A Mirror Shattered #20, 21 - Friendship and Questions

ON: <<USS Pegasus, Ryylar's Quarters, Before Kristiana's visit>>

Ryylar rolled over and fell out of his bed to the floor with a heavy thump.

"Ow!" He grunted as he shook his head and yawned, picking himself up from the floor and stretching a bit. Hmmmm perhaps something to occupy his mind. He crossed over to his desk and pulled up a computer console. If he was off duty for the next two weeks and confined to quarters he was going to at least make use of the ship's amenities. He requested some soft Terran classical music to play in the background.

Melina had made her way towards Ryylar's quaters, she thought a little ouside the door and pressed the chime with her tail. She was carrying a large pot with enough stew in it for two people to have at least two large helping each. She sighed as she remembered the offical communication from the Clan Council and shook her head.

He looked up and thought to himself that the Counselor couldn't be there allready, so he stood and opened the door manually by pressing the door controls, thinking that perhaps one of the guards needed to talk with him. He was notably surprised when he saw Melina standing there.

"Melina... hi therrrrrrrre." He said with a smile.

"Hello Ryylar may I come in or do I need to stand on ccermony?" Melina asked softly. The cream furred Caitian waited for his answer, it seemed to her he was being overly pushished, he'd spent more than enought time in the brig for what one Cait was a misdemeanor. She smiled softly as she held the large pot of slowly steaming stew. "I thought you might want something not from a replicator"

He smiled and put a hand on her back, opening his other arm to his quarters.

"Pleassssse come in, my quarrrrrrrterrrrrrsssss arrrrrrre yourrrrrrr quarrrrrrrterrrrrrrsssss." He said in a friendly tone.

Melina smiled and stepped inside, she was glad to hear the door close with a slight hiss behind her. "That gaurd outside is terribly rude. He thought he'd have a look in my pot and taste what's inside. Hmmph as if...I'm not going touse my personal cargo space for feeding a scum bag like that....oh...um sorry" commented Melina as she placed the pot down "I hope you don't mind spicy Caitian hot> root stew Ryylar" commented Melina.

"Not at all, I jusssssst woke up frrrrrrrom a quick nap and wasssssss going to get mysssssself ssssssomething to drrrrrrrink." He said with a nod as he gestured to the table for her to set the stew on it and have a seat.

Melina set the stew down on the table and smiled "Thank you Ryylar your so nice" she replied softly "Umm do you have any bowls?" she asked. She considered about tell Ryylar how well her right of statment had gone. She was still a little unsure though.

He nodded and moved to the replicator, ordering just two ordinary bowls and two spoons. The items appeared a moment later on the replicator pad and he brought them over to her.

"Therrrrrrrre we arrrrrrre." He said with a nod and set one bowl and spoon in front of her and one on the opposite side of the table where he took a seat.

Melina pursed her lips and let out a sigh and took one of the bowls she uncliped the top of the pot and started to ladel out some of the stew "You might wanna get a glass of water....a few Caitians I know...I..knew... can't handle some of the heat from the stew" she stuttered.

"All rrrrrrright, but let'ssssss trrrrrry it firrrrrsssssst." He said with a challenging grin as he accepted the stew in his bowl.

Melina chuckled "just reemeber you aasked for it Ryylar" replied Melina she filled her own bowl and sighed at the hot scent of the stew, it had been a while since she last made it. The small crew of the last ship she'd been on had complained it felt like liquid fire. She smiled softly at the memory and looked to Ryylar. "I got news from home..."

"Oh? What kind?" He asked politely as he ate a spoonful of the hot stew. It seemed that he could hold his own with the exotically hot soup.

"Not the good kind it was a resonce to my right of statement it...id go down well unlike this stew" she replied as she ate some more. She hoped the meat teasted alright. She'd kept it in a cryo stasis box. tag He shook his head and reached over, patting her hand.

"Well I'm glad you'rrrrrrre herrrrrrre." He said with a firm nod, not really knowing what to say to that. He offered her his emotional support.

"The clan leaders didn't take my news very well Ryylar in fact the got rather upset and then just plain furious when your name was mentioned" commented Melina.

"Well I could have told you that wassssss going to happen." He said with a nod.

"Hmm yeah well they did confirm one rumor seems the colonies have gone their own way and decleared independance from Cait..plus I seem to be joining you in exile mostly cos the clan kleaders heard what they didn't want to from me" she said softly. "You enjoying the stew?"

"It'ssssss good. I haven't had cooking like thissssss ssssssincccce I wassssss lasssst on Cait." He said with a nod and took another spoonful of the spicy fare.

Melina smiled and changed her postion to sit nearer to Ryylar. "So how long have you got in here Ryylar?" she asked softly.

"Two weekssssss, maybe lesssssss if the Counsssssselorrrrrr deemssssss that therrrrrre'ssssss nothing wrrrrrrrong with me." He said with a slight smile, finishing his stew.

"Would you like some more there's plenty I've only met a few who can take hot root stew" commented Melina. The cream furred Caitian leaned over and kissed Ryylar's lips leaving an imprint of her lipstick behind.

He blinked and moved back a bit, taking the lipstick off.

"Melina, you know I'm with Krrrrrrissssstiana." He said with a concerned look.

"I know...but a kiss is allowed between friends right?" Melina questioned.

"I should ssssssay sssssso, but maybe jussssst on a cheek." He said a bit uneasy.

"Alright Ryylar you really like her don't you?'

"I love herrrrrrr." He said with a soft smile, patting her forearm.

Melina murred softly at the pat to her forearm "Hmm are you sure she loves you, hardly a nice think two weeks in your quarters you know" replied Melina. "Ummm so why Ryylar?"

"Therrrrrre isssssn't a doubt in my mind that sssssshe lovesssss me." Ryylar replied.

"Why what?" He asked her.

"I mean why the name Ryylar, I've not heard it on Cait before" Mel;ina said softly.

"I guesssssss you'd have to asssssk my parrrrrentssssss." He said with a shrug.

"Ummm they can't talk to you...thought...." commented Melina and wished she'd not said it as soon as it slipped out. "I'm sorry that was a horrible thing to say I'll go if you wish"

"No, it'ssssss ok." He said, smiling as he patted her arm once more.

Melina murred softly "It was still rude Ryylar...may I ask you something?"

"Go ahead." He said with a smile, disposing of the bowls and spoons now that they were finished with the meal.

"Are you and Kris gonna have...kits?" she questioned. She wondered as hybrids like her self still had a hard time on Cait. She sighed softly.

"I don't know. That'ssssss sssssssomething sssssshe and I have not dissssscussssed yet. I love herrrrrrr and ssssshe lovessssss me, but we'rrrrrrre not marrrrrried orrrrrr thinking about a family at thisssss point." He said in answer.

"I..was wondering you...know how Cait treats hybrids...." Melina was thinking. "Ryylar...I think I've come to a descision....you think humans would treat me better than Caitians?" Melina asked.

"I don't know. I think it dependssssss on the human. I've noticcccced that humanssssss arrrrrre verrrrrry independent of one anotherrrrrr. Rrrrrrarrrrrely do they sssssupporrrrrt anything assss a rrrrracccce. They do thingsssss individually with otherrrrrr like minded individualssssss." He said with a nod.

"Ryylar I..think I'm going to give up my Caitian citizenship...it's obvious I'm not wanted or needed there..." Melina said lightly.

"Welcome to my life." He said softly and stood, putting his hands on her shoulders as he stood behind her and gave her his support.

Melina couldn't help herself she started purring lightly but it soon grew in intensity. Ryylar being so close it was not helping much but she didn't care few males had ever came this close Melina hadn't allowed them to.

He smiled and patted her shoulders, then walked over to the replicators and ordered himself some Tellarite Tea.

Melina looked to Ryylar "So you not allowed to the holodeck?" she asked softly. She wondered about this male he seemed so honorable and yet few liked or trusted him. She knew what had happened in the bar and didn't care. "Hmm maybe you'd make a better Klingon than a Caitian Ryylar" she said softly.

"No, I'm not allowed anywherrrrrre except herrrrrre. And thank you, but I don't think I would. I have too much rrrrrressssspect forrrrrr my own life. I don't think everrrrrry day isssss a good day to die." He said with a nod, sipping his tea.

Melina blinked at that "Ryylar think about what you just said...you claimed Cait has alot of predujice...but look at what you just said"

"What about it? The fact that I rrrrrrressssspect my life?" He asked, blinking as he didn't quite understand.

Melina was annoyed at what Ryylar had said she stomed off back to her own quaters and fetched a long red box, it shone from the care and attention she gave it. She retured and pressed the chime on the door.

He watched her storm off and shrugged, relaxing a bit. He was surprised to hear the chime again so soon.

"Come in." He said from his simple chair where he was relaxing.

Melina stepped in with the box, she set it down on one of the couches "Ryylar...how long have you been away from Cait?" she asked. "Yearrrrrrrssss." He said with a nod. To be truthful he hadn't kept track.

Melina opened the box, inside where two Katana like blades. "Don't you remeber your coming of age ceremony?"

"Yeah." He said with a nod.

"Then you should know where we Caitians come from right the savannah, we're predators, we do have a culture much like the klingons many want to return to it do you deny where we come from?" questioned Melina

"No, I jusssssst ssssssaid that I don't feel that everrrrrrry day isssss a good day to die. I perrrrrsssssonally think that the Terrrrrrranssssss have it rrrrrrright when they ssssssay 'He who fightssssss and rrrrrrrunsssss away livesssss to fight anotherrrrrr day.'" He said with a nod.

Melina laughed "Humans are odd....I don't know much about them but for my father Ryylar...you think Kris would help me ajusting to Earth?" she asked.

"I'm ssssssurrrrrrre sssshe would be happy too. Commanderrrrrrr LaBrrrrrrie asssss well!" He said cherrily.

Melina thought a little "Ryyllar...I'm not sure about La Brie he seems nice enough but..he's um..kinda abrasive at times...he really not like my last Captain...he should be Admiral by now...he was going to the Admiralty when I trasnfeared..it was an old ship seen better days. I guess it's gone a starfleet surplus yard..."

"Prrrrrrobably. Commanderrrrrr LaBrrrrrrie might not be the bessssst Ssssstarrrrrrfleet Commanding Officccccerrrrrr in the fleet, but he cerrrrrrrtainly isssss one I'm happy to sssssserrrrrve with. He can be unfairrrrrr at timesssss ssssssurrrrre, but he knowssssss hisssss job and doessssss it well." Ryylar said with a thoughtful nod.

"It's just that a Commanding officer should be well rounded he or she should have no favouries but shouldn't have a heavy hand if it's not needed. I think the time you've spent in the brig is well enough" replied Melina.

"Ssssssso do I... Perrrrrssssssonally I don't think underrrrrr the cccccircumsssstanccccesss that I should have been in the brrrrrrig, but Commanderrrrrrr LaBrrrrrrie hasssss a duty to ensssssurrrrre the ssssssafety of hisssssss crrrrrew and ssssship. I can't fault him forrrrr perrrrrforrrrrming hissss duty." Ryylar said.

Melina blinked "Duty... lets not get started on that one. Goddess I should have asked for that transfear to the Enterprise. I could have had any ship in starfleet. Certainly after creating that sesnor telescope booster....act in haste repent at leasuire they say" sighed Melina.

"Well in eitherrrrrr cassssse I'm glad you'rrrrrre herrrrre on the Pegassssssussssss." He said with a smile, patting her shoulders once more.

"You...mean that Ryylar?" asked Melina.

"Yessssss, you'rrrrrre my frrrrrriend and I'm happy to know you." He said with a grin.

Melina turned around and snuggled Ryylar and smiled and then laughed softly "I guess we can be exiles togher hmm?"

"Ssssssoundssssss good.... Exiled buddiesssss." He said with a smile, hugging her.

Melina murred loudly as her tail lashed about behind her. "Umm Ryylar.. I think I should go before we do something Kris might not like...." she said. Melina blushed a little "I'me very tempted though I'll have to say"

His eyes widened a bit and if his fur was any lighter she would have noticed the blush.

"Well then you had bessssst be on yourrrrrr way. I don't want to hurrrrrrrrt Krrrrrrrissss." He said with a firm nod, standing up.

Melina stood up "There's more of the stew if you get hungry or you want some more later...if you give it to Kris warn her...I'd soooner not find a Bat'leth up my bum"

He chuckled and nodded.

"I'll do that.... thank you." He said with a chuckle and a smile.

Melina smiled softly "I have to know something Ryylar or I'll go bonkers...if you hadn't of met Kris...could we have had a chance?"

"I don't know...." He said with an honest shrug. He didn't want to lead her on and give her the thought that there still was a chance, but didn't want to hurt her feelings either.

"I know I don't stand a chance against Kristina...she has more than I can offer right now. But I hoped that if things were diffrent..we could have a chance... aw well story of my life little miss second best"

"I know I don't stand a chance against Kristina...she has more than I can offer right now. But I hoped that if things were diffrent..we could have had a chance... aw well story of my life little miss second best" commented Melina

"Hey..." He said, pulling her into a gentle hug and looking concerned.

"Don't sssssssay that about yourrrrrrssssself. You'rrrrrre a wonderrrrrful woman. Sssssssomeone isssssss going to be verrrrrrry lucky to have you asssssss theirrrrrr lifemate one day." He said with a firm nod.

Melina blinked at the sudden hug she purred softly and smiled a little. "I...hope so Ryylar, it just seems the only knight in shining armour around here seems to be taken" she replied.

He laughed.

"Harrrrrrdly. I'm ssssssurrrrre that otherrrrrsssss arrrrrrre jusssst assss chivalrrrrrrrousssss in theirrrrr own waysssss." He said with a smile as he gave her a gentle squeeze.

Melina reached up slightly and kisses Ryylar's cheek "Thank you Ryylar your sweet I'm glade your my friend. You best let me go I think I'll see you later alright?"

"All rrrrrrright. Thanksssss forrrrr the ssssstew." He said with a smile and let her go out the door of his quarters.

Melina slipped out of Ryylar's quaters she found the nearby guard asleep and smirked lightly "Right you think your gonna dip into my stew eh?" she said very softly. Using one of her hands she extended a claw and undid his duty uniform and slipped it quickly down to his waist. She silently slipped off and returned to her quarters.


A JP by,

Ensign Melina Bradbury Assistant Science Officer USS Pegasus


Warrant Officer Ryylar Morale Officer XO's Pet Cait USS Pegasus