A Mirror Shattered #6, #7 "Friends and Enemies"

[On] Sulan walks the corridors, stopping in front of Hannah's door. She felt a moment of doubt. Would Hannah be receptive of her company? The message she received last night echoed in her mind, and she pushed it away. "Human friends often visit one another... I am acting within the bounds of human society." She said to reassure herself. She presses the chime hesitantly. "Ah, Hannah, forgive me for disturbing you, but-" She freezes seeing the girl's expression.

Hannah looked a mess - her eyes were bloodshot and tear stained, her face red from crying, and all she was wearing was a blanket wrapped around herself. She wiped at her face with one hand in a vain attempt to make herself look presentable, while holding the blanket up with the other. "Sulan...I..." words failed her.

"You are...under emotional distress?" Sulan said unsure of what to do. "I understand that it is customary for humans to embrace one another during such times. Would you allow me to do so now?" Sulan spoke gently, trying not to upset the girl further.

Hannah practically fell into Sulan's arms, sobbing again. Sulan held her gently, having never been this close to a human outside of a combat situation. "Perhaps... you would care to discuss the matter, Hannah?" Sulan said hesitantly.

"Yeah..." Hannah sniffed, suddenly aware that they were in public view. "Um...can we go inside?" At Sulan's nod, they entered her quarters. "I'll just - you know...go get dressed." Hannah said, awkwardly. Sulan sat and waited, breathing deeply, trying to control her own emotions enough to be able to aide her friend. Hannah returned, dressed in a tracksuit. She had cleaned her face up a bit, also. "I'm...sorry you had to see me like that, Sulan." She said, trying to put a brave face on things. "That wasn't exactly conduct becoming of a Starfleet officer."

"It is of no consequence. That, is what friends are for. Now, please, tell me what has you so upset? Perhaps I can be of help?" Sulan said evenly.

"It's...I just thought I'd finally found somewhere I could be me - y'know?" Hannah said, sitting beside Sulan. "So many people here have been so accepting, not caring who my father was - it's been amazing. And then for this to happen..." Her voice trailed off. She looked up from the floor. "You have to understand, Sules, that up until my father was arrested, we had a business relationship. We were never close, and after Mum died, we kinda got distant. My father used me, but I guess that in my own way, I used him. We both knew I was...y'know...attractive, and my father used to show me off at parties - my job was to schmooze the important people, and pave the way for my dad to butter them up himself. That was my job, and I was...well I was damn goos at it." Hannah shrugged. "I thought he was just ambitious - I never realized how he was abusing his position." She shook her head angrily at the memory - he was a thousand light years away, in a detention facility far from here. "In return, he gave me whatever I wanted - anything. It was a business partnership, and it worked just fine. I never felt particularly close to my father...except for one time."

She stifled another sob. "We went to Risa together one summer when I was eighteen - there were some Starfleet higher-ups that my Dad wanted me to work on. When we were there, I spied this beautiful clay doll on sale in the market - it was...gorgeous, achingly perfect in every way. I adored it, but I never said anything - I was in the middle of a tour with the Admiral and my father. Well, that night we went back to the villa we were staying in, and I went to bed. There on my pillow was the doll, with a note. "To my princess - I love you." My dad had noticed me looking at the doll - had cared enough to get it for me - not in exchange for services rendered, but just because he loved me. It was the kindest thing he ever did, and we never spoke of it."

Hannah stifled another sob, and continued. "I took it with me when I went to the Academy, and after I heard about my Father's arrest, it...kinda got me through stuff - I knew that somewhere, deep inside him, he had been human. It went to the Polaris with me, and then here. I kept it safe all that time, and then today..." her voice trailed off into silence.

"The object was destroyed?" She asked quietly.

"I could have handled that...it's just the senselessness...how they did it." Hannah rose, and crossed to the bedroom. She returned carrying the remains of a shattered clay doll. In the center was a note that simply read - "Like father, like daughter - you're not wanted here!"

Sitting forward, Sulan sighed. "Hannah..." She pauses trying to find words that would comfort her. "I have seen recently that humans are varied and diverse. Your emotions have incredible powers such as empathy, love and joy, but at the same time, you have the power to deeply hurt each other. Do not dwell on the negative of your species, but in stead focus on what you have, and have accomplished. You are a Lieutenant where none would have expected you to be so. You did not quit when they expected you to. You've endured, and shall continue to. Broken statute, or no.

"I thought I could do this Sulan - but I don't know if I can." Hannah said, close to tears once more. "What's the point in being here if nobody wants me?"

"I-I... would find it most disagreeable if you were to depart this vessel." Sulan said, looking away. "You are the only friend I have, Hannah. If you wish it, I can find the perpetratiors, of this action, and harm them severely. You have but to ask." She added the last with a hint of darkness.

Hannah looked at Sulan, tears in her eyes. She smiled. "You'd kick their asses just for me? That's touching Sules." She gave the Vulcan another hug. "You're awesome, Sulan - but please don't hurt anyone. Much as I'd love to find out who did this, the last thing I need to happen is for you to get kicked off the ship because of it."

Sulan thought for a moment. "I could make it appear as though they attacked me. Then, I would have the proper justification. It would be simple to incite them into a fight." She thinks back to the message she received last night and shudders slightly.

"No, Sulan - please. I don't want anyone to get hurt over this." Hannah said. "Well...maybe I want them to hurt a little bit...but never mind. Listen, I'm shattered - crying can really take it out of a girl. I'm going to get some sleep. Thank you Sules - you've been a true friend. I don't know what I would have done were you not here."

"I am glad I could help, Hannah." She says tightly feeling like a traitor

"No problem." Hannah sniffed. "You're the best friend a girl could wish for, hon." She hugged Sulan, and leapt into bed, pulling the covers up around her neck. "Turn the lights off on your way out." She said, grinning.

"Understood." Sulan deactivated the lights, as she entered the corridor. Angela's word's echoed loudly in her mind. 'Kill Hannah O'Driscoll, and make it look as though she were guilty of treason.' followed by that horrible mocking laugh. "Sleep well, Hannah." Sulan said quietly as she left. [OFF]

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