Pandora's Box # 65-66 - "The Uninvited Patient"


[Sickbay, Deck 6, USS Pegasus]

Russell materialized back in sickbay with T'Rell. The transporter chief had been so kind to split up the transporter signal, so the injured Vulcan landed on the surgical biobed. Russell stood up from the kneeling position he had in Cargo Bay One next to T'Rell.

He then noticed he wasn't alone in his sickbay. There was a Vulcan female in a torn and bloody Romulan uniform. Russell received orders from his CO about her just before he was called out on the emergency. "You must be our unexpected guest. I'll be with you shortly, I have to take care of our helmsman first." he said to her and tended to T'Rell.

He activated the neurological scanner to get a more precise look at T'Rell's condition than a mere medical tricorder could provide. He tapped the unconscious Vulcan on his shoulder and said "Let's see what got in to you." As he touched the Vulcan he felt a quick but subtle shiver passing through his body. "No idea what That was..." he mumbled to himself. While T'Rell was being scanned he walked over to the Vulcan female. He yawned heavily as he introduced himself. "Dr. ...*yawn*... Russell D. Floyd, CMO of the Pegasus. Sorry 'bout that." he said as he put out his hand.

She extended her scarred hand. "It is agreeable to take your acquaintance, Doctor. Do you require any assistance?" She stared over toward the fallen fellow Vulcan, and started to get up and move toward him.

Russell looked questioning at his guest. "Do you have medical knowledge? You seem more warrior-like to me? And sorry, I didn't catch your name." he added.

"My medical training is that of a level one field medic, but-" a sudden blinding headache hit her, and she sat down hard. "Ah, it would seem that I an overly-fatigued.... M-My name is... Telek Sulan, and yes, I am a warrior of sorts." She said weakly. She shook her head to clear her sudden blurred vision. "If you prefer, I can begin treating my own wounds, since they are only minor. That will allow you to attend to the injured crewman without delay."

Russell saw the wounded Telek Sulan crumble by a sudden rush of pain. He got his tricorder and started scanning the Vulcan female. "I'm the doctor here." he said with a smile. "But what's the matter?" he asked while his tricorder reported nothing other than the superficial wounds and scars.

"A sudden headache." She said tiredly. "More importantly, what of the injured crewman? Will he recover?" She looked at the tricorder, wondering if her augmentations remained hidden. "Do you need me to strip? I was going to remove the uniform anyway." She began to unbutton the Romulan collar.

"Well, that could be usefu...Ahem!" Russell mumbled and blushed when he realized he said that out loud. "I mean, that will not be necessary." he quickly added. "I'll check back on T'Rell in a few minutes. He's being monitored by a neurological scanner. His condition is stable." he said recovering from his blurt.

Sulan was slightly confused. "If my being nude is useful, isn't it logical that I should remove the uniform, then?" She pauses, with the waistcoat semi unbuttoned, exposing a scarred right shoulder. "Ah, I understand. You find nude female forms stimulating. Might I recommend using the holodeck in the future? If my unpleasant form can stimulate you, surely, you are long overdue for sexual stimulation."

"I said it wasn't necessary. And what I find stimulating is none of your business!" Russell said on a decisive tone. "But your suggestion is noted." he added mumbling to his own surprise. "What the... I'm saying all this?" he asked, mostly to himself.

"Forgive me, doctor. I sometimes forget the social inhibitions human society has placed on intercourse. I apologise if I've made you uncomfortable." She rebuttoned her uniform. She got up slowly, and got some to wipe her face with. She returned to her seat, scrubbing at the dried blood. "It appears that the majority of my wounds are superficial, are they not?"

"That's what the tricorder tells me." Russell said. "But there are many. How did you manage to get all these? Dangerous job, being a warrior... I never thought of Vulcans being warriors, though." he rambled on. "And why am I talking this much?" he said softly to himself as he got his medkit to start treating Telek's wounds.

"Vulcans are members of the Federation, and as thus, subject to conflict as well. I just happen to be better at it than most... Thought to be quite honest, I prefer bladed weapons to phasers. Perhaps it isn't logical, but there is something satisfying in to look of shock on an enemy's face when you slit their throat or stab them in the heart, artery, lung, or what have you. As someone who's used scalpels, surely you can understand the attraction?" She covered her mouth with her hand, stopping the torrent of words.

While Russell applied the disinfectant and dermal regenerator on her wounds he looked at her with surprise. "Ehm... Can't say I do." he answered truthfully. "Everything you cut to pieces I have to piece together." he added. "What the hell has THAT got to do with it?" he said softly. He shook his head to focus on his work again. "Whatever... What have you been doing lately? What department are you working for?" Russell asked out of the blue. "There's no Starfleet department using Romulan uniforms, is there?"

She switched to her native tongue, and began speaking rapidly in western accented Vulcan. She then switched to Romulan, Then Klingon, finally ending in a rush. "I... Trust that answers your questions, doctor." She held her hands to her temples, her head pounding. "Please, may we finish the examination so that I may retire to my quarters?" she rubbed her temples, slowly.

Russell's knowledge of Vulcan and Romulan wasn't up to spec to be able to follow what she said. "Hey, why didn't the UT get that?" he thought and said out loud. "Let me get you something for the headache." he said and got an analgesic hypospray. With a hissing sound the hypo injected the medicine in her neck. "Should take care of the headache." Russell said. "Now you need something to let you talk plain English." he added softly. "I mean, my Vulcan is not what it has been..."

"I don't think so, doctor. More importantly, the commander wished that I discuss my scars with you. I will do so, even though doing so is pointless and illogical. The burns I've received have damaged the affected areas down to the cellular level, damaging the DNA. There have been efforts in the past to correct this, but they have failed, and been quite painful in the process. These scars are permanent, and only offend those who have an abstract concept of beauty."

"Thanks for pointing that out." Russell said. "I was wondering what would have caused such scars. Scans were inconclusive about that, but I can't seem to trust these damn things anyway lately." he muttered with a frown on his face. "You must have endured a lot." he said. Adding with a little smile on his face he spoke his thoughts again. "I'd almost think you'd work for some secret organization or something."

She nodded. "Did you grow up on Earth, Doctor? If So, which continent? Do you still find me stimulating? What is the crew compliment of this vessel currently? It's weapons yields? It's shield output? What of the security team's response time?" She stood up and began to pace.

Russell frowned a bit at the sudden rush of questions. "I thought I was asking the questions." he thought out loud. "But then again most of the questions I can't answer. I'm a doctor, not a security officer." he replied.

"Understood. Have you ever been exposed to combat?" She picked up a medical tricorder, and tested it, before putting it back. "what was the worse wound you have treated?" She tried accessing her own test results.

Russell was a bit startled by the sudden activity from the Vulcan woman. "Well, our last mission had some terrible accidents in it." he said thinking back at the many dead and wounded by the Romulan boarding party and reptilian humanoids. "Hey, put that back!" he suddenly said and grabbed the tricorder to see if she had been doing something with it. "Luckily all the info is saved on the main computer instantly." he said softly. "And why are my thoughts coming from my mouth?" he added wondering and annoyed by that fact.

She tilted her head slightly, looking at him hard. "Are my results complete? because I-" She switched languages again alternating every third syllable with a syllable from one of the other languages she knew. "So you will understand my haste to leave?" She headed towards the door.

"I have actually no clue what you are on about." Russell answered plainly. "But the scans are complete, you're wounds are healed as far as humanly ehrm... Vulcan possible. I have no reason to keep you here." he said. "I'm tired if this anyway." he said softly what he was thinking, realizing he did "ANYway, you'd better go see the counselor or something. Let me get back to treating T'Rell."


A first encounter post by:

Lt (jg) Dr. Russell D. Floyd Chief Medical Officer


(Sublieutenant) Telek Sulan The Uninvited Guest

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