"Mount Up" #21&22 "Roommates"


[Ensign'squarters, deck 7, room 32, USS Pegasus]

Ronaldjust returned from a walk through the ship. He just wanted to know ifthe ship was in reasonable condition, and the best way to find out,is to go look and see... At least, in his book. He opened the door,and was greeted by more bags in his room, than when he left. <Damn,looks like I'm sharing this room... Ah well, can't win 'em all!>He took off his clothes, and stepped under the shower. A quick rinsewas all he needed, and a quick rinse was all he took. He stepped backout of the shower, and noticed he forgot his towel: "Dangagain..."

Hewalked to his dufflebag all wet and naked, and started digging forone. And of course, that's when the door opened, a high pitch shriekescaped his throat, and an elderly person with a blue uniform and anensign's pip entered his room... : “What the hell are you doinghere?!” Ronald shouted

Quiteshocked by the fact that a wet and naked man was touching whatappeared to be his bag, he yelled "What's going on here? A nakedpick-pocket? What is the universe coming to?" He fiercelystepped over to the naked man and yanked the dufflebag out of hishands. "Don't lay your hands on my stuff! And what are you doingin my quarters?!" he asked impatiently awaiting a darn goodexplanation.

"Yourquarters?! I got here first! And if that's your bag, where is mine?!"Ronald yelled back.

Hetried to tap his combadge to call security, but he just managed totap his bare chest.

"Havingan itch? Well then, let me at least get you a towel." Russellopened the dufflebag only to realise it wasn't his... "Hey,what's this? This isn't my uniform." he said with astonishmentin his voice. Now Russell blushed over his entire face and saidapologizing "There must be some misunderstanding, I was assignedto room 32 on deck 7 and my stuff was supposed to be here already."He was sure that he was in the right quarters because his access codeworked. But what he didn't understand was what that guy was doing inhis room. He found a towel in the bag and gave that to the naked manin front of him. "Here, at least cover yourself up. Who are youanyway?"

Ronaldgrabbed his towel from that old guy in front of him, and coveredhimself up. "I believe I asked you first, but I'll humour you.The name's Evans, Ensign Ronald Evans, Chief Ops. Now you know, andnow I want to know who you are, what you are doing, sneaking up onme, all dressed up like some pooha witchdoctor, snatching my bag outof my hands in MY ROOM!"

Suddenly,one and one added up to two, and Ronald slapped his forehead. "Ohno,”he said, “they didn't assign me to the same room as one ofthose QUACKS?!"

Russelllooked questioning to whom apparently was called Ronald Evans, andsaid "Quacks? What's that supposed to mean? First I find younaked in my room, and you're starting to call me names? Nice goingthere, Evans!" He added "Fair enough, I'm Dr. Russell D.Floyd, the ship's Chief Medical Officer." The answer Ronald gavewas still going through his mind <Roommate? What did he mean bythat? Of course!> Now it was Russell's turn to slap his forehead.He read that Ensigns shared rooms on the Pegasus. And he was only anEnsign, due to his somewhat choppy Starfleet career. And all theycould assign him with was a streaker? Oh boy, this could be somejourney...

Russelllooked around to see if his stuff had actually arrived. Everythingwas there, except his trusty dufflebag was missing. And it happenedto look _just_ like Evans' bag. "Have you seen my dufflebaganywhere? Because I get the feeling this one is yours..."handing the bag over to Ronald.

"You'redamn right, it's mine!" Ronald said, grabbing his bag back,pulling out some underwear and a clean uniform. He marched back intothe shower room in the most dramatic way he knew how, and slammed thedoor, shouting back:"And don't you dare getting in here 'tillI'm ready!" <The nerve of this guy!> he thought, not evenrealising he was acting like an enormous prick himself...

Russellalmost began to have second thoughts about his application on thisship. Firstly there was this late-20th-century-rock-artist-resemblingCO who could have mentioned he had a roommate. Then there werewounded amateur sword fighting officers in his Sickbay and now THISguy. But then, he could surely see the humour in all of this. Therewas a big smile on Russell's face. This wasn't a standard Starfleetship with an average crew, this was his home for the time being. Hehad to make the best of it, and so far it had been interesting to saythe least. He wondered what the rest of the crew would be like. Butfirst he had to find his dufflebag!



EnsignRonald Evans

ChiefOperations USS Pegasus


EnsignDr. Russell D. Floyd

ChiefMedical Officer USS Pegasus