Blue Ball #11 "A small bastion of logic"

[On][Gardens of the Vulcan Consulate Monastery, San Francisco, Earth]

Sulan materialises among the vast gardens of the Vulcan Consulate. The area is nearly deserted, with only a few young monks raking in the distance, overseen by thier elders. She sits, on a bench, feeling an undeniable feeling of relief at being away from humans. She forced the emotion from her mind, concentration on the beauty of the gardens. The flowers here were in bloom, and nearby trees provided her with shade from the anemic Earth sun.

She leans back, and closes her eyes, simply feeling the sun on her face. There was no need to posture here, she was among her own people, in all thier logical perfection. She could breathe deep and only faintly detect the reek of human. The consulate was surrounded by high walla, and the only humans that would be here were ones that had bisiness here.

She heard footsteps quietly approaching on the grass behind her. {"I logically suspected you would come here. After all, you always favored the gardens, Sulan."} said a voice in the native Vulcan tongue. Sulan turns seeing T'vek. an aged Vulcan in his 18th decade of life. He leans heavilly on a cane as he comes around and sits beside her.

{"It is agreeable to see you again, Master T'vek."} Sulan says quietly. She studies his face, seeing how he has aged so rapidly over recent years. His hair is mostly white now, and deep lines etch his face.

{"It is also agreeable to see you again. It would seem that you look quite like you mother did at your age...} He trails off lost in the past for a moment. {"But,"} He continues, {"I sense that you are controling your emotions with great difficulty. Why is this, Sulan?"}

Sulan hesitates, wondering how he always managed to know when she was feeling turmoil, no matter how well she hid it from others. {"I have been assigned to a starship called the U.S.S. Pegasus. The crew consists of primarilly Humans, with few Vulcans aboard. It would seem that I am not favored among the crew, and I am at a loss to explain why."}

T'vek thinks for a moment before answering. {Do you take the human's emotional state into concideration when speaking to them?"}

{"No."} She says simply. {"I simply convey the information I have to tell them. Their emotional states are irrelevent."}

{"Therein is the source of your problem Sulan. You cannot treat a human as you would another vulcan. What you see as conveying information, a human sees as arogance. This will only cause them to mistrust you."} He looks off to the workers in the garden. {"Truely, I've learned more about being a vulcan from coming to Earth, than I would have had I stayed on Vulcan.")

She is dismayed by this.{"How can there possibly be anything to learn from a lower species? The logical course of action is to have us guide them, not the other way around."}

{"I can see that you still posses you father's sentiment about other species. Tell me, Sulan, why is it that of all of the vulcans of the ship's crew you are the only one that the human's have trouble realting to?"}

She remains silent.

{"Perhaps your looking at it with a wrong view. Humans aren't inferior, with vulcans being superior. Rather, we're two species using different methods to reach the same goals. Perhaps we're not destined to guide the humans tward logic, but rather all species are supposed to aide and guide each other. That, is why the federation was founded by multiple species, instead of vulcans alone. Indeed, each species brings something different to the federation. Vulcans bring logic, and the humans, bring reason. Please, Sulan, do not ignore the leasons that the humans can teach you. Pride will blind you if you let it."}

Sulan speaks hesitantly, remembering the words Petrova had said to her in anger. {"You are correct Master T'vek... I had not realised..."} she trails off, letting the sentence hang.

{"You are still young yet, Sulan, there is much you will learn before you reach my age. In fact, I myself, am still learning."}He says gently.

A bell rings in the distance, and the workers cease their actions and put away their tools. {"It is time for the groups meditation session. Would you find it agreeable to join with us Sulan?"} asks T'vek.

{"Yes, I would find that agreeable."} She says quietly, as she follows T'vek and the others as they move toward the meditation hall, moving with new found humility.