"Mount Up" #19&20 - "A Mere Fleshwound"

-={On}=- [Sickbay, USS Pegasus]

Russell was busy reorganizing his Sickbay when suddenly the doors opened. He looked quite shocked when two attractive women walked in, both having gash wounds. "Well, what happened here?" he said to them while directing them to the biobeds. "I'll get something to stop the bleeding." He quickly grabbed his medical tricorder to scan the wounds. He started with the highest in rank, a Lieutenant who was bleeding the most. "Let me introduce myself first. I'm Dr. Russell D. Floyd, your CMO. And you are?" he said as he was scanning both women for hidden injuries.

"Lieutenant Kristiana Petrova, ship's XO." She'd shake his hand firmly and solidly, despite a sizable bloodspot in her sweatstained t-shirt, near her left shoulder. "As for what happened - delusions of immortality and a momentary lapse in concentration, doc." A smirk followed her words.

"You need any help with that sir?" a female Vulcan came walking in the sickbay from the room in the back, probably doing some pre- launch protocol things. She came closer and saw the wounds on both the female officers.

"Hello nurse" Russell said with a friendly smile. "If you would be so kind and treat the other lady's wound. It's a superficial cut." He had enough trouble already with Petrova's wound. "It's quite a gash you got there. I'll need to stitch that." Russell disinfected the wound and managed to stop the bleeding. "Do you often get delusions of immortality? You might become a regular visitor then." he tried to cheer up the situation. "And you?" he said looking at the other woman "Do you have the same delusions?"

Jennifer just shook her head looking over the Nurse's shoulder towards the Chief Medical. "Never sir, the equipment was faulty" she said followed by a hiss as the disinfection stung a bit. Her wound wasn't as deep as Petrova's but it still stung.

A soft wince as Russell poked at the wound - a piercing wound rather than a cut. Some tissue damage in her shoulder. "You are mistaken, doctor. I Am immortal. At least, so far." She'd watch him, watching him work on her shoulder. "I'm gonna live forever. Or die trying."

"That's what I call a healthy motto... Well, glad to meet you both. Although I had a different sort of welcoming in mind..." he said with a friendly smile on his face. "We haven't even left spacedock, and yet more adventure than I had in my daily practice." He grabbed a laserstitcher from the biobed's drawer and was able to close the wound on Petrova's arm. "You'll need to come back now and then if you don't want that to become a permanent scar." He put a bandage around the arm and Petrova was done for the moment. "Would you like a sedative for the pain? Stabwounds sting like hell..." he said while looking at the somewhat wincing Lieutenant.

"Uhm .. " She'd actually blink at that. Trying to roll her shoulder a bit, a wince and a hiss follows as she glares at the wound. ".. Dunno, doc. Can I say 'yes' and still maintain my air of toughness and authority in front of the crew ?" A soft snicker, as she gently relaxed her shoulder, looking at Russell.

"I think so." he said. He understood the wish of the Lieutenant to look firm in front of the crew. "I might even say it's standard prescription. With that kind of hole in your arm you have the right to get it." He added with a smile on his face. He reached for a hypospray with a mild sedative and injected it at her neck. Now he directed his attention to the other woman again. "I don't recall your name... You can have this sedative too if you want." She had been taken care of by his nurse but looked a bit like she needed the hypospray too.

"Ensign Jennifer LaBrie" she stated nodding to the last question. even from looking at Petrova's wound had given her the need for a Hypospray, "sedative, yes please" she said just to make sure Russell got the message.

Russell put the hypospray against Jennifer's neck and gave her the hypospray too. "There you go, Ensign. It'll take care of the pain for a few hours. If it gets worse, report back here for more." He put the hypospray back in the drawer. "Now will you ladies be more careful next time?" He still wondered what exactly happened to them, as the Lieutenant's answer wasn't very conclusive.

"Definitely won't, doc." She'd grin as she rose to her feet again, rolling her shoulder a bit more. She gave Russell a nod. "After all, how do you carefully play with swords ?" She'd add with another grin, as she reached over to ruffle his hair a bit, in good humor. "Thanks, doc. Feels much better."

Russell looked a bit startled by that move of his XO, but quickly recovered himself. "Well then, I'll let you get back to your duties. And stay away from swords for the time being." he said on a fatherly tone. As the women walked to the exit he said silently "Kids these days..."

"Careful, doc - I still outrank you." She'd wink at him as she made her way out, in her baggy training pants and sweat-and-blood-stained t-shirt.


JP by

Lieutenant Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer & Ensign Dr. Russell D. Floyd Chief Medical Officer

Guest starring: Ensign Jennifer LaBrie Acting Chief Communications

Ensign B'Inca Nurse

both played by Lt. Cmdr. Caelen LaBrie, CO.