A mirror shattered #8, #9 "Two of a kind."

OOC: Set half an Hour after Melina's visit to Ryylar

={On}=- [Captain's Ready Room, Deck One, USS Pegasus]

Caelen was going over reports, crew transfers when something he had overlooked while they were back on earth hit him, with Koso joining the science team on Earth for further investigation, as he thought this to be a more 'satisfying' asisgnment, the ship was left without a Chief Science Officer. For now the Scientist's Mate was in charge but Caelen figured that Nalash wasn't quite the right person for the job, there was, however, another officer who had shown great promise. he hit is combadge =/\= LaBrie to Ensign Bradbury, please report to my ready room at your earliest convenience =/\=

Melina was working in her quaters on some stew when she heard the communication. She looked up and tapped her com badge =^=On my way sir=^= she replied. Making her way to the turbolift she wondered what the captain wanted. She entered the turbolift. "Bridge" as soon as it arrived she stepped out and onto the bridge, she made her way to the ready room door and pressed the chime.

"By all means, enter" Caelen replied getting up from his chair to greet the hybrid Caitian Science Officer.

Melina entered the ready room, she took up a space in front of the desk and looked to the captain. "You wanted to see me Sir?" she asked.

Caelen gave a nod "Yes Ensign, please take a seat" he pointed at the chair across his desk before sitting down himself as well. "You have no doubtebly heard of Lieutenant Koso's transfer to Starfleet Science back on Earth"

Melina slipped over into the seat. She noded softly "I heard a rumour sir" she replied. "Some said he wasn't that happy here sir" Melina replied softly. The Caitian hybrid looked the male human over. he was still quite good looking but she doubted he was her type.

"He left the ship because he saw an oppertunity and took it" Caelen explained a bit, he didn't want anyone to think there were officers unhappy on this vessel. "But now I am left with a dillemma, currently Nalash is officially in charge of the Science devision but she has notified me that she wasn't ready for that kind of job" he looked at Melina intently "do you have any suggestions?"

Melina blinked softly "I'm not sure sir I would suggest myself but that could be seen in many differnt lights sir" Melina answered.

"What makes you think that you are capable of running an entire department, Ensign?" Caelen didn't like arrogance, that went double for Ensigns, but he figured he should give her a fair chance explaining, especially because Nalash had also told him that Melina would be a choice to concider.

"Sir I know this sounds arrogant but I'm trying not to be I've been on two starships and done many roles I've designed a better sesor package that will be incorporated into the next ship class. I've done some time in command school. I know I can lead a department if I'm given the chance sir" replied Melina.

"I am aware of your service record, Ensign Bradbury, what I am wondering is what makes You so special? what makes you The leader I am looking for?" Caelen asked again, he didn't care for what they did prior but what they could do, what they thought they were capable off.

"We're here to explore sir, to do that we must have as many facts as we can. That's the job of the science deparment. As Chief of Sciences I would be responcible for providing thoes facts, researching in many fields as well. I can lead sir I know I can, that's not a boast sir" commented Melina.

"Thanks for the explenations, I was not aware why I had a Science Department on my vessel" Caelen said sarcasticly before sighed "Ok I'll cut to the chase... Nalash told me to concider you for the job, appearantly she is fond of you and has a lot of trust in you... and now I ask you Why are you better then anyone else in the Science department? What makes you so special... because frankly all the officers in the Science department have the skill and experience to lead the department. I want you to tell me something that I didn't get from Command Academy or your service record, Why are you so special?"

"I..I don't know sir I just try to becarful in what I do, I treat eveyone equal. I'm honored Nalash suggested me thought. I work to the best of my ability, it's..kind of expected with both my father and mother being scice officers on many starship I guess I picked alot up from them. I guess they..kind of knew I'd enter the sciecne track. When I was what sixteen I developed a sensor booster for the Cait sub-space telescope that's not in my file sir..." Melina wasn't sure what the Captain wanted of her but she knew she had the talent to lead.

"You were on the right way and then you go back to all the nifty things you did" Caelen relaxed a bit and leaned back in his chair "I have no doubt that you are a capable scientist, if I were doubting that I wouldn't even concider you for the job..." he swiveld his chair a bit from left to right trying to think of the words "...As a Chief Science Officer you don't need to be the best, I don't even expect you to be the best... what I expect of you is that you know who Is the best in certain situations. Science is a big field and I am sure you do wonders with Sensors but I think Nalash has you beat on the forensic sciences" he stood up from his chair and walked around the desk "Do you think you are capable enough to know when you need to ask the help of one of your staff? do you think you are capable enough to judge the importance of the others? And as a department head I must ask you, do you play poker?"

Melina thought for a few seconds "Only a fool would not know when to ask for help sir, as a scientist I know that only one person looking at something can bring mistakes, ones that can casue deaths sir. I trhink I can judge the importance of others sir, anyone can show pomise and that should be rewarded sir. As for poker yes I've played there was... a group tounement at the Academy" Melina replied.

Caelen nodded slowly "very well, you will take on the job of Chief Science Officer, but since you're new to this you will be Acting Chief and Nalash will be ordered to report on your progress" he said, not that he didn't trust her but just in case it woul be to much for her.

"Thank you sir I won't let you down" answered Melina.

Caelen smiled "Let's hope not" he said with a wink before Meline stood up and he shook her hand "Good luck Ensign, you'll need it"

A JP Between:

Cmdr. Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer USS Pegasus


Ensign Melina Bradbury Acting Chief Science Officer USS Pegasus