"Renegade Deception" - #8, 9 & 10 - "The Girls Are Back"


[Sickbay, USS Pegasus]

"Bloody shoulder .. " She muttered quietly, annoyed, to herself as she made her way from the bridge towards medbay. "Now I've got to take off my clothes again in front of a married man. Well, at least partially." A semi wry half amused smirk, as she walked into medbay, looking around. "Eh, what's up doc ?" as she spotted him.

Russell had an early start that day due to the launch of the vessel. It seemed as if a lot of crewmen were a bit too excited about the start of the mission and became a bit too careless. <Just like those two ladies the other day> he thought at the same moment as he saw his XO walk in. He looked a bit startled, as if she might have heard what he thought. But the shock quickly turned into a smile. "A lot is up." he said "Quite busy for a first day on a mission." He walked to the nearest biobed and pointed at it while he said to her "Take a seat please." He got his dermal regenerator from the nearest cabinet and said "How's my first patient on this ship doing today?"

"Bored, sore and annoyed." she'd answer truthfully as she took the seat indicated to her. Already reaching up to undo the top buttons of her uniform, pulling the fabric down to reveal her shoulder. The injury seemed to not heal as it should, for some odd reason. "I'm feeling a throbbing pain from it, doc. More so than I should, judging past injuries."

With that comment a bit of a frown appeared on his face. "That's not right..." he said as he got his medical tricorder. He started scanning the wound. The tricorder was beeping in a special way and on the screen he could read what was wrong. "It looks like you have a minor infection. I'll need to check the expiration date on the disinfectant." he tried to be funny, but quickly put on his serious face again. "It seems the swords were faulty in more than one way." he said referring to the incident that caused the hole in the XO's shoulder. "Let me get a hypospray to treat that infection before it gets out of hand." he said.

".. Oh, great. Just my luck. " she would sneer, then closed her eyes and leaned back a bit. "Well, do your worst, doc. Make it painless and I'll believe you're actually a good doctor." with a soft smirk."

He walked over to the medicinal cabinet. "A 4cc dose of deflammazine will do the trick" he mumbled as he put the dosage in the spray and walked back to Petrova.

She gave a wry smirk as she heard him, and watched him wander off to get some zine or another. "Oh great. Who do I sue if you can't heal this ?" with a wry amusement. She'd sigh softly, shoulders slumping a bit as he came back with the hypo. She didn't like doctors. At least, she didn't like having to go see them, because that would mean that she wasn't as invincible as she thought.

Russell walked up to her and said "Please hold still, this will do the trick" as he injected the hypospray at her neck and ignored her nagging. He understood that people didn't like visiting doctors. "You can always file a complaint at Starfleet Medical." he said smirking a bit. He had the idea she was trying to tease him with that thought.

Jennifer needed to get the scar on her arm fixed, with still more then 10 hours to fill she thought she could have some time off the bridge, nothing would happen anyway, they were still in friendly territory. She entered sickbay and saw that Kristiana was already being treated, probably for the same reason she was here. They just didn't want scars, to get the attention of the doctor she said "hey... what's up doc?"

"Yeah .. I think I will, at that. " at his comment about filing a complaint to Starfleet medical. "I'll file a complaint that they've purposefully put a faulty fencing rapier onboard the Peggy so to get my shoulder infected. That'll go over well with the admiralty." A soft smirk, as she let the doctor work. A glance given towards Jennifer.

Russell didn't expect that answer and laughed. He also saw Jennifer walk in and said "Hello, Ensign. It's busy, that's up. Nurse B'Inca is off duty at the moment and the only one to back me up is the EMH." He added with a smile "I think of myself as being more pleasant company." He directed Jennifer to the nearest biobed.

"Thanks, doc." Kristiana would reply, putting her uniform back together again. "Well, time to head back to work." as she'd rise and start towards the exit.

Jennifer walked to the nearest bio bed, she hopped on and waited for the doctor to finish up with Kristiana so he would have time to look at her wound. It stung a bit, but she realized that would be normal for a cut in her arm, even with these technologies.

"Be sure to come back if the shoulder doesn't get better." he said to her as Petrova walked towards the exit.

She waved at him to confirm she heard his comment and the Sickbay doors closed.

"What seems to be the problem?" he asked Jennifer as he picked up his Tricorder to scan the wound just to be sure.

"I was told to be back here to avoid scars" Jennifer replied, she didn't need to tell him about the sting, he would probably think she was wining.

"You're right" he said. "That's what I said. But it seems the swords weren't safe in more ways than one. It seems the scan confirms my suspicion..." The Tricorder chirped in a way indicating the wound wasn't healing as it should. "Do you still feel any pain from it?" he asked Jennifer with a questioning look.

Jennifer nodded slightly "just some minor stings every now and again but nothing serious..." she said putting up a slight smile "...the things you can expect from a cut I'd say" she added.

He confirmed her comment "It's a nasty cut. Only superficial, but you too seem to have a minor infection going on there." he said with a worried look on his face. "I'll get the same hypospray for you too then." as he walked to the cabinet to get the infection treating medicine. "Only a smaller dosage should suffice, 3 cc's will do." He loaded the hypospray and walked back to Jennifer. He injected the hypo and said "This should take care of the stinging. Is the stinging manageable?"

"Like I said, it's minor..." Jennifer said as she took the hypospray in her neck "...and only once in a while" she added after the hiss of the hypospray notified them of the injection. <Why does everything have to hiss in the Federation> she though for a split second as the sedative did its work and took away the sting from the wound.

"Then you're good to go. But if not, report back immediately." he said with a slightly worried look on his face. It couldn't be a coincidence that both had an unknown cause for an infection.

Jennifer nodded "Off course doc" she said smiling again. She had faith in the doctor, perhaps it had something to do with him being older and more experienced then her husband... not that she didn't trust Caelen but this was different.

"I'll go look for the cause for this infection. Do you know what happened to the equipment? I'll need to investigate that first if possible." he asked Jennifer because she was one of them 'playing with swords'. "I have to find out why the disinfectant didn't work."

"The equipment just broke... I have no idea why..." Jennifer said looking back on the events "perhaps the wrong materials?" she said just guessing. She really didn't know, she was specialized in languages not in weaponry.

"They don't make it nowadays like they used to do." he said while directing Jennifer to the exit. He thought to himself <Saying that makes me look old, I'm not that old...> He added: "I'll analyse the data from the Tricorder for research and see if the broken swords are somewhere to be found."

Jennifer nodded and walked outside. Back to the bridge, back to staring at the stars as they shot by. "Thanks doc" she said right before the doors closed "don't make them as they used to?" she whispered to herself, <I knew he was older then Caelen...> she added in though trying to figure out the man's age.


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Lt. Kristiana Petrova XO, USS Pegasus


Ensign Dr. Russell D. Floyd CMO, USS Pegasus


Ensign Jennifer LaBrie Acting Chief Communications, USS Pegasus