Pandora's Box #115,116,117 - "Everyone seems to need the Cure"


[Sickbay, deck 6, USS Pegasus]

There was finally a breakthrough in resolving the so called "blabbermouth-disease". Russell was working on the samples he had carefully taken from Alexandra. She was doing a lot of blabbering, but that was just the nature of the little 7-year old. "Ah yes, finally we can get rid of this wretched illness." he said out loud while sampling the components of his new medicine. The computer had been able to synthesize the antidote so he would soon have enough for an inoculation program for the entire ship. "I want want to make sure it ends here and now." he said. "The only downside is that I can't make sure there are no side-effects for all different species." At that moment there were slight moaning noises coming from the surgical biobed. It seemed as if his Vulcan patient was waking up.

"Why do I have such a severe pain in my head?" T'Rell not only thought to himself, but also spoke it out loud. He opened his eyes seeing that Doctor Floyd was standing near and a few inches away from him was Alexandra. "Why did I just said that out loud?" T'Rell once more thought and spoke out as a sharp pain rushed through his head again. "Aaargh" T'Rell shouted. "This is not logical, what happened to me?" He spoke a bit softer now, but still the doctor seemed to hear it as he came closer to T'Rell now, he had his medical tricorder ready. T'Rell was still lying on his bed, since moving or thinking would be very stressful, and painful.

"Ah, welcome back, Ensign." Russell said smiling as he walked up to T'Rell with the tricorder ready to scan. "Please remain still." He waved the what Alexandra referred to as "flashy thingy" around T'Rell's head and was pleased with what the scans showed. "It looks like you made a complete recovery. There's no detectable neural damage on the scanner, but it seems you've got a nasty headache." he said to T'Rell. "I think that could classify as a hangover." he said with a faint smile on his face.

"A Vulcan with a hangover, how illogical..." T'Rell said calm as he laid still just as the Doctor ordered. "Neural damage, please explain, what has occurred when I was unconscious? I remember the cargo bay and a foul smell, that is all." He continued.

"It's that foul smell that made you collapse on the cargo bay floor and caused severe damage to your neural pathways. You took the full blow of the stuff that was inside the box that was opened." Russell explained to T'Rell while disconnecting the neural stimulator from the Vulcan's head. "The contents of the box had a completely different outcome on the rest of the crew. It appeared to work like a virus of some sort, transmitted by touch. It caused everybody to speak their thoughts." he said. "You're lucky you were knocked out... I mean, speaking your thoughts gets old Real quick!"

T'Rell looked at the Doctor as he was explaining what had happened, "That would seem only logical Doctor, since humans are full of thoughts and are prejudiced most of the time. I would be more then capable of living with it" T'Rell said to the doctor. "Have you been able to find a cure then doctor?" He looked at him very serious. "It would seem very logical that it is of utmost importance to you."

"Funny you should ask that, because I just completed the cure to the disease. The only problem is that I haven't tested it yet. I'm sure it works, but I'm not sure of any side effects. Every infected member of the crew had the same symptoms, so I'm almost certain the cure will have the same effect." Russell explained to T'Rell. "Man, I'm really blabbering. But the only thing on my mind is the cure so I don't have any thoughts left to say something stupid about your pointy... eahm... right."

"Who is going to play your guinea pi..., I mean, on who will you be testing your cure doctor?" T'Rell corrected himself fast, since he could be offending someone. "It wouldn't seem logical if you would test it on yourself. T'Rell said with a questioning look on his face "The old human probably wanted to test it on himself, humans can be so illogical." T'Rell thought it to himself, but he also said it out loud. "You are indeed right doctor, speaking thoughts does get old real quick. I apologize" He continued. T'Rell turned his face away.

"Old human, eh? It's obvious the disease is still present in you as well with the same symptoms as everyone else. But of course I was thinking to test it on myself first." Russell said like he didn't understand the logical reasoning of the Vulcan. "I created the cure so I should be the one to make sure it isn't lethal. And I'm certain of that. But if you're willing to be a Guinea pig, be my guest." Russell grinned. "My first logical Guinea pig with a hangover." he smirked.

"I assumed that the cure could possibly be lethal" T'Rell said "But since you are sure the cure is not lethal, you can try it on yourself. Maybe I could be next, since I'm of a different species, the dosage could be different." He continued, "Since that would be more than logical." T'Rell added.

"See? I can be logical." Russell said. "Getting scared already." He added softly while he walked over to the console where he was working before T'Rell woke up. "The cure was made possible by the help of Alexandra." he said while pointing at the little girl, who had been quite silent for her doing. "So I see no reason the antidote could be harmful."

"Are you going to smile and thank me?" Alexandra asked T'Rell, as that would be a first for a Vulcan she had met, "Off course that would be illogical..." she tried to impersonate T'Rell's tone of voice.

"Haha" T'Rell softly laughed at Alexandra's attempt to impersonate him. He put his hand over Alexandra her head and gently patted her. "It's wonderful how an innocent human girl can be the source of the cure of this somewhat annoying 'disease'." T'Rell said to Alexandra and the Doctor. "How come she wasn't affected by the virus, she was touched at least by her mother I reckon." He asked.

Jennifer walked to T'Rell "I held her hand almost constantly..." she smirked a bit "...but she remained unaffected, not that we noticed anything at first. But when we had finally translated the riddle in the box it came to us rather easily, the only ones unaffected by this virus were children... because for as far as I know children speak their mind regardless of a virus or not"

"Fascinating" T'Rell said, very interested in Jennifer's theory. "It would seem only logical, since children are honest about things. She just proved that a minute ago, as she was impersonating me that it would be illogical for a Vulcan to thank someone." T'Rell said with his faced now turned towards Jennifer.

"OK, here goes nothing." Russell said while loading a hypospray with a tube of antidote. He put the hypo against his arm and before he injected it, he said jokingly "If I don't come back, my wife gets everything!" Then he injected the hypo. It felt like the vaccine went straight for his head, almost like a brain freeze from eating a large ice cream too fast. "Whoa, what a rush." he said while shaking his head. "If I can keep my mouth shut for the next half hour, the stuff should work as designed." he grinned.

Jennifer chuckled a bit "Well does it work? Think something, I wanna know if it works or if I should call a doctor."

"There are several thoughts going through my head. But it seems I'm capable again to keep them where they belong." Russell explained. "No need to call a doctor, this one is still functioning properly." he said smiling. "There's no real after effect either, or it must be the joyful feeling of being able to separate thought and speech again."

"You survived doctor? You could try to inject a dosage twice as strong for me, since my physiology is slightly different then human physiology." T'Rell remarked. He stood up and walked over to the doctor, "Do you have anything for this pain in my head as well? T'Rell asked. "After this is done, I will retreat in my quarters for meditation, it has been far too long." He continued.

"It's not lethal... yet." Russell joked. "But I'll get you something for your headache first, this antidote goes for the brain as well." He prepared another hypo with a light dose of Hydrocortilene. He walked over to T'Rell and injected it at the neck of the Vulcan. "You might feel a slight neck pinch." Russell joked. He was now in a very good mood. He had a cure for the annoying disease on the ship and it seemed to work without side effects. Although it seemed to have an effect on his funny bone.

"I get it doctor, no pinch.. eh pun intended?" T'Rell grinned, he was showing a small variety of emotions, since he hadn't meditated in more then a week, only laying still with an attack on his neural pathways. "And the other hypospray for the cure, or was it all included?" T'Rell asked. "Have you already synthesized enough antidote for the entire crew?" He continued. "How will you be handling the situation? Let everyone come by the sickbay, or will you personally see everyone? The latter one would seem more logical, and would keep people from the job only a few seconds." T'Rell looked at the doctor asking his question.

"That one was just against the headache." Russell said. He walked over to Jennifer and gave her an injection of the cure as well. He now turned back to T'Rell and answered his question. "The computer has been synthesizing enough for the entire crew. The cure is designed to immunize everybody. So it can't be transmitted by touch again either." he said while injecting the antidote in the neck of the Vulcan. "I'll discuss the inoculation program with Commander LaBrie."

Russell went over to the console and picked up a medkit. He put a few tubes of the antidote in it and headed towards the sickbay doors. He smiled when he said. "This doctor is going to make some house calls."


A curing post by:

Lieutenant (jg) Dr. Russell D. Floyd Chief Medical Officer


Ensign T'Rell Chief Flight Control Officer

Special appearance by:

Ensign Jennifer LaBrie (Acting) Chief Communications (NPC by Caelen LaBrie)


Alexandra LaBrie Captain's Kid & 'The Cure' (NPC by Caelen LaBrie)

USS Pegasus