Renegade Deception #6&7 - "Who is this person, anyways?"

-={On}=- [Main Engineering, USS Pegasus]

Caelen had stood up from his chair and wanted to make way towards his ready room again, but then he realized that he didn't for the life of him knew who was on the other end of the com telling them all systems were green. He hadn't met his Chief Engineer yet, "Lieutenant you have the bridge" he said to Kristiana getting a nod in return. He stepped in the turbo lift "Deck Eight" he ordered the lift, on to Engineering.

Lt. Black sat back at her station, relaxed and pleased. So far it seemed she was doing alright. Everything was working, including her on-duty engineers... the engines sounded slightly strange to her practiced ear, but nothing showed up on the simple diagnostics, so it was probably within safe parameters. She quietly hummed a bit of classical music.

The doors of the lift opened and Caelen stepped out looking around a bit trying to locate the Chief Engineer without wanting to ask any other crewmen for her. waving off some salutes as he slowly made progress into Main Engineering. Finally spotting the one Engineer that fit the description on the crew roster. "good day Lieutenant" he announced he presence.

She looked over at him, at his uniform, trying to place him. "Good day.... sir..." She shifted position and rose to her feet. She knew he looked familiar, but she couldn't place him... she had seen a lot of crew pictures and not been able to sort them all out in her mind. She did note from a view of his pips, though, that he was higher ranking.

Caelen offered his hand in greeting "Lieutenant Commander Caelen LaBrie" he said awaiting Kathleen to shake his hand and introduce herself.

"Lieutenant Kitty Black... Oh!" She had started to reach for his hand, but now she paused abruptly and saluted instead, cheeks turning slightly pink. Now she'd gone and done it again, hadn't recognized her own ship captain. "Oh I'm sorry sir, I didn't recognize.. I mean.. I saw, but I didn't... I was just.. I just..." She finally decided that a 'closed mouth gathers no foot' and just stopped talking.

Caelen smiled comforting "it matters not..." he said "...I only recognized you by where you were sitting as well. Caelen motioned his hand once more, he wanted a handshake, not a salute. "Welcome aboard Lieutenant" Lt. Black blushed again and reached to shake hands this time. "Thank you, sir. It's a fine ship, and I'm glad to be here." Slowly letting go of the hand Caelen said with a smile "if the things I read about you are true, I'm glad to have you here"

She was rather surprised by this. Apparently, she wasn't convinced that many good things had been said about her. "Well, thank you, sir." She heard that slight discord in the engines again and her mind shifted track from frightened junior to pure engineer. "When we drop out of warp, sir, I would like to ask permission to take the warp engines offline for a level one diagnostic. Regular diagnostics have shown no problems, but I.. hear it... in the hum." Her voice trailed off a little as she realized how silly that might sound to someone who doesn't.

Caelen nodded "well you're the Chief Engineer now, it's your call" he said, he couldn't hear anything but the hum of the engines, which was all the same to him really. Galaxy, Intrepid, Centaur, the engines all hummed. "We have some time in orbit of the planet anyway" he said with a smirk slowly forming "darn paper work" he said.

"Thank you, sir. The engines are running just fine currently, all within parameters, but... my Chief on my previous posting always said to find little problems before they get big." She smiled in a bit of relief. This seemed to be going well. "I have the fullest confidence in you" Caelen then said waving a hair back behind his ears, he thought of putting it up in a tail but that would not only look girlish it would also crank his style... as if he had any. "Just keep up going where we're headed" he said with a smile again. He needed to do administrations but he had hoped that he could stretch this to some extend.

"I will, sir. Thank you." This is something she needed to hear, that her captain had confidence in her. She smiled again. This she could do.

Caelen nodded and then turned around, back to the turbo lift, back to the ready room, back to the stashes of PADDs. He walked through the corridors, they were rather busy with engineers, with small corridors like this it would become busy rather quickly, it was good to see his men at work. He leaned against the back wall of the turbo lift as the doors closed "Deck one" he said and the lift got into motion.


Lieutenant Commander Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer


Lieutenant (junior grade) Kathleen Black Chief Engineer

USS Pegasus