"Renegade Deception" - #4&5 - "A Special Tour"

OOC: This post took place _just_ before launch of the mission (Post "Renegade Deception" 1,2&3).


[Sickbay, USS Pegasus]

After the latest events, Russell was glad to get some work done in his new sickbay. It may be an old, refitted ship, it was updated to the latest Starfleet standards. That meant he got the latest technology available to a doctor on a Starship. It was quite different than his home practice in San Diego, but hey, at least the equipment was practically the same. If he only knew where they put it all. He was used to a certain arrangement in his medical instruments, from longtime practice experience. In case of an emergency he should not let time be wasted by not being able to find a certain dermal regenerator or hypospray. And he had his share of emergencies already, and not all of them were medical.

Finally he got things the way he wanted, he decided to contact his family to let them know he arrived at his new workplace. It took a while before the channel established due to the remoteness of Starbase 343.

His daughter Hanna answered the call and appeared on the viewscreen. Before he could say a word she yelled "DAD! ... Mom, come quick, it's dad! Hi dad, are you there yet? How did the trip go?"

Russell laughed a bit and said "The trip was fine, but boring... I'm at my very own Sickbay at the moment."

His wife Laura came out of the kitchen visible on the viewscreen and was obviously very relieved with the fact that her husband had arrived. "Hi honey, how are you doing?"

"I'm doing fine" Russell said. "We're still docked, I'm just done with rearranging the Sickbay. Set it up the way I like it. How are things over there. Can you still manage it with the practice and all?" Russell knew that Laura was more than capable of running the practice while he was gone. His parents who owned it before he and Laura took over were close by in case things would get hectic.

"I'll manage" she said "Your dad is helping out from time to time."

At that moment the Sickbay door opened and a little girl stepped in. She had long dark hair and looked about 7 or 8 years old. She walked straight to Russell. "Hello," Russell said "who are you?"

"I'm Alexandra." the little girl responded.

"Ah," Russell said, "Your father told me about you. You were going to give me a tour around the ship?" The little girl nodded and said "Mommy told me you were here. Who are they?" pointing at Laura and Hanna in the viewscreen. Russell looked at Laura with a smile and said "She's the CO's daughter, she seems to have an 'interest in Medical Officers'. That'll be me..." on a tone as if he wasn't quite happy with that.

Laura couldn't help laughing a bit. She heard Alexandra's question too and answered with a friendly smile "I'm Laura and this is Hanna" holding her by the shoulders. "I'm his wife and Hanna's mother."

Russell then turned to his wife and said "I'll contact you later again, OK? I'll let this young lady here take me for a tour around the ship. The CO's daughter's wish is my command" with a wink. Laura smiled and they waved him goodbye. The viewscreen showed that the connection had ended. Now he put his hand out to Alexandra "Hello, I'm Russell, the doctor. You want to take me for a tour?" Alexandra nodded and took his hand.

"Come! Let's go to the bridge. That's the best!" she said enthusiastic and pulled Russell in the direction of the Sickbay doors. Russell acted as if she was pulling so hard he couldn't resist and followed her on to the corridor. She obviously knew the way as she went to the left and headed straight to the Turbolift.

The Turbolift was already there and they got in. "Bridge!" yelled Alexandra as if she was in command. Russell looked amused at the little girl. The Turbolift's doors closed and it headed for the Bridge. Russell tried to start some smalltalk "So how do like it here?"

Alexandra looked up at him and responded "I like it a lot, daddy shows me lots of cool things." The Turbolift had reached the Bridge.

[Bridge, USS Pegasus]

Alexandra grabbed Russell's hand again and pulled him onto the bridge. "Here's where my daddy will be yelling orders at you all" Alex said with a smile followed by a short laugh. There was a Vulcan in front of the bridge, at the Helm Console. Alexandra had met his wife the day before so she rushed up to the Vulcan Flight Control Officer. "Hello…" she said with a questioning look on her face.

T'Rell looked around to see that Alexandra was standing next to him, behind her there was an older man behind her in a blue uniform, probably the doctor he thought to himself. "Hello" T'Rell said shortly as he was preparing for the launch, getting the feeling of all the controls.

"You better not screw up…" she said with the happiest face she could put on "…daddy doesn't like screw ups" she added.

"No I won't, that wouldn't be logical" he said, as he looked at the doctor who was laughing a bit. T'Rell turned back to his panel. He was ignoring Alexandra and the middle-aged man a bit, because he was too busy testing the panel, looking for flaws.

"Bye mister!" she said in a high volume of voice before almost running back to the doctor. "Helm officers are boring, I like Medical much better" she said grabbing the hand of Russell again pulling him back towards the Turbo lift. "Where do you want to go next?" she asked.

Russell didn't even have the time to meet the Helm Officer. He greeted the officers on deck and followed the little girl. "It's your tour, Alexandra. You know the fun places on the ship." He knew the ship quite well, but only from the drawings. He had a general idea what the ship looked like, but he thought it would be more fun to let the girl decide what she wanted to show him.

"I like Engineering!" she said "The warp core is pretty with all the lights." as they entered the Turbolift.

"OK, let's go to Engineering then." Russell agreed. "Do you know where Engineering is?" he asked the little girl.

She put her indexfinger to her chin and a frown appeared on her forehead as if she was trying hard to remember. Suddenly she said "Computer!" The ship's computer confirmed her call with a chirp. "Where is Engineering?" The female voice of the computer then responded "Main Engineering is located at deck 8." Alex answered "Now I remember! Deck 8!" The Turbolift accepted the command with a confirming chirp and came into motion.

[Deck 8, Main corridor, USS Pegasus]

As they exited the Turbolift Alex clearly remembered where Main Engineering was located as she pulled Russell in that direction. "Not so fast!" he said like he couldn't keep up with her.

She laughed and began to walk even faster. They arrived outside Main Engineering, but the doors wouldn't open. The Chief Engineering was probably not at his post at the moment and wouldn't let just any visitor walk into Main Engineering without proper clearance. Russell obviously had a code to get in in case of emergency, but he wasn't planning on using that. He saw an opportunity to end this lengthy tour. "What a shame, we can't get in." he said on a gloomy tone.

Alexandra got a sad look on her face. She wasn't happy about that at all. Russell noticed that and tried to cheer the situation up. "How about a drink in the Mess hall? You can show me Engineering another time, OK?"

She nodded and got a smile on her face again. "OK" she said. Russell put out his hand and she took it.

"Let's go." he said and they walked through the corridor to the Mess hall.

[Deck 8, Mess hall, USS Pegasus]

The Mess hall of the Pegasus was quiet. The bartender hadn't arrived yet, so they had to get their drinks themselves. They stood in front of the replicator and Russell asked Alexandra what she wanted to drink. "Hot cocoa!" she said.

"OK, two hot cocoa." Russell told the replicator. A moment later two mugs of the steaming beverage materialized. They sat down at the nearest table. "Does your mommy know where you are?" he asked her as she took the mug from him and held it with both hands.

"I think so." she said with a naughty look on her face and took a sip of her cocoa.

"Hmm, I'll bet she's looking for you." he said while looking at her strict but friendly.

"I think so." she said again with the same naughty look and a bit of a smile.

"Shall we go to her then, after we finish our cocoa?" he asked her because he would like to go back to work.

"OK." she answered and finished her drink. She got up and walked to the exit.

"Wait up." Russell said while he rapidly finished his drink. It didn't taste like the real thing as his grandma used to make, he thought in a split second. He followed Alexandra to the Turbolift which she directed to Deck 3. She obviously remembered where her quarters were located.

[Deck 3, Outside Ensign Jennifer LaBrie's quarters]

Ensign LaBrie answered the door and said "Hello, doctor. Do you make housecalls?" while pointing at her still somewhat painful shoulder.

"As a matter of fact, I do." he replied "But I also believe I have something that is yours." At the same moment Alexandra appeared from behind the doctor with a big roar.

"Oh, there you are!" Jennifer said obviously relieved as Alexandra ran into her arms. She lifted the girl up. "Now be nice and say goodbye to the doctor."

Alexandra waved at Russell and said "Bye, doctor, show me around sickbay next time!"


Joint Posty Goodness by:

Ensign Dr. Russell D. Floyd Chief Medical Officer, USS Pegasus


Ensign T'Rell Chief Flight Control, USS Pegasus

Special guest star: Alexandra LaBrie - played by Russell D. Floyd

Guest star: Ensign Jennifer LaBrie - played by Russell D. Floyd Acting Chief Communications