Pandora's Box #86 / 87 : Comforts...

ON: <<USS Pegasus, corridors outside Kristiana Petrova's quarters>>

Dressed in his normal uniform, Ryylar held the previously opened bottle of Dom Perignon he had surprised her with and tapped the door chime to her quarters.

"If you're not furry and male, go away !" She responded to the chime.

"Well I ccccerrrrrtainly am furrrrrry and at lasssssst check I wassssss sssssstill male." He said through the door in response. He had come to try and comfort her.

A few moments later the door would slide open, with it's trademark Hissss. Kristiana was standing there, wearing a simple, tight-fitting t-shirt and training pants. She never was one for much make-up - preferring a natural look with subtle accents, but right now she had nothing on at all, her hair bound back in a simple ponytail. ".. Well, what're you waiting for - come in .. " as she stepped aside.

He smiled. "Yesssss ma'am though I wasssss ssssorrrrrt of hoping to ssssee you in the lounge." He said, mentally diverting his train of thought before he made an ass of himself, stepping through the door.

"Nuh-uh. No chance. I'll just spill my guts at everyone I see and make a royal fool of myself. If I'm gonna make a fool of myself, I'd rather it happens with someone who I know cares about me and doesn't blame me." She would explain herself, as she headed into the kitchen to get glasses.

"Well then in that cassssse I have to confesssss that I have had a ccccerrrrrtain currrriosssssity rrrrregarrrrrrding that little black laccccce numberrrrr you mentioned." He said with a half smile, uncorking the bottle.

"Men .." Ryylar would hear her mutter from the kitchen. "He's probably gonna try to get me drunk so I'll agree to model it for him .. .. Nah, he wouldn't, he's too much of a gentleman for that." As she still spoke her mind, under the influence of that .. whatever it was that was affecting the crew. She emerged from the kitchen with two glasses, and would sit down on the couch, leaving room for him. She had finally gotten around to unpacking everything, and had her reasonably impressive collection of bladed weapons up for display on a wall. A broadsword, a zweihander, a Katana, a No-dachi, a Naginata, a halberd, and the centerpiece: an intricately detailed and engraved Batt'leth.

He smiled. "No, if I wanted to get you drrrrrunk, I wouldn't have usssssed Dom Perignon, I'd have usssssed Romulan Ale, but I don't like to have women that arrrrren't coherrrrrent." he said with a smile as she returned.

"I'm a lousy drunk." Kristiana replied as she patpatted the spot next to her, on the couch, for him to join her. "I get all clingy and touchy and - Oh. Yes. Ofcourse. You'd ENJOY that."

He smiled and moved next to her, wrapping an arm around her shoulder. "Yeah, you rrrrrememberrrrr the lasssst time you got drrrrrunk and how much I enjoyed it.." He said with a grin, gently pulling her close to him.

"I also seem to remember you not wanting me to get drunk." She smiled softly "Mmm this feels nice .. " as she snuggled against him, closing her eyes. "I .. felt .. and thought .. and said things .. to you .. That I regret, now. I thought you couldn't be a gentleman .. But you can. And I - .. I'm falling for you." Then Kris heaved a deep sigh, before muttering quietly to herself ..

"Seventeen bottles of beer on the wall .. "

He gently kissed her forehead as he wrapped his arms around her torso. "Then it'ssssss a good thing that I fell firrrrssssst sssssso I'm therrrrrre to catch you in the end now isssssn't it?" He asked her with a soft smile on his face.

She'd snicker softly. "Charmer .. " Then opening her eyes again. "Mmmm .. Drink." Leaning forward to get her glass, offering his to him, then taking a sip of the expensive, luxurious booze. "" Every girl should have a guy like you .. "

He smiled and sipped the Dom he had poured in his glass, setting it back down, he looked into her eyes with a feline grin, kissing her lips ever so softly when she took the glass away from her.

".. Hey, my dr - hmph !" She blinked as he took her Dom away and kissed her, just like that .. Then she'd relax into the kiss, eyes closing, arm wrapping around him to pull him close as she returned the kiss, with passion. If she could purr, she would.

He held her in his warm embrace. His lips locked with hers as he wove his arms about her and pulled her tightly into his hold. Breaking the kiss ever so softly, he whispered to her. "I'm jussssst glad that you have a guy like me..."

"Mmmmm oh god .. " as the kiss was broken .. She'd smile at his comment "Wait a minute .. That looks Much more comfortable." as she'd climb into his lap, snuggling against him, one arm around him. Nuzzling him softly, then kisses his cheek gently. "So warm .. and soft .. and huggable .. and comfy" Kris giggled softly, like a giddy schoolgirl as she plucked at his fur a bit.

He smiled and gently ran his hands over her back. "I'm glad that the doctorrrrrr hasssssn't found a currrrrre forrrrrr usssss yet." He said with a smile as she gently played with his fur while sitting in his lap.

"Oh, you !" Kris poked him in his sides at that remark, looking sternly at him - or atleast, attempting to. "I'll be glad when he's got a cure, most of all for us, so that I don't start blabbing about having dreamt that I showed you that black la - sixteen bottles of beer on the wall !"

"You know... sssssoonerrrrrr orrrrr laterrrrr you'rrrrrrre going to wind up rrrrrrunning out of bottlessssss." He joked, gently kissing her lips as he chuckled.

"Guh .. I hadn't thought of that." Kris frowned. "Well, I'll just cheat and start at seventeenthousand next time. See how long That takes me." she snickered a bit and nuzzled his muzzle, then gently play-snapped at him.

"With thoughtssssss of ffffifteen bottles of beer on the wall!" He sang a bit, pulling her close.

"So, what will You do when you run out of bottles, silly cat ?" She smirked a bit, moving now to straddle his thighs, facing him.

"Well then we'll jussssst have to come up with sssssomething imprrrrromptu now won't we?" He asked with a mischevious grin as he held her close in his lap, moving his face within inches of hers.

"You know, I outrank you by a great big margin. I could just order you to tell me. But that wouldn't be fun." She sighed softly, and continued. "I've been thinking about this. A Lot .. lately. I Do outrank you, greatly .. Which might cause problems for a relationship." She nosed him softly before continuing.

"And in public, I will insist that you treat me by my rank .. But in private, rank doesn't matter, and we can just be ourselves. Is that ok with you ?"

"Krrrrrissss, I rrrrresssspect you and in both public and prrrrrrivate, I'll sssshow that rrrrrresssspect to you." He said with a nod and a bit of a smile as he held her in his arms, a serious look on his face that was softened by a bit of a smile.

Kristiana smiled softly and nodded ".. Thank you .. I really appreciate that. And, for that, you get a little reward .. " she giggled softly, before pulling him close, with both arms, and kissing him with passion - more so than before - as she wiggled a bit on his lap.

He kissed her back deeply, a bit surprised as he held her and gently moved his body closer to hers, enjoying the slight wiggle her body was doing against his.

She traced her fingers through his fur while they kissed, and kept on doing that after she broke it .. "How do you .. I mean .. You've got fur .. Where you're from, Everyone has fur .. I don't. Well .. Not nearly as much as you, or Caitian women .. Does that .. bother you ? Or are you ok with that ? I hope you are, because otherwise you wouldn't find me very attractive without any clo -fourteen bottles of beer ... " She giggled a bit, blushing softly.

He chuckled and shook his head no that it did not bother him, holding her close. "When firrrrrsssst I sssssaw you. I sssssaw beauty. I would have blinded my eyessssss forrrr fearrrr that I ssssshould weep." He said softly, holding her in his arms as he quoted from Caitian poetry.

"Heh .. " She snickered and nipped at his nose again. She liked doing that. "Charmer. Beauty, eh ? Well, maybe, many years ago .." She sighed softly, closing her eyes and resting her head on Ryylar's shoulder, just lazing against him. "I wasn't too bad looking when I was .. oh .. 20 or so .. Heh .. seventeen years ago .. "

"And now yourrrrr maturrrrrity has taken the girrrrrl you werrrrre and trrrrransssssforrrrrrmed you into the beautiful woman you arrrrre now." He said with a smile as he held her close to him.

"Heh .. You need to get your eyes checked." She'd smirk softly, still keeping her eyes closed, still snuggling closely agaist him, stradling his lap. "I have wrinkles .. I have to dye my hair to hide the graying .. I need to wear baggy clothes because my figure isn't what it used to be .. My butt's gargantuan ! .. My boobs are sagging .. And .. I'm ..

And .. I'm .. probably giving you all kinds of mental images now." She sighed, then giggled softly again. "Atleast you won't be able to hide them now, unless you start singing about bottles of beer again."

"Well.... the mental imagesssss arrrrre nice, but I believe we ssssshould sssssee how clossssse they arrrrrre in my imagination to rrrrrreality." He grinned with a snicker.

"Hmm .. Another time, Ryylar. It's just .. too soon." She sighed, before sitting up a bit again and looking at him, remembering an earlier conversation they had. "You offered to go with me, once, to see my dad .. You said you'd go with me as my boyfriend, for moral support when I go and see him. Is that offer still valid ?"

"I know my dearrrrr." He said, smiling and watched her as she sat up and listened to her as she spoke. "Well, if I am going asssss long assss you'rrrre not lying when you intrrrrroducccce me assss yourrrrr boyfrrrrriend, then yes." He said with a grin to her.

Kristiana nodded in confirmation. "I'd like it to be the truth .. I like you enough .. Enough to sit on your lap, wearing my lazing-about- pants and a t-shirt .. Kissing you .." And as if to prove a point, she'd indeed kiss him, before continuing " .. and I feel we can take it a small step further .. If you want, you can spend the night in my quarters .. On the couch ..

Unless you prefer your own bed, ofcourse, but still, I'd like it if you were here .. Just one room away."

"Hmmmmm you know, yourrrrrr couch prrrrrobably is betterrrrr than my bunk." He said with a smile, indicating that he would accept her proposal.

She'd nod again "Well, that's settled, then. Just for tonight, atleast .. We'll have to see again, tomorrow." Gently nosing Ryylar, reaching for her glass, taking another sip. "Thank you .. For being so patient .. For respecting me."

"Thank you forrrr giving me a chancccce Krrrrrissss." He said with a smile at her, letting her know that the respect was just a token compared to what she had done for him by giving him the chance to prove himself worthy of her affection.

"Mmm .. You're welcome." Snuggling down again, closing her eyes, making comfortable. "I could just .. " YaaaAAAAaaawn ".. fall asleep like this .. Just .. a quick nap .. I know you don't mind .. do you, silly cat .. " Her voice trailed off as she slowly faded. All the recent stress having taken it's toll on her, making her tired.

He held her close and closed his eyes, gently petting her hair. "Yourrrr sssssilly cat." He said, smiling as he kissed her forehead while they both settled down for a small nap to let the worries and stresses of the day leave their tired bodies and minds.


A Comfortable Romantic JP by:

Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer USS Pegasus "See, Evans ? I can too be nice and sweet."


Warrant Officer Ryylar Morale Officer USS Pegasus "True romance, is keeping a Cait's affection."