Sulan calmly.

"Perhaps that is so. But that doesn't change the fact that I am growing stronger, while you become weaker." said the darkling stepping forward a pace.

"Logic will overcome emotion. That is the destiny of the vulcan mind, and the vulcan people." Said Sulan evenly "Then why did I nearly rip the heart out of old woman Petrova? I'll tell you why. Because both you and I know she's too weak to order us around. If I'd wanted to, I could have slain her before she'd managed to lift a finger to touch her combadge or a weapon. Next, I'd saw that fool LaBrie's head from his shoulders, and take command of this crate of a starship." Said the darkling ruthlessly.

"That is where you are wrong. Such action would be illogical and serve no purpose."

"Don't talk to me of logic. If you were truly as logical as you claim, you would have gone to the doctor as soon as you realized you were having difficult with controlling your emotions. But you didn't because of your foolish pride. You always were afraid of asking anyone for help. Afraid that they might think you were weak. It that pride of yours that going to allow me to defeat you once and for all." The darkling smiled.

"You are wrong. I have friends who will aid me if I request it." Sulan said, turning away from her.

"Who, O'Driscoll? She had no idea who you are or what your capable of! At the first hint of what you really are, she'll flee from you like a bat out of hell. The other crew hate your guts, and if push came to shove wouldn't hesitate to turn on you. Face it, I've already won. You just have yet to realize it!"

Sulan awakened from her meditation with a startled gasp. She glanced around the room quckly in a near panic, but is was as deserted as when she'd began her meditation. "Computer: lights" She said quietly. The lights came up to full, and she stood and began to put out the candles. Yet for some reason she couldn't stop trembling...


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