A Mirror Shattered #16&17 - "Earliest Convenience..."

-={On}=- [Turbolift one, En route to deck one, USS Pegasus]

Lt. j.g. Black had gotten things settled in Engineering when she realized that she was going to have to ask her captain if she might be allowed time off for the sailing race. The sooner she asked, the better. If they were in the middle of the Romulan Neutral Zone or something, two days notice would never be enough! So she took a turbolift up to the bridge, deciding she'd check his ready room first.

Caelen hit his combadge, he had some joyful news for one of his crew =/\= LaBrie to Lt. Black, please report to my ready room at your earliest convenience =/\= he stated, leaning back a bit in his chair and reading through a PADD, thinking Kathleen would be down in engineering tinkering with the engins or something.

Kitty blinked and suppressed a snicker. What luck! She hit her own combadge to reply. =/\= My earliest convenience, aye sir...=/\= she said, then immediately touched the doorbell for his ready room.

Caelen looked up a bit startled, it surely couldn't be... nah "Enter" he said a bit hesitantly.

And Kitty stepped inside, still suppressing the snicker the best she could, so that she was merely smiling hugely. She looked slightly different than when she'd left for Earth. Usually she had dealt with her hair by letting it grow, trimming the ends, and putting it back in a ponytail for work. Now she had bangs cut, feathered and layered around her face in a rather attractive manner. The rest of it was pulled back into a ponytail. Some things change more slowly. "You needed to speak to me, sir?" she asked. <tag>

"That was..." Caelen hesitated a bit motioning her to the chair "...unexpected" he gave a friendly smile "So tell me why were you on your way to me?"

Kitty sat down, starting to feel a bit nervous. "I-I had come to ask, sir.. I mean... I have some vacation time still saved up.. and wanted to know.. if you knew where we'd be in about two and a half months." She quickly recalculated the date in her head and nodded in satisfaction.. she'd gotten it right.

"Two and a half months..." Caelen thought a bit, the upcoming mission should be done by then, if they were lucky "...I'll see what I can do Lieutenant" he gave a reassuring nod before noting the date on a PADD "Anything else?" he looked up slightly.

"N-no, that's all." And Kitty felt compelled somehow to explain herself. "It's a race, sir, a sailing race, that has had a Black registered in it for... well, ages... and my grandfather can't do it this year." She frowned, adding quietly, "He's due for an operation soon, and he.. isn't as young as he used to be."

Caelen nodded "I understand Lieutenant, no need to explain..." he gave smirked a bit "...unless we're caught in a super nova or an Alternate universe you will be on that boat" he then stood from his chair. "Now, why I called you here..." he started trying to see how 'at ease' Kathleen was.

Kitty had been rather nervous, but his reassurance eased that a little. She was sort of half-relaxed, halfway between sitting up at attention and comfortable-in-the-chair. Only halfway, though. She was not ready to entirely relax in a ready room... But as the captain rose from his seat, she was in the process of coming to attention, straightening up, ready to rise as well, a little uncertain. She wasn't sure what he was about to do or why.

"I have heard some rumors about you Lieutenant" Caelen sounded dead serious as he walked out of her sight a bit before walking back to her.

"Rumors, sir?" Kitty blinked and panicked, trying to figure out what he could be talking about. "Sir, if this is about the boxes delivered to my quarters, they're only cello strings, honest, I know it was a big order but I didn't want to run out again anytime soon"

Caelen shook his head "It's about your duties..." he sat down on the desk in front of Kathleen and put out a hand, an empty hand, "...I am afraid I will have to ask you to give me your hollow pip, Lieutenant"

Kitty blinked again and became a bit pale. She carefully unpinned the black pip and handed it over. She opened her mouth and nothing came out.. she tried again, her voice weak. "...ensign?" Oh, she was falling for it, the whole serious look, the serious voice... she was certain she had inadvertently done something terrible.

Caelen looked down a bit suppressing a smile, this was evil... but worth every second of it. He then looked back at Kathleen and shook his head putting out his other hand holding a small box "Lieutenant" he couldn't suppress his smile anymore "Congratulations on your promotion Lieutenant" he snapped open the box and showed a new full pip.

"...yessir, I..." Her brain finally caught up with her ears. "Lieutenant... full Lieutenant? Eee!" Her eyes widened in delight and she beamed. Then she immediately quieted down, blushing. "Uh, I mean... uhm..." She tried to think of what a 'dignified adult' would make as a response. Her excited brain returned an input error and she simply remained silent, staring at the new pip.

"Well Lieutenant... I would put that thing on your neck if you still want to be able to give orders" Caelen smirked a bit at the sudden outburst and then silence "...you earned it... Kathleen" he smirked, this was the first time he had called her by her first name as far as he could recall.

Kitty blinked again... and smiled sheepishly, taking the pip. She put it on and then beamed again. "Thank you sir. I... I try, sir." She chuckled. "I know a couple of people who'd never believe I'd make it this far. But my grandparents will be so proud."

Caelen smiled, promotions must be the best things about this job, everybody was so grateful. A big contrast to the disciplining of his crew. "I am sure they will..." he walked back to his seat and sat down "...is there anything else I can do for you?" perhaps this new promotion had brought up some dormant ideas or suggestions.

Kitty sat down and pondered. She had a feeling that this was the time when the forward-thinking officer could come up with some sort of innovative means by which the entire ship might benefit. Unfortunately, nothing sprung to mind. She frowned a little, thinking harder... to no avail. Finally, she shook her head. "Not at the moment, sir... but I will.. let you know if I do." She hoped that would do.

"Very well Lieutenant, Dismissed" Caelen nodded the fresh Full Lieutenant goodbye and picked up the PADD again <let's hope that confidence boost isn't short lived> he thought to himself before starting to intently read the new mission orders... patrol... he sighed heavily as he scrolled down the text.


Cmdr. Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer


Lt. Kathleen Black Chief Engineering/Second Officer

USS Pegasus