A Mirror Shattered #14, #15 "The Beast vs. The Slayer."

On] [Petrova's quarters]

Petrova was reading the reports. She didn't like doing that, but it had to be done, and she was the designated report-reader. She preferred reading them in her own quarters rather than whatever office she could use instead. One little discrepancy caught her attention, though. And she acted on it, right away. =/\= Petrova to Sulan. =/\=

=/\= "Sulan here. What can I do for you, commander?" =/\= Her voice sounded weary, after the session with T'Rell. She still carried her bat'leth as she returned to her quarters.

=/\= "Report to my quarters at your earliest convenience, Lieutenant. I have a few questions for you, concerning a report I'm reading." =/\= Kristiana sounded slightly agitated.

=/\= "Understood."=/\= She changed course, and headed toward Petrova's quarters. She was still wearing the black training suit she's worn earlier while training in the hollodeck. She enters, petrova's quarters, and sits, feeling a growing agitation at having to return here. She holds the bat'leth loosely in her scarred hand as she eyes the Commander. "Sulan reporting as ordered, Ma'am." She said, trying to keep an even tone in her voice.

"Yes, Lieutenant." Petrova sat back, and took a sip of some undefinable, pitch-black drink. "I was reading over transporter logs, and noticed a small discrepancy. You beamed down with a weapon on your person, but beamed back up sans weapon, but with a new injury. I would like to hear your explanation for this, Lieutenant." <tag>

Sulan frowns slightly. <Damn her persistence...> "It was a minor accident. I ran into an exposed nail near a building site. And during the commotion, lost one of the daggers I had fabricated." She lies, thinking quickly. "The injury I've sustained is nearly healed. I've treated it myself, so there was no need to see the doctor."

".. I don't think you're being entirely frank with me, Lieutenant. And I do not appreciate being lied to. Especially by a chief security, who - I like to think - full well understands my reasons for wanting to get to the bottom of this." Kristiana furrowed brows, looking at Sulan, a bit sternly. "I've read the reports about your combat trainings. I've heard people describe how you move, how well you watch your surroundings. If that cut on your cheek came from walking into an exposed nail on a building site, then the only way that would be possible is if you walked with your eyes closed or the building was cloaked, and neither sound very realistic to me."

Sulan squeezes the bat'leth so tight that the leather wrapped handle creaks under the strain. "If you have proof that I am doing something wrong, present it, otherwise..." She doesn't finish the statement, because she felt the white-hot rage returning. "Is that all, Commander?" She asked hotly.

".. No, that is not all, Lieutenant." Kristiana narrowed eyes to mere slits as she rose to her feet, towering over the still sitting vulcan, but outside of weapons and arm's reach. "You're avoiding the issue. That tells me that there is something you don't want me to know about. You're a vulcan, which means that - ideally - you should be without emotions like embarrassment, so the only logical explanation is that you are trying to cover something up. And I want to know what it is. I will Not allow Anything to endanger the safety of the crew onboard this ship, Lieutenant. And quite frankly, you've already been pushing my patience. Now I want to know what happened. Understood, Lieutenant ?!"

"And what would you know of logic, old woman?" Sulan said, rising to her feet. "Since you seem so knowledgeable about my people, perhaps you can guess what I've thinking about doing just now?" She grits her teeth, in an effort to control herself. "I have told you the events as they have transpired. I apologize if you do not find them satisfactory."

"You've been counting ways to kill me, with that Bat'leth in your hands. But I'm outside of it's reach, and I'll be able to dodge it if you throw it. So by the time you move against me, I'll have had the chance to call security, or grab a weapon to defend myself with." Kristiana spat venom. "What you have told me is a lie. Maybe your little methods work on your maggots, Lieutenant, but I'm better than them. Now get the bloody hell out of my sight, before I call in security - I will NOT be insulted by my own bloody crew ! Next time, you will be relieved of rank, duty and authority ! Am I Understood ?!" Kristiana was livid, now, with rage.

"Perfectly." Sulan spoke the word coldly, in the same manner someone would say 'die'. She turned her back and left the room, holding the bat'leth in a casually ready stance. <Pitty... I'd so wanted to see what her internal organs would look like..> She stops in the middle of the corridor, horrified by the thought. "I nearly slew a fellow officer..." she whispers quietly to herself, shocked. "What's happening to me...?" But she already knew. Part of her mind wanted her to return to Petrova's quarters and tear her limb from limb. The thought was so strong that she nearly staggered. With supreme effort she pushed the thought away, and continued on her way.

Kristiana heaved a deep sigh after Sulan had vacated her quarters, and closed her eyes, shivering for a moment. Her time in security had earned her the nickname 'slayer' .. But she wasn't sure if she could take on this .. monster of a vulcan, and live to talk about it. As strong and proud as she seemed while Sulan was still there, now the 'old woman' was reduced to just that - an old woman. She quietly sat back down on her couch, trying to control her breathing. ".. I'll have to carry a weapon on me at all times." she quietly whispered to herself, before grabbing a PADD and writing her report to Caelen .. Recommending Sulan be temporarily removed from active duty, and scheduled in for regular counseling sessions.


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