Pandora's Box #79&80 - "Science Lab Chronicles"

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Kat didn't know just what to do. She'd finished unpacking, but had nothing to do now. "And speaking every single thought doesn't help either." She muttered. "Ah well, may as well get something to drink." She walked out of her quarters, and asked the computer for directions.
After a few wrong turns, she arrived at the large doors tot he lounge. Walking in, she headed towards one of the empty chairs and sat down.
Alyson was cleaning a few glasses, trying to figure out a way not to embarrass herself more than she already was. It became increasingly hard as the night progressed, since she'd say every single thing that crossed her mind. She noticed someone at the far end of the bar, set her glasses in the cupboard and walked over to her new customer. "What I can get you?" she asked, being very cautious.
"Do you have any Andorian Ice Wines?" Katasked.
"Um...we probably do, but let me check in the back, just in case," Alyson replied. As she went into the storage, she made a grimace. "Ew. Andorian ice wines. Who in his right mind would want to drink a despicable, salty thing?" she thought out loud, but still managed to find a bottle. She returned to the counter, picking up the appropriate glass on the way, and poured it in front her customer. "Looks like we do. Guess some people like the icky...ah dammit," she said, then cursed under her breath.
Taking the glass, Kat drank it quickly. The human may think it was icky, but to a Xanthe, ice wine was the sweetest drink there was. At least, the sweetest that they could stomach. "Thank you," she said. "You humans just don't know whats good. You're almost as bad as a Cait." She said.
"Oh, some humans do like it. I just don't like salty drinks, and they don't like me either. I mean, my mother used to drink thestuff all the time. And Cait's aren't that bad, they're just furry and stinky, in general," Alyson replied, putting the bottle in the freezer, where it would stay cold. "Oh my God, I just insulted my boss."
Her head snapped up, "You mean this place is run by a Caitian?" she growled. Xanthi and Caits were not friendly with each other. She entertained the idea of leaving, "But," She thought for a moment, "I'm hungry. And replicators never taste good enough." She looked at the human girl, "Do you have any real food here?" She asked.
Alyson reached under the counter, and brought her a menu. "Real food, served by the magnificent cook, Jacob. Mind you...ah never mind."
"Mind what?" Kat asked.
"Nothing," she replied with a wave of her hand. "I better keep my mouth shut."
"I've noticed thats easier said than done." Kat replied. "It's only a matter of time before I say something stupid," Shemuttered.
"Yeah, well, I've said so many stupid things tonight, it's not even funny. I mean, I've got a date with the cute blond over there, and he's expecting a - ok, not going there," she said, stopping herself before she said anything stupid. "You want more of that wine?"
"Please," Kat answered, "I'm Kathryn." She said, as the girl filled her glass. This was the only person she'd met on the ship, besides the captain. "Might as well get to know her." she muttered.
"I'm Alyson. And don't worry about Ryylar. I don't think he'll be here as often, since you know, he's gonna be frolicking with the XO," she said, pouring some more wine. "Wish he was frolicking with me, instead," she muttered under her breath.
Sipping her wine, Kat looked over the menu. "Well, I guess I'll have a Steak. Rare." She was in the mood for something juicy.
"Steak, rare. Check," Alyson confirmed, writing down on a PADD,and transferring the information to the kitchen, where it would be handled by Jacob and Matthew."So, what do you do here anyway?" she asked, when she was done taking the order.
"I'm the new Diplomatic Officer." She answered. "I got tired of fighting, so I decided to do something to prevent the fighting from even starting. What about you? I can see you're a bartender, but on a ship this size you'd have to have another job, right?" She asked.
"I'm also the Captain's bit -- yeoman, getting a few things done here and there, being liaison, making sure he has orange juice in the morning...stuff like that. I get to sleep between the Alpha and the Gamma shift, so it's all good," she said, shrugging. "Honestly, I like the bartending job better."
Laughing at what Alyson had nearly called her other job, Kat said, "I can see why. You get to meet more people, not just run errands for one person."
"But I've probably scaredoff more people tonight than I have in my entire career, saying stupid things when I should have kept my mouth shut, if you know what I mean. I mean, offering more than just a drink to a cute customer can backfire on you, I've learned. And it's especially true when all this is going on."
"I can see how that may spook the customer.  So, is this sort of virus thing... normal? If it is I may have to learn not to think."
Alyson shrugged. "I don't know. Apparently, you can get it just by touching someone who already has it. Then *poof*, you say things that would be better left unsaid. A lot of the crew has it, I think. And the doctor, he's so incompetent that he can't figure out a cure," she blurted out before she could stop herself, and quickly brought her hands to her lips to shut them up. "Bad Cooper."
"I know what it does, I already got it. The damn captain decided to shake my hand when I cam on board, and.... ok,shutting up now. Dont want to get fired my first day." She drained her wine. "This really isn't what I'd been expecting when I signed up."
"Hey, me neither," she replied when she heard a whistle, signaling that the order was ready. "Oh! The steak! Completely forgot about it!" She grabbed the plate and placed in front of the chief Diplomatic Officer. "Here you go, complete with the salade du chef, which is just delicious."
Kat looked at the salad and grimaced. She ate her steak in silence, as Alyson tended to other customers. By the time she had returned, the steak was gone, and Kat slid the plate, and salad, away from her. "Thank you." she said. "It was a pleasure to meet you."
Alyson tipped her hat. "Pleasure was mine. Come back anytime, that Andorian wine will still be here."
"Again, thank you. I'll be seeing you." Kat walked out, and headed back to her quarters. Time for some sleep.
Ens. Kathryn Kharan
Crewman Alyson Cooper
USS Pegasus

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