A Mirror Shattered #13 - Jailcat released

ON: <<USS Pegasus, Brig>>

Ryylar stood and smiled brightly as the guard in the brig walked over and let down the forcefield, two others stood behind him, phasers on their hips.

"Well Warrant Officer, you're to be escorted to and confined in your quarters for the next two weeks. Hope you enjoyed your stay in the Chateau d'Pegasus." Said the guard as the forcefield went down.

"Well ssssssirrrrr, it'ssssss a niccccce placccccce to vissssssit, but I don't think I'll be back any time sssssssoon." Ryylar replied and the brig guard nodded.

"Good. These two gents will escort you to your quarters." He said gesturing to the two large security guards behind him as he stepped back and crossed over to his desk to log Ryylar's release. Ryylar nodded crossed his hands behind his back, clasping them together as the guards moved to flank him.

Exiting the brig, he smiled and made his way back to his quarters, moving slowly. It was the first time he had been truly allowed to move, not counting the time he spent with Kris back on Earth. He took in a deep breath and enjoyed the scent of the ship and walking through the decks. He made his way to his quarters and turned to both guards.

"I know you prrrrrrobably don't have much rrrrrrressssspect forrrrrrr me, but I want you two to know that I won't be any trrrrrrrrouble." Ryylar said to them before entering his quarters. First impressions were always difficult if not impossible to overcome and it was likely that much of the security force on the Pegasus viewed him with at least some degree of hostility and suspicion.

<<USS Pegasus, Ryylar's Quarters>>

Sitting at his desk, Ryylar pulled up a computer console and began writing a note.

Melina, I wanted to let you know that I've just been released from the brig. I've been confined to quarters pending a complete psychological examination for the next two weeks at least. I'm writing this note to let you know how much I appreciated your kindness and friendship during the past several days. It meant a lot to know that I had a friend out there to check up on me. Thank you again for everything.

Your friend, Ryylar

He smiled and hit the 'send' tab to deliver the message to her communications box. Standing he smiled and laid back on his bed, relaxing and promptly going to sleep on the first soft bed he had slept in since his time on Earth with Kristiana. Closing his eyes he breathed in deeply and his mind wandered back, bringing the memory of her scent to his nostrils and he sighed happily, wrapping his arms about one of his pillows and drifting into a contented sleep.


Warrant Officer Ryylar Morale Officer USS Pegasus "Nothing can take away memories."