Pandora's Box #79&80 - "Science Lab Chronicles"

Caelen walked out of his ready room, he looked depressed or angry... or both. Followed by the Orion Science officer, who seemingly had gotten new orders as she almost ran to the turbo lift. Caelen sat down on the bridge "let's hope this is over soon" he said softly, this surely couldn't be good for his career.
"Ensign, we are approaching the USS Pegasus." The pilot said, looking over his shoulder.
"Thank you, sir." came the reply. In the back of the runabout, was Kathryn Kharan. The young Xanthe woman was reading about the Pegasus's mission. It was always good to know as much as possible about a ship before boarding it. "Pegasus, this is the runabout Styx. Request permission to dock."
"What is it now?" Caelenhissed before he rose from his chair on the bridge and walked a bit closer to the Ensign behind the flight control console. "Ensign take us out of warp" he stated before replying to the request "Styx, this it the USS Pegasus, permission granted. Please follow our lead"
"Aye. Matching speed and course." came the reply.
When Caelen arived in Shuttlebay one the Runabout had already landed so he just waited, legs slightly spread and hands behind his back. A New Chief Diplomatic Officer, "let's hope he's not to much of a disappointment" he whispered to himself, this speaking out your thoughts was really getting annoying.
As the runabout came to a rest, Kat stood, and grabbed her bags. No matter how many time youdo it, its always hard to board a new ship. Thanking the pilot before she left, Kat walked out. Seeing a uniform with commander's pips, she approached him. "Ensign Kathryn Se'en Kharan sir." she introduced herself.
"So I'm told" Caelen replied and stepped a bit closer to Kharan "Commander Caelen LaBrie" he put out his hand in the greet to shake that of his new Chief Diplo, he wanted to pull back as contact would probably make the virus, or whatever it was, jump to the new officer as well. But Kharan had already grabbed on to his hand. After the shake Caelen turned around and walked towards the exit of the shuttlebay. Before stepping out he tapped his badge =/\= Helm, resume previous speed and heading =/\= he tapped again to close the channel. "Follow me," he said looking slightly over his shoulder.
Still holding her bag, she followed the CO out of the shuttle bay and down the hall. "So, I hear the Pegasus is transporting artifacts? Why is that?" she asked.
"Somehow Starfleet Command found it necessary to put all our cargo space to good use..." Caelen sighed a bit "'s a welcome change of pace but not really why I joined Starfleet" he admitted "Well let's get you to your quarters shall we?" he motioned her to the door out of the shuttlebay "so why did you apply for the Pegasus?" at least he didn't say something embarrassing... yet.
"Well, I'd heard tell that it was a good ship, if a bit... old.And a smaller ships are more comfortable. Easier to get to know everyone." She looked at the captain as they walked down the corridor. He seemed a bit preoccupied. 'Ah well, burdens of command I suppose.' She thought.
Caelen sighed "She is a good ship... with a great crew" he just gave into the fact that he would speak his thoughts "...some pretty girls on here too" he was still leading the way to the turbo lift. She should be in the Senior Officer's quarters... somewhere.
As the two walked down the hall, Kat noticed her vision bluring. Yawing, she forced her eyes to stay open. They entered the turbolift, and she leaned against the wall. She wasn't as tired, but there were thebeginnings of a headache.
"Deck Two" Caelen ordered and the lift got into motion "So what was your previous assignment?"
"I was a security officer aboard the USS Tiber." She answered. "The chief was a real jack a-" she stopped, amazed by what she'd been about to say. "I'm sorry sir, all I meant was I didn't much like him." She said, then whispered, "Damn Caitans. Think their so much bet-" she stopped again. "I, I'msorry sir, I don't know whats wrong with me today."
"Today I will not hold it against you..." Caelen sounded defeated, they had beaten him and his crew. But not with boarding parties or a Warbird, it was simply a box that wasn't supposed to be opened. "...after the cure is found everything will be alright..." he sighed "...if we can find a cure" he couldn't smile or be happy anymore, it was just another lie he had set up and with this virus going around lying was impossible.
"Cure? Great, not even five minutes into this assignment, and I already contracted some evil mutant space virus." She muttered.
"Welcome to the Pegasus" Caelen smirked a bit "...I'm sorry, it's just that everything seems to go exactly how we not planned it to go... get's on my nerves a bit" he stepped into the turbo lift and waited for Kharan to step in as well "I'll get you to your quarters and then you could immediatly report for duty..." he sighed a bit "and get something done for a change..."
"Understood." The lift doors opened, and they approached her quarters. "Well, here we are." She said. "I'll get settled in, get some food, then goand meet my staff." She said as she entered her quarters. "Its a pleasure to be aboard sir."
Ens. Kathryn Kharan
Commander Caelen LaBrie
USS Pegasus

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