"Mount Up" #26 "There's a change .. "


December 23rd, 2005 Starbase 343, Shuttlecraft Elizabeth

"Alright ladies and gentlemen, get ready to collect your kit and belongings, we're making our final approach to the Pegasus" the shuttlecraft pilot announced as he worked to steer the bulky shuttlecraft and match it's bearing with the Pegasus's shuttle bay. Along with the pilot and navigator were a group of passengers, most of them replacement officers given new orders from the fleet to re-deploy from various other posts to the 9th Fleet's operational area. One of those replacement officers was Matsu Takashi; his assignment was to head up the Tactical Division aboard the Pegasus effectively placing himself in a senior posting.

In comparison the Pegasus was a much more sterile and enclosed environment compared to the family residence back on Earth. Though the scenery was much more beautiful and lush at home he felt more at ease in the dark cold dunes of space. It was his desire to serve and feel useful that drove his determination to get himself back in the fleet. Seven years have passed since his discharge from the fleet; he guessed this assignment was as good as any to get back into the service.

"Pegasus, Shuttlecraft Elizabeth. Requesting permission to land…carrying replacement officers for ship's company"

"Shuttlecraft Elizabeth, Pegasus. Permission granted….match bearing with Shuttle bay one and hands on speed to 140 KPH….checkers green call the ball"

"Pegasus….reducing speed to 140 KPH I have the ball *turns back to passengers * We're almost there, enjoy your assignment with the Peggy gentlemen!" and with that the Shuttle glided a slow decent into the Pegasus's shuttle bay.

Once the shuttle touched down the ground crew began opening the shuttle's hatches. Upon all the confusion Matsu and the other officers filed in rank as the XO came unto the flight deck.

"Attention on Deck" announced Matsu as he clicked his heels and stood to attention.

Said XO was carrying a padd, looking over it. She seemed to wince slightly as she rolled her left shoulder a bit, before putting the padd away. She was in her mid to late thirties, with half long, auburn hair, and a look of business about her. Still a mere Lieutenant - it seemed as if the entire Pegasus was crewed by relatively junior ranked officers on high-profile stations. Lieutenant Junior Grade Takashi - the ship's new TacSec chief - being another example of this. Everyone saluted as Kristiana Petrova approached, and dropped their salute when she did, as well.

"Lieutenant Takashi ? I'm Kristiana Petrova. Welcome aboard the Pegasus." She'd give a nod to Takashi, as she'd extend a hand in greet. "This way, please. I don't have very much time, but I'll atleast show you the most important parts of the ship." An ensign would lead the others from the Shuttle Elizabeth away to their dutystations.

"Thank you ma'am, that would be much appreciated." he said plainly as he reserved any judgements he had of anyone he'd met. So far on first impressions he felt comfortable with the confidence displayed by her body language and speech, and seemed to be a competant officer.

She would roll her shoulder again with a soft wince as she muttered under her breath, something that sounded remarkably like 'stupid bloody faulty fencing equipment .. ' while leading Lieutenant JG Matsu Takashi off the shuttle bay, towards the turbolift. "We'll start with the bridge, since you're likely most curious to your new workplace." "Thank you ma'am" he once again plainly, not giving any quarter to his new superior. He was a very plain spoken individual who was the type who just cut to the chase and said what needed to be said. As they boarded the turbolift and ascended upwards to the Main Bridge, Matsu stood there next to the XO silently, almost with an certain awkwardness.

".. Don't Ever let the CO's wife challenge you to a fencing match." She'd speak out of the blue, giving her shoulder an annoyed glare before turning back towards her new TacSec officer. "She's got a mean thrust, she does. Nearly took my shoulder off." With a smirk, trying to spark some conversation between the two, as the lift quietly hummed upwards.

"I'll keep that in mind ma'am" Matsu replied again not interested in any conversation that didn't relate to his job.

A quiet chuckle as she went silent again as well .. Fortunately it didn't take more than a few brief moments to reach Deck 1 from Deck 3, and as the doors slid open again with their trademark hiss, the USS Pegasus' bridge was revealed to them both. She'd step out, motioning Matsu onto the mostly deserted bridge - empty save for a few crewman putting some finishing touches on some of the systems. "Well, this is the bridge. Your console is over here .. " She'd show him where, giving him a chance to look around and take in his new 'office' in his own pace.

Takashi moved towards the tactical console and browse up and reviewed the ship's tactical and internal systems. He did this with a certain professional ease as he reviewed the console's display format and it's effectiveness. "Yes...this will do...I see I will need to go to the base quartermaster and make sure our ordenance armaments are fully armed."

A soft smirk from Kristiana. This new TacSec officer amused her - so professional, more than she'd ever seen anyone be. "But ofcourse." Was her only reply, before she'd head back to the turbolift. "Next stop, main security office and personal arms storage."

"Lead the way ma'am" Takashi once again said with a straight to it attitude.

She'd set the turbolift moving with towards the appropriate deck number, after Matsu Takashi had joined her. "I've read your profile. I'm glad to have such an experienced tactical and security officer with such a good record on my ship."

"We've all grown too much experience during the war...I guess I just do what I know ma'am" he replied back surpressing his experiences during the war. Experiences that weren't too pleasent and ones that Takashi didn't care to relive.

"Ofcourse. War has a tendency to do that to a person." The turbolift reached the appropriate floor - the doors hissed open again, and Kristiana stepped out. "This way, please."

"Where were you assigned during the war?" he said curious as he seeked to look into the XO's experiences and character through the dramatic experiences war time officers no doubt felt.

".. Many posts." She would admit, defeatedly, as she led Matsu through the corridors. She would list off the ships she's served on - never more than a few months. Some ships she stopped serving on because it was destroyed, some other ships because her CO had 'recommended' her to transfer to another ship, and so on.

It would become clear to Matsu Takashi that Kristiana Petrova had always served in the same capacity as him - as Security and later TacSec officer - eventually chief, before coming to the Pegasus as XO.

"Interesting..." he replied back still in character with his thoughts and feelings hiding behind a well rehearsed mask.

"Yeah." She would add. "It is that,, isn't it." Raeching the goal of their current journey. She'd motion towards a door, presumably leading into an office of sorts. "Main security office and personel arms storage. Your access code should be cleared by now."

"That's good to hear...." he said disinterested as he focussed his attention to the weapons stores and inspected his offices. He opened one of the weapons lockers and pulled out a phaser rifle and did a simple safety check on the weapon. He look down the chamber and briefly checked on the cocking action of the phaser rifle. Pleased, he placed the weapon back into storage and locked the weapons cabinet. He turned back to the XO and said in an monotone fashion. "Anything else I should know ma'am?"

"As security chief you also need to know where the brig is. Though I don't doubt you've looked up the floorplans of this ship and already know exactly where to go." An eyebrow slightly raised as she looked at him.

"I know where it is, and if there's anything else I need to find I can upload the ship's deck plan and find it myself. If you don't mind I would like to round up my security division and establish a duty roster and talk to my tactical officers and establish a watch roster. I will obviously be on the first watch when the skipper's on duty"

An amused smirk would form on her face as her new security officer spoke. "By all means. Have at it, Lieutenant. I'm sure the CO will be as impressed as I am." with barely concealed amusement - though goodnatured. It's obvious she approves.

"Thank you Ma'am. Permission to be dismissed" he said as he snapped to attention.

"Carry on, Lieutenant." She'd give a brief salute, before turning and striding out of the office, still highly amused. Atleast This first meeting didn't turn into a complete disaster, like when she met Ops officer Ronald Evans ..


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