A Mirror Shattered #4, #5 - Few more hours...

ON: <<USS Pegasus, Brig>>

Ryylar sighed and sat back. The brig had gotten quite lonely. The security officers were gone now, off the Pegasus and probably out of Starfleet forever, tarnished by their actions. They'd likely pick up jobs quickly as guards aboard a civilian freighter or something. Ryylar sat in the cell and waited for his sentence to start the second leg.

Kristiana headed towards the brig. She was wearing her uniform, but also a simple pendant, in the shape of a bear, holding a small faux- gem in it's paws. The entire thing has an almost childish feel to it, but she seems to value it. She had her hair up, slightly more elaborately than just a ponytail, and was actually wearing a small bit of make-up, accentuating her natural features, instead of detracting from them. It was like this that she appeared in front of Ryylar's cell, and put down a chair, to speak with him. "Hey .. Four days are almost up. Just a few more hours. How are you hanging in there ?"

He smiled at her.

"I'd be betterrrrrrr if I wasssssss out allrrrrrrready." He said with a nod.

"Yeah, but then you wouldn't be able to leave your quarters for .. Well, until Kennedy and LaBrie agree to let you go." A soft chuckle "Atleast I can visit you more often there, and we would be able to have some .. private time."

"Trrrrrrrrue." He said with a smile, moving to sit up on the bench in his cell that doubled as his bed.

"I hope that Kennedy rrrrrrrealizesssss that I'm not sssssssome pssssssycho killerrrrrrr orrrrrr anything." He said with a bit of a worried sigh. He shook his head and smiled once more, looking up at her.

"I like yourrrrrrr hairrrrrr like that Krrrrrrisssss... you look verrrrry beautiful." He said with a smile.

She blushed softly, smiling warmly. "Thanks .." She'd turn her head a bit left and right to show him her hair. "I just .. felt like it. After our trip to earth." She seemed very pleased that Ryylar noticed and commented on it.

"I rrrrrrreally like it Krrrrrrisss." He said with a nod and smile to reaffirm that his opinion was the same after she modeled her hair for him.

"Well, I'm gonna wear it like this, more often, then." She smiled softly. "I'm sorry I haven't been visiting yesterday, I just .. well, I was exhausted, and then that Sulan came and woke me up, and I just .. well, slept all the rest. When I woke up again I was almost late for my shift on the bridge .. I made it just in time, though, and my shift has just ended, so first thing I did, after, was com

"I can underrrrrrssssstand honey." He said with a reassuring smile. He truly did understand, and didn't mind that she had been caught up in duties too much to come see him. It was to be expected. He was certain that there were going to be times that they wouldn't be spending the night together as well. Either way, he had expected it.

"Thanks .." She sighed softly. "So .. uhm .. .." She snickered softly "This is that awkward moment where I have NO idea what to talk about, next."

"I think I finally figurrrrrred out a way to deal with what I did without me going back againssssst myssssssself." He said, smiling a bit at his revelation that he had come upon during the long hours of thinking. It was probably some idiotically simple thing that everyone else knew, but he was quite proud to have figured it out for himself.

"Oh ?" She'd shift a bit, turning her full and undivided attention to him. "Wanna share the wisdom with this old lovesick russian girl ?"

"I did abssssssolutely nothing wrrrrrong in defending the rrrrrrrightssssss of both myssssssself and Crrrrrrrewman Massssson. I jusssssst defended them in the wrrrrrrong way." He said with a nod, proud of himself.

Kristiana laughed softly .. Would nod "Well, that works." Smiling at him. Reaching out towards him, gently, wincing slightly as the forcefield discharged into her fingertips. She kept doing that, and she would probably be unable to tell him why.

He nodded and frowned a bit as she winced at the discharge of the forcefield.

"You rrrrrrreally need to sssssstop doing that dearrrrrrr." He said with a nod and a smile to try and lighten things.

"Eh .." A shrug, a sigh. "You know I'm stubborn as a fourty year old tractor on a cold winter morning." A wry chuckle. "But then .. you wouldn't know how stubborn those things are, do you. Trust me, they're stubborn."

He chuckled and shook his head.

"I know jusssssst how sssssstubborrrrrrn you can be Krrrrrrissss." He said with a soft smile.

"I can't wait to begin trrrrrrraining forrrrrrr ssssssecurrrrrrity." He said brightly, trying to keep to happy topics.

She'd smile at her .. "I'd suggest you start hoping that Sulan will be impressed with your performance. She has a tendency to .. give flying lessons and knock the teeth out of any 'maggots' that fail to impress her."

"Well, I don't think that Ssssssulan orrrrrrr the new Chief Tactical Officccccerrrrrrr arrrrrre parrrrrticularrrrrrly warrrrrrrm to the idea of me wearrrrrrring a yellow collarrrrrr." He said with a bit of a grimace.

She simply looked at him. "Do you think that their opinion in the matter impresses me, in any way ? They still report to Me, Ryylar. And the final call is Mine, not Theirs." Pause. "Well, actually Caelen's, but you know what I mean."

He nodded.

"I know Krrrrrissss, but they'll be the onessss I have to imprrrrresss. If they've allrrrrrrrready judged me assssss being sssssssome mentally unssssstable frrrrrrrreak, then it'sssssss going to be that much harrrrrrrderrrrrr." He said with a nod.

"And since when have you ever turned down a challenge, Ryylar ?" She replied.

"Neverrrrrrrr, I'm jusssst ssssssstating a ssssssimple fact that they might go out of theirrrrrrr way to disssssscourrrrrage me." He said with a shrug.

She'd smile at the feline "Well, then, have at them, Tiger. Knock 'em flat. .. Proverbially speaking, ofcourse."

"I guesssss I'm jussssst worrrrrried that it isssssn't jussssst them. I don't want everrrrrryone on the ssssship to think that I'm sssssssome mentally unbalanccccced officccccerrrrr that'sssss going to ssssssnap at any given moment." He said with a slow nod.

"Well, the way people see you and treat you is based mostly on your own actions and behavious, Ryylar. Your actions in the past .. might influence it a bit, but that's still your own doing, for the most part." She'd frown a bit. "Racism officially doesn't exist in the Federation, but it still appears, in mild forms. Chances are, people will treat you slightly differently because you're a Caitian, but if they ever treat you bad because of your race .. Tell me, and I'll come down on them like a fury unleashed."

"I don't exxxxxxpect them to trrrrrreat me like a human. I'm not. It would be foolish to exxxxxxpect that. I jusssssst don't want to be trrrrrreated like ssssssome psssssycho that'ssssss going to kill ssssssomeone for looking at me wrrrrrrong." He said with a nod.

"That .. only you can prevent, Ryylar. With your own actions. Be a dependable, gentle person, and they'll soon forget those ideas." Petrova frowned softly, watching him.

"I hope sssssso. I hope humanssssss have ssssshorrrrrterrrrr memorrrrriessss than we Caitianssssss." He said with a nod and a hopeful smile.

She'd chuckle softly, and glance around a bit, then blink and look at him as if she didn't hear him "What ? Sorry ? What were we talking about ? I can't remember for the life of me." she joked.

He chuckled and laughed at her joke, his bright smile returning to his face.

"I can't wait to ssssssee you again without that sssssstupid forrrrrrcccccefield." He said to her from the inside of his cell. Only a few more hours and the two of them could be together in each others' arms.

A soft smile "Won't be too long. You'll be out again before you know it." as she rose to her feet ".. But I have to go now. I still have a few things I need to do .." Shoulders slumping a bit as she sighed. "Being an XO is a Lot of work."

Commander James Conrad: Star Trek: Katana - The Sword of the Federation: "All rrrrrrright." He said with a nod.

"Ssssssee you in my quarrrrrterrrrrsssss when your duty sssssshift isssss up?" He asked her hopefully.

A nod "I promise." as she tilted her head slightly, smiled softly but sadly, and leaned in closer to the forcefield, speaking quietly, voice barely above a whisper, as if she were afraid that too much sound would shatter the forcefield .. "I love you."

He smiled softly and moved up to the forcefield as well.

"I love you too Krrrrrrissssstiana Petrrrrrrova." He said with a smile, looking into her eyes.

And that was all that needed to be said. Without another word, she'd turn and head out of the brig again .. Back into the fray.


A JP by:

Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer USS Pegasus "I'll come down upon them as a fury unleashed if they hurt you"


Warrant Officer Ryylar Morale Officer Lounge Manager USS Pegasus "I've waited all this time for the perfect woman, I can wait a few hours more."