Pandora's Box #113&114 - "Only Human..."

-={On}=- [Captain's Ready Room, Deck One, USS Pegasus]

Sulan enters the commander's ready room straightening her Starfleet uniform as she enters. "Commander, might I have a word with you, sir?" She studies him carefully, trying to read his expressions as he glances up toward her.

"Normally you would Chime before entering" Caelen said bitterly, all this stuff with Ryylar, the virus, the security officers and Kristiana, it was getting the best of him and he really needed a break sooner rather then later. He the motioned to the chair "please sit down"

She sits, watching the subtle play of emotions on his face and body language. "Did I arrive at a difficult time, sir?" She says not unkindly. Trying to ease his emotional turmoil. She glances at his desk, seeing the picture had yet to be returned to it's position.

Caelen arched an eyebrow "You didn't come here for small talk so just cut to the case... what did you want to see me about?" he realized that by indulging himself too much into small talk it either made him look like a totally other person then he really was or got him into trouble, like with Lt. Black.

"Understood sir. I wish to seek asylum on this vessel from my superiors. As I have yet to report to them, they will soon seek to contact me." She glances down and her uniform, fighting feelings of nostalgia.... the virus forces words to her lips. "I've not worn a starfleet uniform in an offical capascity since the battle ofSigma Six...." She trails off. Then, snapping out of her melancholy, she continues: "Lately, I have found that I no longer wish to continue my actions as I have under my current controlers."

Caelen frowned a bit "According to Starfleet your Controllers do not exist..." he sighed a bit "...Section 31 is a fairy tail... wishful thinking even" he placed his hands palm down on the desk "I am not the one who can grant you asylum Telek, not only because you're already a member of the federation but also because you're asking me to protect you from ghosts and demons..."

She purses her lips slightly. "There is a simple solution: Allow me to make contact with them, and monitor it. Would that not end your doubts?"

"I don't know what these people told you..." he glanced at a nearby PADD "Telek Sulan... but Section 31 does not exist, no matter what they tell you" he shook his head slightly "From what I read in your psych report you seem a capable officer so if you want to apply for a job on my vessel then I am more then willing to concider it but I can't protect you from Myths and Legends"

She glances at the window, staring at the stars and mumbling quietly to herself. "Very well. I formally request permission to join the crew compliment. I believe my training is security, and assult tactics would serve this vessel well in a security capasity." She folds her hands in her lap. "Though I am somewhat concerned at your naïveté toward the federation."

Caelen nodded slowly "Due to recent troubles with my Security detachment I could use a strong leader in there..." he grabbed a PADD from his right hand side and pushed it towards Telek "...if you would please fill in this form" he then leaned forward on his elbows "I am not Naïve Telek... I have heard the stories and rumors but Starfleet Command has pressed me on this matter, there is no Section 31..." he then leaned back into his chair "...that is my official response... as for my personal thoughts... they are none of your business"

"I disagree. Personal thoughts drive the mind, and the mind drives the actions. As your security officer, I must know your thoughts to seve you better." She begins filling out the form.

"You are not my Security Officer yet..." Caelen corrected the Vulcan, Officer, or so it seemed "...and if I do accept your application you will not immediately become Chief of Security, I will first want to see how you perform on duty"

"Understood." She hands over the application. "Though in the interest of crew harmony, I must admit to my social ineptness." She steeples her hands in front of her, quieting her emotions.

"Please elaborate..." Caelen seemed to calm down with this Vulcan in the neighbourhood, he wasn't about to show how Human he really was by exploding like he did against Kris "...Social ineptness?"

"Yes, sir. My parents were Vulcan very outspoken on vulcan, and as such raised me in isolation. I was raised with a poor view of humans and other inferior species. In fact, I didn't meet my first human till I was 14,sir. So, the complex play of emotions in human social situations are somewhat beyond my understanding." She sits forward slightly. "For example, I am curious about the broken object on the floor over there. I assume it was done so whist you felt strong negative emotions?"

"It slipped out of my hand while I was playing with it..." Caelen grinned a bit "...perhaps a bit to aggressively" he leaned forward a bit as well "you still think yourself superior to other species?"

"Yes." She says simply. "It is a fact, that vulcans have surpassed most if not all Alpha-quadrant species." She says this in the manner that someone would comment on the weather.

"And what about the Founders? the Vorta? The Jem'Hadar?" Caelen was wondering how a woman like this could have ever been allowed in a Starfleet uniform.

She nods. "And look at what has befallen them? All of them suffer from the lack of ability of control their emotions. Also, that war itself was started by species failing to use logic, and surendering to useless emotions instead. If a vulcan had been at the head of the Dominion onslaught, the federation would have fallen with a minimun of casualties. Of course, I'm playing 'Devil's advocate' as humans call it. Concider, the Vorta. Jem' Hadar, and Founders. All of that knowledge and technology was lost because of over-zealous emotions."

Caelen couldn't help laughing at this "you think the Jem'Hadar, Founders and Vorta let themselve be led by Emotions?" he added an even louder laugh "I'm sorry Telek... but you've got things rather twisted... if there was ever any race that was ruthless, emotionless and efficient it's the Jem'Hadar"

"The Borg surpass them in that respect, sir." She says, wondering at the emotions of humor. "Though the Jem' Hadar are skilled warriors. I've faced them before. It was quite the tactical challenge..." She glances at her hand for a split second.

Caelen shook his head "As I recall correctly a Genetically enhanced group of humans predicted that we would lose the war using nothing but logic..." he referred to a group of mutants who were used by Starfleet to give them advice on certain tactical plans "...logic told us we could never win this war and look where we are... the war is over... the Klingon Empire crippled, the Romulan Empire as unstable as ever, Cardassians aren't even close to regaining what they have lost, the Breen crawled back to their dark spot and the only ones still standing with their backs straight are the Ferengi Alliance and the Federation..." he shook his head a bit "...Emotion is not a handicap Lieutenant... it's an asset" with this he rose from his chair and walked to a small cabinet getting a small box, everybody knew what was inside these boxes, at least normally. He put two rank pips in them, one hollow one full, and handed it to Telek.

She opened the box, staring inside. "Thank you sir..." she says quietly, as she stares at it's contents. "I respect you ability to continue to command despite being human." She slowly takes the pips out of the box and but them on. "But, perhaps my presence amoung the crew will have a calming influence." She glances at the broken object on the floor. "And hopefully, I'll avoid too man assets of emotion."

"I hope not to disappoint you..." Caelen said a bit sarcasticly before rising from his seat and putting out a hand "...Welcome aboard Acting Chief of Security" he said shaking the hand of his new officer.

She takes his hand, bowing slightly in the Vulcan style. "May I ask about my immediate superior?"

"Your immediate superior is Lieutenant Commander Kristiana Petrova..." Caelen told her, then he realized that she probably knew "...what about her?"

"I am unsure as to how to say this delicately... Is she overly emotional as most humans? How should I aproach her?"

Caelen smirked a bit "my first response would be: don't..." he said as he thought it "...but just try and drop the holier then thou attitude, it might help"

"Sir? I don't understand. Everything I've related to you has been simply factual." She pauses, thinking. "Ah, I see. You are projecting emotions onto me where there are none. I common human trait, I believe. With your permission, I'd like to seek the lieutenant out, and speak with her."

"First of all, she's addressed Commander..." Caelen corrected her, "...secondly, whom you speak to is none of my concern, unless you're planning on hitting her in the face or put my ship in risk in any other way"

"Have I angered you in some way commender? Perhaps if I revisit the Vulcan texts of dealing with overly emotional species, it would be of some benefit? Also, aside from the fellow Vulcan I observed in sick bay, are there any others?"

"I was merely stating a fact Lieutenant" Caelen smirked a bit, he liked throwing this ball back at her "Twice actually... as for more Vulcans, Aside from T'Rell there is B'Inca, his fiancée... and there is one in Engineering and one in Science as well if I am not mistaking" he shook his head slightly "but my human mind can't really remember all 200 names and race of the people who work on my vessel"

"Really? I had no Idea the human memory was so limited. I shall take note of it."She turns and heads toward the door. "It is agreeable to be working with you, sir." She says as she leaves."

"Agreeable..." Caelen sighed, "I didn't hear that one yet" he noted to himself before sitting back in his chair, he chuckled a bit "Agreeable... is that even a word?" he asked himself after Telek had left off course.


A JP by:

Cmdr. Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer


Lt. (jg) Telek Sulan (Acting) Chief of Security

USS Pegasus