Blue Ball #7 - 8 "So That's where she got it from .. "


<Petrov Farm, Vengerovka, Earth>

Kristiana stepped out of the shuttle, into the late winter cold of Mother Russia. She looked at her father for a moment, not really knowing what to say or do, and her father looked back at her, for that same moment, also not really knowing what to say or do .. Then he moved forward to embrace her tightly for a few moments, eyes closing, and speaking in russian .. Kristiana cringed slightly at the hug, then surrendered to it, hugged back and replied in russian as well. The words rolling off of her tongue like she's never done anything else. The quaint old-fashionedness of the surroundings as well as the fluent russian being spoken might make a certain feline feel like he's in a whole new reality ..

He stood back and held his arms over his chest to stay warm as the two embraced. He said nothing, waiting to follow Kristiana's lead.

The father and daughter talked some more, before Kristiana turned around, and reached to take Ryylar's hand .. To introduce him. "Father .. This is Ryylar. He's part of my crew on the Pegasus .. And he's my boyfriend." She seemed a bit nervous. The father looked Ryylar up and down a bit and gave a nod, offering a strong, aged hand in greet. "Pjotr Petrov .. " He said. Kristiana frowned slightly as she saw her fathers eyes narrow a bit, and a mild look of disapproval forming on the old man's face.

"Rrrrryylarrrrrrr ssssssirrrrrr and it isssssss a pleasssssssurrrrrrre and an honorrrrrrrr to meet you." He said, bowing slightly as he accepted the man's hand and shook it respectfully.

Petrov gave a brief nod to Ryylar before muttering something in russian. Kristiana blinked and shook her head, replying in russian as well, sounding agitated .. Her father shot her a Look, then turned to head into the main building. Kristiana frowned apologetically at Ryylar, before moving to follow her father, but keeping a hold of Ryylar's hand. She needed him.

He didn't understand what was said, but then again he didn't need to to know that her father didn't approve of him one bit. He held her hand and offered a supportive squeeze as they entered the home.

The building was quaint and oldfashioned. The wooden floorboards would creak slightly under their footsteps. But it was kept meticulously clean. Old hunting trophies were seen om certain walls, and old-fashoined hunting rifles with bayonets attached hung over the fireplace, a warm fire roaring below, filling the room with a comfortable warmth. Petrov headed into the kitchen, as Kristiana led Ryylar towards an old, weathered, leather couch - a two-seater. A fur pelt was draped over the back-rest, also worn down a bit. She flopped down on the couch with a sigh, looking around a bit, slowly a sad smile forming on her face. "Just as I remember it .. " The couch was surprisingly comfortable.

He smiled a bit uneasily at the fur trophies, wondering if perhaps a trophy of his head would be mounted on one of these walls someday as he sat beside her and gently put an arm around her shoulders.

"The comforrrrrrtssssss of home arrrrrrre often rrrrrrememberrrrrred well." He said sagely.

"Yeah .." She sighed a bit, remembering. "That's true .." Looking around again. Then, noticing something, she smiled a proud smile and pointed out the head of a black-furred wolf, on a wooden mount, on the wall. "My first hunting trophy .. That wolf was preying on our livestock, and my father .. he taught me how to use a rifle .. so I could hunt that wolf and protect our livestock."

"One ssssshot I'll bet." He said with a smile, commenting on her accuracy as he squeezed her shoulder.

She smiled softly "Three, actually. Missed the first one by about a mile. Second one hit his shoulder. Third one went straight through the head .." At that point the old Petrov would enter the room again, carrying stuff for tea. He'd quietly sit down and pour the three of them some tea .. Then gives a nod to Ryylar and Kristiana. "So, how haf you been doink, princess ?" he'd ask Kris ..

"I've been fine, Father .. We had some trouble with the romulans on our last mission and I got hurt, but the doctors patched me up real good, and Ryylar helped me through, as well .. " Kris replied. Petrov gave a nod, turning to Ryylar. "Did you, now .. Vat did you do to help my princess zrough ?" with his heavy russian accent.

He sat silently, nodding to Petrov as he asked Kristiana how she had been doing.

"Oh nothing morrrrrre than put a ssssssmile on herrrrrrr faccccce. Sssssshe looked ssssssso drrrrrrreadfully borrrrrred and upsssssset in Sssssickbay sssssso I took herrrrrrr to a holodeck wherrrrrrre I have a trrrrrrropical beach prrrrrrrogrrrrrram. I think the warrrrrrrmth and frrrrrresssh airrrrrr did herrrrrr good." He said with a smile and nod.

"A tropical beetch no less .. " Petrov commented, then turning back to Kris. "And zat helped you ? Made you happee ?" Kris would nod with a soft smile, leaning into Ryylar a bit. "Yes father. I'd have gone insane if not for him." nuzzling into Ryylar's neck a bit.

Old Petrov gave another nod .. "Go take a look at your old room, Princess .. Ve kept it just ze vay you left it .. " Kristiana furrowed brows for a moment, then got the hint .. Gave a nod, smiled softly at Ryylar for a moment, then rose to her feet and headed up the stairs, leaving Ryylar and her father alone.

Pjotr's eyes narrowed everso slightly as he leaned forward. The family resemblance was uncannu, she had his eyes, his fierce gaze, his powerful features .. But where Kristiana also had the melancholy softness of her mother, nothing of that sort existed in old Petrov.

"There haf been ozzer men in Kristiana's life. But none of zem lasted. And none of them came out with zeir health intact. My Princess deserves nozzink less zan a God .. A Knight in shining armor .. A Hero .. a Gentleman .. And if I ever hear that you are not exactly that, to my Princess .. Then I will personally come find you, and teach you that Nobody .. But Nobody .. hurts my leetle girl." *more

He leaned back, glancing around at the various weapons - guns and swords - and at the various hunting trophies hung on the wall. "Is zat understood, 'meester' Ryylar ?" he asked with a dark tone.

"Sssssssirrrrrrr. If I everrrrrrrr hurrrrrrrt yourrrrrrr daughterrrrrrrr, I would sssssssave you the trrrrrrouble of hunting and offerrrrrrrr you my hide on yourrrrrrrr doorrrrrrssssstep. I love herrrrrrr. If you have any doubtsssssss about my sssssssinccccerrrrrity orrrrrr honorrrrrrr, jusssssst assssssk yourrrrrrrr daughterrrrrrr." He said, narrowing his eyes and looking straight back at the old Russian without a single blink. He was unintimidated by this grizzly old man that looked almost like he was half bear with his facial hair and harsh features.

Pjotr Petroc gave a nod. "Goot .. Zat is goot .." He had a certain something about him. Something that would tell a person that he never made threats .. only promises. And he had that Petrov Strength in him, that his daughter also had, in spades. "Ve Petrovs and Petrova's are an oldfashioned family, Meester Ryylar. I expect you to always respect zat. Vat I mean is zat in our vorld, ze men always takes care of ze women. Always protects zem. Defends zem. Stands by zem. Holds zem when zey need it, and listen to zem when zey want it. It means zat you vill need to learn to give her anyzink she needs or vants .. Vizzout failink. If you can learn zat .. zen .. maybe .. You will be worzzy of marryink her."

"You perrrrrrhapsssss sssssshould assssssk herrrrrr then. When I am not arrrrrround of courrrrrsssssse. Why I am currrrrrrrently in a bit of trrrrrrrouble aboarrrrrrrd the Pegasssssussss." He said, thinking that if his judgement was right about this older Russian, he would heartily approve of Ryylar's actions in the lounge that landed him in the brig.

"Zat I vill, meester Ryylar. Now .. My princess is up in her room. Why don't you go and zee her now. Upstairs, first door to ze right." Old Petrov responded.

"Thank you ssssssirrrrrr." He said, standing and bowing slightly to excuse himself as he moved upstairs and went into the first door on the right, knocking lightly on the door which was half ajar.

"Come in !" Kristiana's voice would reply. She was sitting on her old bed, reading an old book .. She seemed to throughly enjoy it. She had her knees pulled up, but she straightened and smiled as she saw Ryylar enter, revealing that she had been cuddling a faded, weathered old teddy-bear.

"I'm alright .. Just .. browsing through my memories." She smiled, then laughed softly and held up her teddybear for Ryylar to see. "Ryylar, meet Andrzej. Andrzej has been my guardian through many a nightmare." Smiling brightly, then she'd sigh softly, and continue to explain. "It .. was my mother, who made me believe, as a small kid, that Andrzej was real, instead of just a toy."

Kris leaned back against the headboard of her old bed, and patpatted the spot next to her, for Ryylar, to join her. "She'd write me little notes at night, or when I was out working or hunting or in school .. And she'd sign them 'Andrzej' .. Father always said that I listened better to Andrzej than to me own parents." She'd chuckle a bit, wryly.

He smiled, sitting beside her and wrapping an arm around her gently as she talked of the old worn teddy bear.

"Yourrrrrrr Fatherrrrrr isssss a sssssmarrrrt and good hearrrrrted man. If you arrrrrre a rrrrrrreflection of yourrrrrrr motherrrrrr, then I can sssssssee why he would marrrrrrrry herrrrrr." He said with a nod.

Kristiana would nodnod and lean over to pull open a drawer, rummaging around a bit in it, then pulling out a picture. She wiped off some of the dust, smiling softly at the picture, before giving it to Ryylar. Pictured were Kristiana, Pjotr and Alexandra .. Daughter, father and mother.

Kristiana looked to be in her mid teens on that picture, a youthful and pretty, naive, version of her current self. Pjotr was a dashingly handsome man, though age was starting to show it's signs already. And Alexandra was a wonderful, warm, beautiful woman. Ryylar would see that Kristiana had the soft, warm, melancholy look from her mother. Young Kristiana was standing with one foot on a dead, black wolf .. Looking ten feet tall, with pride, holding the old rifle in her hands that was so prominently on display over the fireplace right now. "This picture was taken on the day I shot that wolf .. I've never been more proud than that day, and it shows, I think .. Mother and Father were also very proud." She'd sigh softly and cuddle with Ryylar, closing her eyes. "It was that day that I decided to join Starfleet .. And it was the events of that day that made me take the path of Security."

"I don't think you meant to ssssssay werrrrre. Yourrrrrr parrrrentsssss and I too arrrrrrre verrrrrrry prrrrroud of you." He said, holding her in both arms as she cuddled into his chest and he comfortingly held her close.

Kris would smile softly then heave a deep, deep sigh, shoulders slumping a bit and curling up against Ryylar. "The memories .." She'd speak softly. ".. They hurt .. But .. .. They hurt in a good way .. I'm not making any sense, am I .. "

"You make a lot morrrrrre sssssensssse than you rrrrrrrealize." He said softly and smiled, kissing her lips gently and tenderly.

She kissed back a bit, stroking his cheek tenderly, but she wanted to just snuggle and rest in his arms, for now. That was what she needed at the moment. ".. How'd the talk with my father go ? .. You're still alive, so you must've made a good impression." With a soft smirk. "My first boyfriend .. Father chased him off our property, with his shotgun. Actually shot him, too !"

"He thrrrrrreatened to do the ssssssame to me. Told me he'd have my hide asssss a trrrrrrophy if I everrrrrr hurrrrrt you. I told him I would sssssssave him the trrrrrrouble of hunting and offerrrrrr myssssself to him if I everrrrrr hurrrrrrt you." He said with a smile.

She'd chuckle softly and give a nod. ".. and you would, too." Smiling softly at him, lovingly .. Giving him a tender kiss, stroking his cheek again. "Wanna do me a favor ?"

"What'sssss that dearrrrr?" He asked after kissing her in return and giving her a bright smile.

"Can you go help my father with dinner ? He'd appreciate that. And I wanna stay here a bit longer and wander down memory lane." She'd nuzzle him softly. "I'll be down in a bit. Alright ?"

"Sssssurrrrre thing love." He said, giving her a sweet kiss on the cheek as he trotted down the wooden stairs and made his way to the kitchen to help prepare dinner.

Pjotr Petrov was indeed in the kitchen. He glanced over as Ryylar entered and asked if he could help. ".. Da .. Can you cook ? You can prepare ze .. gazoi, what do you call eet .. ze pheasant." as old Petrov pointed it out .. The two of them would work on dinner ..


That wasn't so bad after all ..

Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer USS Pegasus "Walking down memory lane .."


Warrant Officer Ryylar Morale Officer Free Man for 19 more hours USS Pegasus "If I everrrrr hurrrrrrt Krrrrrrisssstiana, I'll sssssave you the trrrrrouble of hunting..."