"Mount Up" #17&18 - "Chiron Raiders"

-={On}=- [Outside Captain's ready room, USS Pegasus]

Jayden walked slowly but determined from the turbolift towards the ready room, when he reached the doors he pressed the chime and awaited a reaction from the inside of the room <I wonder what this guy looks like>

Caelen was looking through some status reposrt when the chime rang, "who could that be" he whispered to himself looking up from his PADDs before stating "Enter".

"Don't mind if I do" Jayden reacted to the unoriginal statement. He stepped inside the ready room and saluted the red shirt behind the desk "Lieutenant Jayden Phoenix, reporting for duty, Sir"

"At ease Lieutenant…" Caelen said after returning the salute "… please take a seat" he added motioning for the chair on the other side of his desk.

Jayden pulled back the chair and sat down "I heard you were looking for a Marine CO Sir…" he then stated calmly "…well here I am" sounding overly confident.

A smirk would form on Caelen's face, although he didn't have a need to be called sir every other sentence he wasn't about to stop Jayden from doing it, just because it kind of felt good to be shown some respect. "Ah yes, our marine commanding officer" Caelen said starting to quickly look through the PADDs trying to find the right one "there it is…" he said mumbling as he looked through the PADD he just pulled out of the stack "…well…" he tried to put it right "… there is only a small detachment on board…" Caelen looked through the numbers "…24 Marines… including yourself."

"Wait…" Jayden thought for a split second "…so I'm only in command of 23 marines?" he asked just to make sure, <not much of a commander then>

Caelen raised an eyebrow and looked briefly on the PADD "That is correct" he stated, <What did he expect, fresh out of academy> he added in thought.

Jayden was silent for a moment <what's next, he's gonna tell me that I have to do with only six Phaser rifles?>

"Yes…" Caelen said trying to fill the uncomfortable silence "…there is one more thing though…" he stretched the silence for a moment longer trying to make the marine a bit more anxious. "…your squad still needs a name… any suggestions?"

Jayden leaned back and thought for a moment. "How does Chiron Raiders sound to you?"

Caelen frowned a bit, he didn't know what Chiron was, or who. "Please... enlighten me" he said trying to pry some information from Jayden.

"well, I was checking the history databases of earth to learn more about my culture and I stumbled on to this name. Its a name from a greek mythology, the guy named Chiron was said to not only be a mentor for a lot of important people but also a Centaur"

Caelen's frown disappeared and he nodded "Fine by me…" he said tapping in a few new comments on the PADD "…you are now the Commanding Officer of Marine Detachment: `Chiron Raiders' " he stated looking back at Jayden.

Jayden immediately stood up and begun to smile: "yes sir, I'll be right on it". he shook the extended hand of the captain.

"Welcome aboard Lieutenant" Caelen said shaking the hand of the marine, hoping that he had made the right decision of putting a rookie on this post, although his history made him something more then a rookie he still wasn't quite sure.

-={Off}=- A JP by:

Lieutenant Commander Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer


2nd Lieutenant Jayden Phoenix `Chiron Raiders' Commanding Officer

USS Pegasus