"Mount Up" #25 "Balm for the soul"

(Posting this for Kathleen Black's player as a personel request. This is Her post, not mine.)


<USS Pegasus, Main Engineering>

Lt. Black was glad to reach the end of the shift. She loved being Chief Engineer already, but she felt as though she'd made a rather grevious mistake in running the engines and was lucky that the XO was so forgiving. She wondered idly if the captain would be as comfortingly easy-going.

She headed to her quarters like a rabbit heading for a hole. There was ship to explore, places to visit, she wanted to start memorizing and traveling through the Jeffries Tubes as she had decided to do for any ship she served on, there was a ten-forward here, though it was probably more like an 8-forward. But there was something she needed to do first.

In her own quarters, she let out a sigh of relief and relaxed. She started unpacking her things, hanging a couple of pictures from home, putting her clothes and personal items away. She kept unpacking and putting away until she found a small velvet bag in the midst of her luggage.

Then she pulled up a chair and brought out a folded wire framework, which she unfolded with care, a reinforced tripod with a framework resting on top of it. She pulled out a thin book of sheet music and set it up on her stand. Then she went into the bedroom area to retrieve her cello.

She deftly tightened the bow and pulled her trusty rosin out of the little velvet bag. She set herself to rosining the bow. The rhythmic strokes were already beginning to work wonders on the tension of the day hiding in her body. Then she tuned the strings and raised the bow...

She started with one of her favorites, an arrangement from a centuries-old cello group called 'Apocalyptica'. She could only play the melody, but she could hear the other cellos in her mind, keeping pace, weaving her tune into incredible beauty. The bow danced and then drew more strongly, the cello humming and singing and then growling. She closed her eyes at times, knowing the music by heart, feeling the low vibrations of the wooden instrument and listening to the pure sound coming out of it.

At times she had tears in her eyes, during other songs she almost laughed with delight. This cello was her one great treasure, her single unreplicated possession. It spoke from her soul things she would never be able to put into words.

After about an hour, she finally finished up with a light, pleasant classical piece and then sighed, closing the music book. She went through her preparations in reverse, loosening the bow, putting the cello and bow in her case, folding up the stand, putting it away, putting the music book away, moving the chair back... and then she stretched and smiled. The fears and worries of her first day were smoothed away, leaving only the good.

Now she could go explore the ship with renewed energy and delight.


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Lieutenant JG Kathleen Black Chief Engineer, USS Pegasus