A mirror shattered #8, #9 "Two of a kind."

[On] [Hollodeck, U.S.S. Pegasus] Sulan stood outside the double doors of the holodeck holding a bat'leth. She quickly typed commands into the holodecks outer control panel while absently twirling the bat'leth with the other. She typed rapidly,entering the parameters for the simulation she wished. Recently, her emotional control had been slipping, and she'd been becoming over-aggressive, even by her standards. Perhaps if she vented the unwanted emotions in the hollodeck, she could regain control of herself. Angela's words in the park haunted her once again:'The longer you stay away from us, the more mentally unstable you'll become. It will start with growing feeling of anger, followed by increasing levels of violence. Finally, you'll end up a mindless raving lunatic!' Sulan forced the memory away, concentrating on her task.

T'Rell his shift was over and was on his way to the Officer Quarters on deck 5, to collect a report from a Flight Control Officer. On his way he noticed a Vulcan waving around with a bat'leth in front of the holodeck. He walked towards her and greeted. "Good Evening" T'Rell said. "Are you looking for a fight?" T'Rell asked 'curious.'

Sulan looks up at him, seemingly distracted. {"Actually, Yes."} She said in her native western-accented Vulcan. {"I was about to run a hand-to-hand combat simulation. You are T'rell, are not not? It is agreeable to meet you."}

{"I am indeed"} T'Rell responded in a similar Vulcan accent. {"It is agreeable to meet you too. And you must be Telek Sulan, the new Chief Tactical"} he continued. {"I assume you are skilled in the Vulcan martial arts"} T'Rell said, {"Would you mind if I join in on your training?"}.

{"I would find that most agreeable. Please, enter."} She enters the hollodeck taking a deep breath. "Computer: disable safety protocols. Authorization Sualn alpha, gamma, beta, three seven seven nine." The computer chirps. "Warning disabling safety protocols is not recommended." "Understood computer. Please do as I order." The computer chirps again. "Safety protocols disabled." She looks to T'rell. "I'd recommend getting a bat'leth for yourself."

T'Rell entered the holodeck as Sulan 'ordered' "Computer, replicate a bat'leth" T'Rell said to the computer. A moment later a bat'leth appeared next to where he was standing. He picked it up {"I'm not skilled in bat'leth fighting"} T'Rell said, waving it about like a real Klingon... a 5 year-old that is.

{"Have you ever battled in a holodeck simulation without the safeties? You should be prepared to be injured or killed."} Sulan readied her bat'leth. "Computer, begin training simulation 'Sulan Black'" The walls faded away to be replaced by the dark skies of the Klingon homeworld. Five Klingons stood in a semi circle around them, with weapons ready. Before they could move Sulan charged first, ramming her bat'leth into the throat of the first one with a wordless cry of rage.

{"Well... N.."} Before T'Rell could finish his sentence he saw a Klingon charging for him, with his limited skill of the bat'leth he blocked the first strike of the charging Klingon. {"No, is what I wanted to say."} As the Klingon was saving up for a second slash, T'Rell saw this one coming a bit sooner, he rolled away from the Klingon and gave him hard kick on the back of his knees, forcing him to the ground. T'Rell then whacked the Klingon with the blunt side of the weapon.

Sulan swept kicked a second Klingon, grabbing a handful of his greasy hair as he fell and and used it as a lever to smash his face into the paving stones. Both the pavingstones and his skull shattered, and he layed there with the limpness of death. Sulan glanced at the other Vulcan as she moved to engage the other two Klingons. "{Come now, T'rell, you'll die of you don't fight like you mean it!" She pulled a dagger from her wrist-sheath and threw it toward one of the Klingons, striking him square in the right eye, then jumped over his falling body to impale the other one in the chest. After she pulled her bat'leth free, she watched T'rell's struggle with growing mirth.

A small glance over his shoulder T'Rell saw how skilled Sulan was, and in that same split second, he also saw there was one more Klingon to take down. Being a little enraged, by Sulan's 'encouraging' words, he turned around. T'Rell had a firmer grip on the bat'leth, no with the skill of around the 12 year-old he faced the last Klingon. He used his skill in Vulcan martial arts to distract the Klingon for a second. T'Rell gave a small shout and hit the Klingon in his collarbone, shattering it. The now enraged Klingon came in swinging with his bat'leth, he gave a small cut to T'Rell.

Sulan rushed up behind the Klingon and buried a knife in his back, twisting it viciously. He fell with a sickening thud. "Your fighting skills are quite lacking." said Sulan. All trace of emotion were gone from her character. "Had this been a real battle, you would have been slain." Sulan studies the Vulcan carefully, knowing he'd seen her shameful display of emotion. "I apologize for my... earlier emotional state. I must ask that you remain silent about it in regards to the other crew members."

T'Rell stood still for a moment, taking a deep breath and listening to what she was saying. "It would seem logical that my fighting skills, are indeed below average. Since I never received any training in blade weapons, such as primitive as the bat'leth, it can be concluded that I could've been killed." T'Rell said, looking at a small laceration the Klingon gave him. "As for your request, I will remain silent about your emotional state against the crew." T'Rell dropped the bat'leth on the ground and made ready to leave.

She stopped him, grabbing his wrist. "I am aware that I am asking alot of you. If there is anything I can do for you in return, please inform me of it. I am at a lost to explain it, but recently, I have been controlling my emotions with difficultly." She said quickly.

"Have you been meditating frequently?" T'Rell asked, as this was the first thing that sprung to mind. "There are various methods to figure out, what is bothering you." T'Rell continued. "It would be wise if we speak later" T'Rell suggested. "I now have some duties to do" T'Rell said, as the doors slid open as he approached them. "It was agreeable to meet you" T'Rell said. "And I, you." She said quietly as the Vulcan departed. Sulan suddenly felt a wave of loneliness. She could find no peace, even among her own kind...


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Telek Sulan Chief Security Officer U.S.S. Pegasus "My sanity is slipping away... like sand in an hourglass."


T'Rell Chief Flight Control Officer U.S.S. Pegasus "A Vulcan with the bat'leth skill of a 5-year old... Fascinating"