A Mirror Shattered #18 - 19 "Me Boss. You Not."


<USS Pegasus, Ryylar's Quarters, Just after the visit from Melina Bradbury>

Ryylar sat back and sighed, then decided to relax and lay in his bed, enjoying the time and comfort of the much more open space of his quarters compared to the cramped uncomfortable brig cell.

Not for very long though. After a few moments his doorchime rang.

"Come in." He said, propping himself up on his elbows to look at the door and see who it was.

The door opened and Kristiana wandered inside, again with a subtle bit of make-up on - just highlighting her natural features, her hair now loose, cascading down her shoulders, giving her a slightly more youthful, slightly more sensual look about her. That same sensual look was strengthened by the dress that she was wearing. A deep red, matching nicely with the slightly more subdued color of her hair.

She was wearing that same teddy-bear pendant again, a few bracelets on both wrists, and shoes to match the rest of the outfit. The dress was decent, though low-cut, with split sides, and short enough to show some thigh. She smiled softly at Ryylar. "Hey .. Was in the neighbourhood, thought I'd drop by .. "

He smiled up at her.

"Well I'm glad you decccccided to drrrrrrrop in my way drrrrresssssed like that." He said, his eyes widening as he looked her over. He stood and crossed the floor, smiling as he softly placed his hands on her hips.

She leaned in to give him a tight hug, holding him closely, whispering "I missed you .. " before kissing him, deeply and with passion, one hand resting on the back of his neck, the other slowly and gently caressing his back, then stroking his tail a bit.

He kissed her back deeply, holding her in his arms as he wrapped his embrace around her smaller frame, holding her close to show her that he missed her as well.

"I'd prrrrrresssssume that it would be Telek Sssssssulan. The currrrrrent Chief of Sssssssecurrrrrity." He said with a shrug as if the answer was obvious. He smiled and kissed her forehead as she rested her head on his shoulder.

She shook her head a bit. "Had a run-in with her, before getting changed and coming here. I'm still a bit rattled .. " She shivered slightly and pulled him just a little bit closer. "I sent a recommendation to Caelen to relieve her of duty."

He blinked. "Baby, come overrrrr and sssssit down, rrrrrrrelaxxxx and I'll get you ssssssomething to ssssssettle yourrrrrr nerrrrrvessss." he said calmly as he led her to the couch in his quarters.

She nodded a bit, smiling softly at him, as she sat down, crossing her legs, leaning back a bit, granting him a nice view down the front of her dress.

He found it hard to tear his eyes off of her as he crossed to the replicator and ordered some warm milk with a dash of ginger. Taking the mug back to her, he offered it to her.

She smiled warmly "Thanks, hon." as she took the mug, and gently sipped the drink, wincing slightly at the temperature. She looked up at him, then patpatted the spot besides her, wanting him to join her.

He smiled and took a seat beside her, wrapping an arm around her shoulders. "It'sssss not too hot isssss it?" he asked her, concerned as she winced.

"Just a bit .. " she replied quietly, leaning against him, snuggling in, a bit. "It'll cool down, don't worry about it. I'm a big girl, I can handle hot milk .."

He smiled and nuzzled her neck a bit.

"I love you Krrrrrrissss." He said softly, running his fingertips through her hair as the two snuggled on his couch.

"I know .. " Nuzzling him softly, then taking another sip of her drink, finding the temperature much more manageable now. "Though I still wonder Why .. What do I have that all your other conquests don't ? What makes you stay with me ?" as she looked at him.

He smiled softly and nuzzled her neck. "The virrrrrtue of being the one that hasssss capturrrrred my hearrrrrrt with yourrrrrr will, your ssssspirrrrrrit, yourrrrrr mind. The other 'conquests' of my passsssst asssss you put it werrrrre verrrrrry weak willed. They wanted to be caught. You I had to worrrrrk to get you to even look at me twiccccce. Anything worrrrrrrth having issssss worrrrrrrth worrrrrking forrrrr. Sssssso the opposssssite musssst be trrrrrue. Anything worrrrrrked forrrrrr issss worrrrrrth cherrrrrisssshing and keeping." He said sagely.

She blinked at him, smiling softly .. Remaining silent for a few moments more, after he finished. Her smile slowly increased as she mulled his words over in her mind, then kissed him deeply again, letting that be her answer to him, knowing he'd understand.

He smiled and kissed her back deeply, holding her close as she held the mug of warm milk. He knew his answer was accepted and very much appreciated with a reaction like that.

She smiled warmly, lovingly, looking into his eyes, after breaking the kiss again .. She downed the rest of the milk and set the mug aside .. Glancing around a bit, then eyes twinkling, she leaned in to give him a peck on his cheek. ".. Do you trust me ?" she grinned at him.

"Yessssss you know I do." he said with a nod, wondering what she was talking about.

"Alright, then .. " She rose to her feet again, looking very amused. Sauntering over towards the replicator. "Go sit in your chair, and close your eyes." she told him.

He sat down in his chair and put his hands onto the arms, relaxing as he closed his eyes.

Kris whispered something into the replicator and wandered back towards his chair when she got what she wanted .. Next thing Ryylar would feel, is Kris tying his hands down to the armrests with something silken and soft.

His eyes flew open and he looked somewhat alarmed for a moment, looking up at her with a questioning look.

She paused at his alarmed look and leaned forward to place a soft kiss on his forehead. "Trust me .. I won't let anything bad happen to you. But .. If it makes you feel better, we can use a safe-word .. If you say 'Refrigerator light' I'll stop whatever I'm doing, and untie you right away. Is that alright ?" She had all kinds of idea in her mind, but didn't want to push him beyond anything he might not be ready for.

"All rrrrrright. I trrrrrussssst you dearrrrr... I've jusssssst neverrrrr been the one to be tied down." he said with a chuckle as his surprise and alarm faded visibly and he leaned forward to place a kiss on her cheek, settling back to let her continue.

She smiled softly, slyly, and pulled back so he _just_ missed her cheek and kissed the air. "Nuh uh .. No kissy kissy while I'm in charge .. You're Mine, now .. " she played her role of Tough Domme. Finishing tying down his hands with silk scarves, she rose to her feet again and stepped back, licking her lips a bit, looking highly amused.

He chuckled and nodded, sitting back and waiting for the games to begin.

She rubbed her chin a bit, then grinned. She knew what to do. "Computer, dim lights fifty percent. Play song, 'I was made for loving you'." And as the rythmic rock music played, Kristiana began her sensual striptease, moving, dancing wildly, erotically, to the music, taking off layer after layer, and emphasizing on the 'tease' part of striptease - teasing him mercilessly .. And after that, she had a lap-dance planned .. And after that .. Well, I'm sure you can fill that in, yourself.


Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer USS Pegasus "You're MY kittycat, now .."


Warrant Officer Ryylar Morale Officer XO's Pet Cait USS Pegasus "So THIS is what I've been waiting for.... it was worth the wait!"