A Mirror Shattered #1 #2 "Meeting of the minds."

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ON : << Canberra, Australia>>

Alyson had been high for the better part of 24 hours, as she had partied all night, and had still taken some drugs after she had gotten back to Shakespeare's studio. And now, he was sleeping, and she wasn't, since she had to be back on the ship shortly, and was packing her bags.

She looked at its contents again. Clothes, personal items…and drugs. Hypos upon hypos of cocaine and heroin. Innocent looking containers containing lethal, and illegal, crap. Shakespeare had given them to her, at no charge. No, he hadn't given them to her, he insisted she take them and when she had refused, slipped them in the bag.

She wanted to leave the stuff here, take it out of her bag and leave it on the table before her. She wanted to resist the temptation, but she knew she couldn't. Even after rehab, she had had a hard time resisting the sweet temptation of cocaine, heroin, et cetera. One of the reasons she left Earth and wandered space. No drugs in space.

She left the stuff in the bag. She'd dispose of it appropriately when she got back on the ship. No she wouldn't. She'd use them, until she was out, and get so addicted again she'd do anything to get her hands on some just so she could get stoned. For the trip. For the sensation it procured.

She zipped up the bag after stuffing the hypos under her clothes. She'd use them, alright. She'd gotten addicted again.

Pixie was back, and was taking her into the downward spiral again.


Alyson Cooper Barwench/Yeoman USS Pegasus