Blue Ball #9&10 - "Still the Same old Vulcan..."

[On] [Transporter Room 1, USS Pegasus]

Sulan walked the deck with her eyes forward, holding a PADD. The crew gave her a wide berth, as she passed. She carried no bags, and worse only a her standard security uniform.

Jennifer and Alexandra were waiting in the Transporter room for confirmation from Earth that they could leave to the surface, because Jennifer was only an Ensign and Alex wasn't supposed to be on there they weren't high priority. "A little more patients hun, we'll be down on Earth before you know it" Jennifer smiled at Alex.

Sulan entered the transpoter room, seeing and Ensign, and a young child. Ensign, are you assigned to be here?" Sulan said coolly. "I was not aware that you were to be assigned to this duty station." She quietly requests the transporter chief to enter her coordinates

"I am sorry?" Jennifer couldn't believe this Vulcan woman, she had hardly walked in and didn't ask anything but just immediately started questioning her "I happen to be Commander LaBrie's Wife..." she reacted already a bit of her aggrevation audible " I'm pretty sure I am assigned here... I am awaiting permission to beam down to earth"

"There is little need to take offence. I happen to be head of security. So, you will understand my concern over who leaves and arrives on this vessel. What is your destination?" She orders the transporter chief to hold with a gesture.

"My destination?" Jennifer couldn't believe this arrogant Vulcan, she knew them to be a bit cocky but this was outragious "My Destination is none of your business..." she finally told the Chief of Security "...and from what I've heard you're only Acting Chief of Security"

Alexandra walked a bit closer to the Vulcan, to inspect the scars that were covering her body, but she remained quiet for now.

"Acting or not, I AM Chief of Security. Now, I order you to tell me you destination, Ensign." She puts strong emphasis on the last word.

"In case you missed the Memo, we're on Shoreleave... I can go wherever I want on My shoreleave... and you have nothing to do with where I am going" Jennifer grabbed the hand of Alex and pulled her back a bit.

"You're not as nice as B'Inca" Alexandra reacted to the woman that seemed to upset her mother.

Sulan cocked her head a bit, looking at the human child. "Is that so, young human? On what do you base that assumption?" She turns to the transporter chief getting the pair's destination from him. She turns back to them. "Ah, it would seem that we're headed in the same direction. If you travel with me you can leave immeditately, since I have higher priority transport clearance. Since it it shoreleave, and your are under conciderable stress, I have decided to overlook your infraction of not obeying my orders." She turns back to the child. "Does that make me 'nice' young human?"

"you're lying Lieutenant, in the hope that I will reveil my heading to you... the transporter chief can't give you my heading, it's against the rules..." Jennifer couldn't believe that this vulcan would be going to the capital of Bulgaria, like her and Alex.

"Why is your face so wrinkly?" Alexandra didn't answered Sulan's question but just asked her a new one.

Sulan looks at the child carefully. "Your are not afraid of me? the few human children I have met were always afraid of my appearance. Yet you, young human, are not. Why?" She ignores the ensign for now.

"We're all Federation!" Alexandra said joyfully, probably repeating something she heard her father tell her a lot of times, "my daddy taught me that... he's commanding this ship you know" another proud smile from the small girl.

At that moment the doors hissed open and a somewhat big man with long hair walked in, it was Caelen himself, only now with Lt. Cmdr. pips, although the hair pretty much covered that up.

"Thank God you're here" Jennifer said in relieve letting go of Alex and walking to Caelen, she kissed him before giving him a look that he reckognized out of thousands.

Sulan straightened, and saluted. "Commander, greetings, sir." She said simply.

"What seems to be the problem Officers?" Caelen asked eying Sulan more then Jennifer, it seemed that this new Chief of Security was nothing but trouble, only one day had she been in her position and already he had over a dozen complaints with her name on it.

"No problem at all sir." She said calmly, without emotion. "I was simply trying to give the Ensign and the young human a higher transport priority. To do that, I needed to know their destination. Thought it would seem my efforts were somewhat misunderstood, sir. Also, since you here, I would like to infor you that I've changed the duty roster for security patrols from three shifts to four, using an alternating patrol pattern, so that patrols are at irregular intervals."

"I am sorry to burst your bubble Lieutenant but the Pegasus is a small ship and we do not have enough security personell to support a four shift day" Caelen turned serious in a split second "And next time you feel like you need to switch around things on My ship please be so kind to Report it to Me first..."

"I have, just now sir. I realised we were short on security personel, so I cut their sleep to six hours a night. That would allow for the increased patrols." She folds her hands behind her back. "I have decided to leave Miller is charge of Security during my absence on Earth. He is quite capable, if not untested."

"I'm sorry? is the Universal translator still working?" Caelen asked bluntly "I thought I said report to me First... not after you've already done everything" he sighed a bit "you make me think you don't really want this job and are trying to get yourself kicked off" he walked to the Transporter Chief and put in the co-ordiantes of Sophia (Bulgaria's Capital) "And I don't know if you know but us Humans need at least eight hours of sleep every night to stay at maximum efficiency"

"Understood sir." She said, at a lost for words. "You are... dissatisfied with my performance of my duties? Please sir, don't misunderstand me when I say that the duty of ship's security is mine. Pleas allow me to do my job, as I see fit, sir."

"You will do your job as I see fit, Lieutenant, it's been that way for over 300 years and it will not change today" Caelen had a stern and emotionless look on his face, he had given this Lieutenant enough slack already "next time you have any more bright ideas please feel free to run them by me... then we will discuss the ideas and think about putting them into action... is that understood?"

"Yes, sir. Have a safe journey."

"Thank you Lieutenant, I will" Caelen reacted and joined his wife and daughter on the transporter pad "Energize" he ordered the transporter chief and not a second later a blue glow surrounded them and they were send on their way.


jp by:

Cmdr Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer


Lt. (jg) Telek Sulan (Acting) Chief of Security

USS Pegasus

Also starring:

Jennifer and Alexandra LaBrie (NPCs by Caelen)