"Mount Up" #23 - #24 - "First impressions go a long, long way."


[USS Pegasus, Deck 11, Deflector systems]

Scanning through the ship's maintenance logs, dealing with power routing, Evans saw a weird entry, involving some powerspikes surging through a console near the ship's deflector array. When he got there, he saw the console opened up. He decided to take a quick peek...

He'd see, as he looked inside, that everything seemed alright, except that a relay switch was set to 'backup route' and the main power switch to 'offline' .. Well, this would explain the power fluctuations, wouldn't they ?

Ronald checked the main plasma feed, and saw that there was nothing wrong with that. He checked the backup, and saw the same values. He scratches his head, but couldn't come up with a reason that the backup was activated, so with no further adoo, he ddecided to "THROW THE SWITCH"...

Immediately the lights dimmed, flickered, then died in that corridor. Smoke billowed from the powercoupling he just activated, and behind him he could hear someone clear her throat. Her ? Yes, her.

"Goddamn stupid piece of crap! They could have at least put a note in the damn log! Yes, what do you want?!" Ronald yelled to the female figure behind him, who was wearing camo pants and a baggy t-shirt instead of a uniform. "So you know, this is a restricted area, so you better leave, before I call security." he added, annoyed by the spontaneous combustion he more or less caused.

She just blinked at him, tilting her head slightly, raising an eyebrow. "Then you should know that we're still waiting for them to arrive. But they should be here in .. oh .. three hours or so. You can call them then." A nod, as she folds her arms over eachother, looking at him, eyes narrowed slightly.

"You still here?! And what do you mean by 'they'll arrive in three hours?' The spare parts?" Ronald snapped back. Then, an uncomfortable feeling started to become him, as he noticed the very authorative glare of the woman that was still looking at him...

"No, the security team. But if you _Ever_ raise that tone of voice against your direct commanding officer _again_ you'll find out that I don't _Need_ a security team to introduce you to a world of hurt, before tossing you out the nearest airlock - and I don't mean the one that's connected to the starbase. Now you Will stand in attention, Salute properly and explain me why in the blue blazes you just blew up the console I was working on, Ensign ?" *Eyes narrowed even more as she simply glared at him, her mood at .. well, somewhere Very low.

Still in 'extremely annoyed' mode, Ronald almost automatically answered:"You, a senior officer? Yeah right..." and then reality kicked in:"Oh shit, you're not..." One moment, the ensign was still bending over the console, the next blink of an eye he was standing straighter than a lamppost "Yessirsorrysir! Iwastryingtorepairthatconsolebecauseithadsomeanomalouspowerreadingssir!"

At that she almost spat at him, as she snapped "Do I look like a SIR to you ?! Are my breasts not large enough perhaps - " As she cupped them, looking venomously enraged "- or is my figure not feminine enough ?!" A sigh and a snort, as eyes remained narrowed. ".. eh, forget it. here, these are the replacement parts for the console. I'll make a note on your record, though And next time you see me you'd better treat me with respect, _Ensign_ .. am I understood ?"

"Yes... ehm... mylady! I mean, sire, EH Ma'am" Ronald said quickly, completely overwhelmed by the fact that he managed to piss off yet another member of this crew...

She'd nod, looking at him as he still stood in attention and held a salute. She could leave him like that for as long as she'd want to, basically, and she pondered for a moment to just turn and walk away, leaving him like that. But no, instead she'd halfheartedly salute back, a sign for Evans that he could drop his salute again, and introduce herself. "Lieutenant Kristiana Petrova .. Ship's XO. You must be Ronald Evans. The Cap warned me about you, he did."

"Oh shit, not the... Sorry, Ma'm, but I couldn't have known it was you... I mean... oh damn, I'm screwed...", Ronald stuttered, as he lowered his salute. "Yes ma'am, I'm Ensign Evans... I was just trying to get the anomalies out of this console... There was no way of knowing it would blow up in my face, ma'am!" Although he dropped his salute, he was still standing attention, right in the billowing smoke of the deceased console...

Slowly the Funny would reach her, about this entire situation, and she slowly went from enraged to amused. "Here are replacement parts for the console, Ensign. I'd like you to fix what you broke, and perhaps get the lights working again as well - this emergency lighting is unflattering for my figure." <tag>

"Yes ma'm,thank you, ma'm, right away ma'm, it won't happen again ma'm" Ronald said, and began by turning of the main power to the console, thanking Deity that he got off so easily...

She'd watch him start work again, and she'd sigh, shaking her head a bit. " ... I'll be watching you, Ensign. Very carefully." Before she'd turn and head off again. ".. and not because you're cute." She'd add as she dissappeared around a corner.

When Ronald was sure that Kristiana was gone, his first order of business was to slam his fist into one of the poor defenseless access panels, that were adjacent to his working spot. <Why does it have to be me? Why do I have to first insult the captain's ship, then have a middle aged butcher as a roommate, and then insult the XO of all people?> "This just isn't my day," he decided, and started to work on the panel, again....


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