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<Melina's Quaters>

Melina sat down it was just about the only thing she could do. She shook a little from the shock of what she just read. Her mother had presented her right ofstatement to the United Clans of Cait. There had been uproar in the chamber the first time for four generations. By what Melina's mother had sent back it had not been taken well at all by the Elders. The metion of Ryylar had sent half the Council into a frothing fury by all accounts.

The rest of the statement had not gone down well either. The Clan leaders just could not believe that the younger generation wanted no more to do with the clans. It had been a way of life for Cait for Millenia. That they even considered breaking away with the old tradtions had send a shockwave thought the Council. The news the colonies had broken away had been taken very calmly, Melina guessed the rumors were true after all. She looked to the computer screen again.

"Computer please check the validity of the seal of Cait on this communication" commented Melina.

"The Seal of Cait is correct there is only a four percent chance of it being a fake"

"Damn I thought so, so for speaking out I get exile. I'm not sure I ever liked Cait, now I'm pretty damn sure I don't" commented Melina.

Melina stood up and made her way into the main room. She filed away the image and file on the computer terminal. Moving over to the pot of stew on the small heating ring she clipped a lid over and picked it up. She padded to a table and set the pot down.

"Computer link to the Cait Councils commuications hub" said Melina.

"Link completed"

"This Melina Shimboline Bradbury, reveiwing your condtions on my return to Caitian society I hereby give my responce...GO TO HELL"

Melina tapped a control and severed the conetion and sent the message.

"Perhaps it's time to get in touch with my human half, not all my human family don't like me...there were always possibilities" Melina said to herself.

Melina nodded and picked up the stew and headed from her quarters towards the brig. She hopped the Ryylar would be there, she wanted to talk with another Caitian and she didn't care about his status. She made her way there and waited to allowed to enter.

<Tag Ryylar>

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