Blue Ball # 12 - "Welcome Home"

-={On}=- [Toronto, Canada, Earth]

Andrew stepped off the Rapid Transit system of Toronto, at the stop closest to his parent's house. <Hmm... outside hasn't changed a bit. Wonder if the interior has...> He thought, then knocked on the door.

The door timidly opened, with an eye peering through the crack. "Mother, I know it's you. You're the only one who looks through the door like that, even when I was growing up and coming home on time." Andrew said through the crack. The door opened fully, revealing a greying woman dressed casually.

"Andrew, it's so good to see you again. We haven't spoken since you called to tell us you got accepted on the USS Pegasus. How have things been in the counseling job?"

"I have a lot to tell you, but I'd rather not talk about it on the doorstep, when father would most likely want to hear about it as well. So, are you gonna let me enter, or will you serve me my food while I sit on the porch?" He replied, smiling broadly.

"You haven't changed a bit son. Still have that attitude you had when you left to go to the Academy." She stepped out of the way, letting Andrew walk into the house.

It was the same as always for the Kennedy household. Knickknacks laying on shelves, a very traditional look to the house. Johnathan was sitting in the living room, reading a PADD. A tap on the shoulder from Andrew startled him, and the PADD fell to the floor.

"Mary, what did I tell you about tapping... oh, you're not Mary..."

"Last I checked, I was still male, and named Andrew. Something could have changed in my anatomy during the transport to Toronto, and then you could research it further." Andrew said, then he hugged his father. "You don't look a day past 50 dad, how have you been?"

Johnathan returned the hug, then stood up. "Well, the medical practice has been keeping me busy, though not as busy compared to you, from what I've heard on the news... What was the attack like?"

"I dunno, I wasn't on the bridge or in the engine room, so I can't asy anythiong there. Helped the CMO save two security guard's lives, hung around doing small things in Sickbay after that. We can talk further over lunch, I'm getting hungry."

"Of course, of course. The onyl way to get you to talk is through bribery, isn't it? Always has been. Mary! Get the roast out of the oven, it should be done! Come, to the dining room." As they ate, Andrew told them of what he did during his voyage.

"So wait, you're telling me that you, the same guy who couldn't handle the idea of surgery, and didn't follow our footsteps in becoming a doctor, helped save two guards who's faces were effectively destroyed, and they were paralyzed and in extreme pain?" His father asked him.

"Yeah, I guess, and thanks for bringing back the image of the guard's faces. I REALLY needed that during dinner..." Andrew said.

"Anytime son, anytime." His father teased him, smiling. "So what are you gonna do while here in Toronto?"

"I dunno, go see the town again, pick up some things I want to have in my office on board, get drunk and stumble home like High school graduation..." He smiled as he recalled that night. Wild party, though 4/5ths of it was unknown to him. The day after, the hangover left him in bed, though a friend called and asked how he was, since he had to carry him on his shoulder to the door.

"Please don't. I'd rather not deal with cleaning up the vomit like last time. If you do, please AIM for the toilet this time..." His mother scolded him.

"Yes mother, I'll be sure to attempt to aim for one of the toilets I see in my inebriated state of mind." He responded.

"So what do you want to pick up while you're here?" His father hastily chenged the topic, trying to avoid the conflict.

"A 3d chess board. I have to babysit the morale officer for two weeks, due to a barroom brawl on board the ship. Based on the injuries, I think it's safe to say he won the fight. The Commander requested him to take psychological assessments through the two weeks, but based on my preliminary meeting with him in the brig, he seems kindhearted and willing to change. I think he'll be asking a lot of questions during our games. Of course, I'll be using everything to do the assessments on him. I find a person's character comes out in a chess game. Aggressive nature comes out with attacking in game, someone wanting to hide somethign plays defensively as I ask questions."

"Ah, okay. Well, since you're old enough now, you can come and go as you please, just don't wake us up as you come in at night. Other than that, have fun here in Toronto."

"Thanks father. I'll be heading out now, I need to go check up on a couple things, I'll be in by 11 at the latest."

"Take care Andrew. Have fun."

Andrew stood and left the Kennedy house, running errands and having fun.


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